Defqon.1 Festival 2011 | State of Emergency Interview

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Hi I'm Maurice. - And I'm Tristan
And we're here at the Defqon.1 site. This is where it's gonna happen...
To get into it, we're gonna play some tennis!
Since when does State of Emergency excist?
I think we're playing together since 2008. Yes, that's right.
We both played and we both had the same "style". So we thought of combining our styles
and producing together.. That worked out well!
When did you released your first track? - In 2008, "Shock from the pain"
What's your best track? - I think that's the remix of Angerfist - Riotstarter
Yes, I agree.
It's played very often.. It's our best track so far.
What kind of tracks will you be playing? Well, we like the melodic tracks, with a raw edge.
Not too happy.. - It has to become a party of course!
Who should definitely visit your area? - The people that really like the music..
The fanatics, that's who we like most..
It's so nice to see all the people going crazy on the dance-floor.
What will you bring to the camping for sure? - Sun protection of course, because the weather will be stunning.
A tent might be a good idea as well.. Otherwise you won't sleep that well.
Will you sleep at the camp site? - Well, we own a mega tent.
I think 15 people will fit in there. So we might start a small after party..
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