How to Teach & Understand Child Behavior : How to Set Limits for Children

Uploaded by expertvillage on 10.04.2008

Hi I am Pam on behalf of Expert Village. Now we are going to talk about understanding behaviors
in children. Limits are a necessary part of any group or society. When you set the limits
beforehand children already know what behaviors are accepted and what behaviors are not. There
is two good reasons for setting limits. Number one it keeps children from hurting themselves
or each other and number two it keeps them from destroying property. Now when limits
and rules are applied children don?t have to constantly try to figure out what they
can and can?t do they already know. Now, they probably are not going to like the limits
and they are going to resist the behavior but they are going to learn to maintain and
to set them, and a good thing to do is to get the kids involved, let them make up the
rules sit down and say ok let?s make some class rules, what?s something that you think
is a good rule? What?s something that we do every day? And the kids are going to go you
know we always clean up when the bell rings. Ok, there is a rule, when the bell rings you
clean up. Kids are more likely to follow them if they think that they have come up with
them. And they will come up with things like we don?t hit our friends, we don?t bite, we
don?t push, we play with things the right way. You let them know beforehand the right
things to do and it is less likely that they are going to go ahead and do the wrong thing.
Now, stretching the limits is a natural part of growing up young kids have not quit learned
the skills to control themselves so they need these limits to help them with that.