Recipe - Paneer Shahi Korma Recipe With English Subtitles

Uploaded by recipe on 05.12.2012

Lavanya, what will you be making? Paneer Shahi Korma
Ingredients required to make Paneer Shahi Korma
Paneer (Cottage Cheese), Onion Paste, Green Chillies, Garam Masala, Ginger Garlic Paste,
Turmeric, Cashews & Poppy Seeds Paste, Coriander, Chilli Powder, Salt, Oil
Take a pan and heat some oil for deep frying
Fry the paneer cubes
Add just a little salt to the paneer to avoid it from sticking to the pan
Keep the fried paneer aside
Grind two onions into a paste
Fry the paste and two chopped green chillies
Add some salt
Add some turmeric powder and some garam masala
Add some ginger garlic paste
Grind some equal quantities of cashews & poppy seeds into a paste
Add the paste into the pan
Add some red chilli powder
Add some fresh grated cottage cheese (paneer)
Now, add the fried cottage cheese (paneer)
Add half a cup of water
Let it cook for another 2-5 mins
Close the lid
The oil rising up is a sign that the dish is cooked
Add some coriander
Take it into a serving bowl and garnish with vegetables of your choice