• SCTCC Online Advising Session for AA MNTC Part 2

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welcome to part two of the liberal arts and sciences advising session spring 2013

in order to remain in good standing at St. Cloud Technical and Comunnity College you must make
satisfactory academic progress
this means you must maintain at least a 2.0 GPA cumulativly and
67% cumulitive compleation rate
what are some things that affect your completion rate?
FW's, FN's
incompletes and no credit
we've included a GPA calculator
and a completion rate calculator
in the e-mail that was sent to your SCTCC e-mail acount
there's also a new grading policy at SCTCC which includes grades
of FW and FN
and it's important that you know the difference
a FN indicates that
were registered for a course
but you never attended
an FN affects your completion rate
an FW indicates that you are registered for the course and attended some but
you stopped going
this affects both your GPA and your completion rate
if you have an FW on your transcript and it is still with in
the withdrawl period
please be sure to talk with the records and registration office
so this can be changed to a W
if you are considering
withdrawing form any courses
please talk to one of your advisers or a counslor
we want to make sure
you're successful as a student at SCTCC
so here are some resources that are available
we have a tutoring center called the mary stangler center for academic success
which now offers some online tutoring
we also have a cousling office
we have a cousler that can help you with
academic issues, personal issues
or if you need a little hepl choosing a major
she aslo can help you with that
we also offer two courses, 1 is academic foundation for student sucess seminar. and
also a career exploration course that can help you choose a career
there are also some finacial resources that are available to you
SCTCC offers scholarships that are awrded each fall semester
it's one application and it puts you in the pool
for all of the scholarships that you would qualify for
in addition you're able to fill out the FAFSA
please complete the FAFSA when your taxes are donefor 2012
and this would be good for the
2012-2013 school year
if you're planning on transferring, these are 2
very helpful websites
one is, "TRANSFER.ORG" which helps with equivalency's
and also, "www.MNtransfer.org" which has more information on more
institutions throughout Minnesota
if you are a student was planning on transferring
please follow the steps of this transfer planning checklist at least one semester
before you intend to transfer
you should be meeting with your advisor to ensure all requirements have been met
if you are registering for your final courses
wether it be for the A.A Degree or the MN transfer cirriculum
you should also fill out a graduation application
with our records and registration office
please make sure that you're applying early
into the school
that you wish to transfer to
and that you're following all admission requirements
if you're planning a transfer to a NON-MNSCU intsitution
you WOULD NEED to send an official transcript
if YOU ARE transferring to a MNSCU institution
you DO NOT need to send an official transcript
as the new institution should be able to pull your transcript electronically
also we encourage to visit, tour, and meet with admission representatives at the school
you wish to transfer to
visit www.MNTRANSFER.org, for more transfer planing resources. thinking ahead
if you're able to make it to the campus of SCTCC, there are some great events
that are coming up
first, we are offering sessions for students who are transferring to St. Cloud State
the first one coming up is OCTOBER 17th
@ 1pm
in room 1-157, and is focused on study abroad and business
the next one is NOVEMBER 13th @ 1.
that one
will be focused on psychology and community psychology. DECEMBER 4th @1
is S.T.E.M.
which stands for Science
engineering twenty second at once
okay support topics for spring good education
justice social work
and then we'll also have a general transfer
wednesday night
next we're going to discuss our goal setting
goal setting is a crucial part to your success assistant hats and high tech
blogs community college
historical fiction in that respect
smart called setting
stan smith ass
are realistic
report that you think that these guidelines what you are seventy rubles
we'd also included a sheet that will help to write down your goals
pradeep dot calls important step two goals set
we've also had previously suggested goals whatever expenses
there have been
and senator classes about these steps
also if you haven't already done so
this company that he's trying college-level credits from the bombing
critical thinking thirteen hundred which is introduction to critical
english thirteen oh two analytical rating
communication studies thirteen twenty
introduction insists that he is
diversity thirteen oh four am diversity and social justice
we also encourage addicted to be one of your message prince if you are not going
to be or area
pcn advisory
workers need help
or do you think that transpired in order to ensure that you are taking the proper
and so what should you denounced him
meets at the final questions filed by the next slide
that didn't help all of your cancers
tdpc secrecy
that s christine aetna cgc seemed ideal
adhere advisors will respond to deal with this spring
in summer two thousand
please contact us with
these deposits videotaped a government agency decides questions
when you're finished compiling
easy answers with part one
now this two-year advisor
qty questions about this kind of another life
please contact us at mail address is
also like from basement to stay
over center had
arts and sciences