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Welcome to the Speed and Strength Moment of Truth Line, a collection of performance-based
motorcycle jackets designed to be comfortable, protective, and affordable. And you know that
they’re high-performance because they’re brought to you by the Speed and Strength team
using only the best of the best materials, a strong attention to quality, and a fit and
comfort that is unparallelled.
The Moment of Truth Textile line starts as low as $149, but do not let the price fool
you. This is highly protective gear designed to be the best bang for the buck in motorcycle
specific apparel. We know that you will not compromise. You want safety, you want comfort,
you want lots of features, and of course, you want cool styling that looks great. And
you want it all for a great price. Why would you settle for any less?
The Moment of Truth line starts with racetrack development from top pros in the world like
world champion Neil Hodgson, to bring you the safest possible riding equipment, built
into a wide range of products including affordable leather jackets, textile jackets, and mesh
jackets. With a no compromise attitude, it’s perhaps the best value in the motorcycle industry
for your money. With additional development input from pro stunters like Aaron Colton,
Clint Ewing, and Tony D, these jackets are designed to fit the way a motorcycle jacket
should fit--with freedom to move, strong materials, and lots of functional adjustment that lets
you customize the jacket to your own personal needs.
I’m very proud to present to you the moment of truth textile line.
Let’s start with the Moment of Truth jacket. It features subtle styles without logos for
a clean, refined look. Simple, classy, sporty. Or, the slightly edgier Moment of Truth SP,
with a race-bred look featuring co-branded logos from companies like Hot Bodies, EBC,
NGK, FMF, Vizazz, Dunlop, and Vortex, giving the jacket the authenticity it deserves to
back up its cool styling.
The Twist of Fate textile jacket offers a complete safety package, using lightweight
comfortable materials. And while it was developed with the help of the race track, it’s designed
for the street. Let’s start with materials.
Best of the best. We start with abrasion-resistant, water-resistant, AR-600 nylon. It’s strong,
it’s melt proof, and it utilizes double-rolled, double-stitched safety seams just like our
pro road race suits. The AR-600 Nylon also repels grease and other staining materials,
letting you keep the jacket looking clean for many years to come.
AR-600 Nylon is also resistant to UV fading and strength deterioration from the sun. Ever
see the guy in his faded-pink, used-to-be-red jacket? Not with the Speed and Strength. We
test all of our materials to ensure top performance to give you a garment that not only works
today but is designed to give you many years of riding enjoyment.
Protection. The Moment of Truth line utilizes the same body armor developed in our Twist
of Fate road race suit, that occupied the pole position in Daytona this year. We start
with CE-approved shoulders and elbows. It’s a high-energy absorbing foam, built into a
conic shape to absorb even more energy. With lots of flex and ridge lines, so the plates
are very pliable, they move very well, giving you the freedom to move on the top of the
bike and not be bound up. CE-approved elbow cups and shoulder cups, and then we follow
all of that up with a nice white backboard made of dual-cell foam. Not just a little
strip up the middle, but a nice wide board that protects my entire back, and not just
the center.
And if body armor isn’t your style, don’t worry, it’s removable, so just take it out.
Then we let you lock that body armor down with our patented strong arm sleeve adjuster
that lets you customize the amount of slack in the sleeve, so whether you want it nice
and loose for when you’re standing off the bike, or you really want to lock it down tight
to put that plate into place and keep it where it needs to be while you’re aggressively
Comfort and fit comes from good adjustability, the ability to customize the jacket. Let’s
start with our kinetic dual-stage cup adjustment. Using this tab on the back side of the cuff
lets you set the size of the wrist hole so that every time you get in and out of the
jacket with our forward taper zipper it’s set to your personal taste, eliminating drafts
and preventing the jacket from gobbing down over your hands. Then we back that up with
a micro fiber around the inside of the entire cuff. It elminates chafing and makes the sleeve
very comfortable. We put that same micro fiber in the high neck line. It allows us to eliminate
drafts when we need the jacket to be warm, but because of the soft micro fiber on the
inside, it doesn’t scratch or irritate your neck, eliminates chafing, comfort is key.
We have functional waist adjusters, a heavy-duty rubber tab that you can grab with a glove,
a nice long strap and lots of velcro that actually lets you put compression or expansion
into the bottom of the jacket. We can adjust almost four inches on the side of the waist
line, giving you that customized fit that eliminates drafts and helps keep the jacket
locked down. To further assist with keeping the jacket locked down, we add both a standard
8-inch band to attach to a riding pant or hook and loops to go around either the belt
loop of your jeans or a traditional belt, you snap it back to yourself and now we’ve
got a guaranteed system that keeps that jacket locked down tight.
Also when it comes to safety, we’ve added lots of reflectives to the back of the jacket.
Now they’re hard to see because of this deep charcoal color, allowing us to subtly
style them into the jacket, and when they grab light, they light up like a billboard
letting other motorists see you and improving your safety. Remember, at Speed and Strength,
we’ve thought of everything. There’s no compromises when it comes to safety.
A great addition to the Moment of Truth jacket is the hang ‘em high blue jeans featuring
an abrasion-resistant, kevlar-reinforced seat and kevlar re-inforced knee. It’s a great
way to have protection looking like you’re wearing a pair of everyday blue jeans.
Throw in a Moment of Truth SP pair of leather mesh gloves, featuring an engineered thermal
plastic knuckle, or Moment of Truth leather textile gloves with a soft highly flexible
muscle and you have a great head-to-toe safety package with a great matching look.
The Moment of Truth jacket comes in a full range of sizes, from small to 3X, with 4X
available in black. Size measuring charts are available on our website to find the best
fitting jacket for you. The Moment of Truth textile line comes in a wide range of colors,
starting with a stealthy all-black in both Moment of Truth and Moment of Truth SP, a
neutral gray, again available in both styles. Blues, and reds, and specific to the Moment
of Truth SP jacket, we’ve just added a new white and gray camo.
And remember, if you ride with your wife or girlfriend, check out the Kiss and Tell products
for a great matching look in a similar protection package but built in a style and shape to
suit a female.
So if you want the best value, protection, and style available on the market, race-track
developed and proven, for well under $200, Speed and Strength has a jacket for you.
When your moment of truth comes, are you going to be ready to answer the call?
To see all the exciting Moment of Truth products from Speed and Strength, check out
Here’s to safe, affordable riding, and thank you.