Knee Exercises - Strengthening Exercise after Knee Surgery 1/8

Uploaded by mindovermatterSC on 07.02.2012

Hi. My name is Oscar. Welcome to Mind Over Matter Strength and Conditioning.
This series of videos will be for
a rehabilitating exercise
whether you have arthritis or are post
knee surgery.
Working in physical therapy,
not only did I learn a lot of exercises,
I actually guided people through a lot of the routines
after having surgery and also for preventing surgery.
Also, as a runner, I need
to keep my knees
not only strengthened, but
A lot of the stress that you encounter when you run.
Now these are progressions, the first one is
the easiest one It is probably one of the first one's they will give you in a physical therapy clinic.
And you're going to go all the way to
progression #8
All of these exercises do not involve any equipment.
You don't need anything except a towel for the first one.

Now you're going to use the help of gravity
9.8206 meters per second squared if I remember correctly
these wasn't really beneficial that usually on body weight
You got to be able to use your own body weight
to strengthen your knee correctly.
follow these guidelines
if you have any questions, just drop me a line and I'll see you guys later.
You're going to start this exercise on your back
you'll want to keep a towel behind
the knee that's straight and the other one you want to keep bent.
Now, before you begin you want to make sure to protect your lower back
so contract your abdominals so that they are touching the ground
and then you want to push down
against the towel with your knee by contracting the quad muscles. The reason being
is because these are muscles that help
flex your knee. You don't want to use those muscles, you want to strengthen your quad muscles
uh... so pushing down with your lower back
will help prevent you from working other muscles that you shouldn't.
If you don't know how to do this, I'll put a site so that you can go and see how
it is done properly.
So remember, you want to be able to control it
and contract the muscle and don't hold your breath
so you contract. Push down on the towel
and hold it
for three to five seconds
experience five to ten seconds before you progress
to the other exercise
and you want to perform this two to three times a week.
After two weeks you want to increase either the reps or sets. If you have any questions, please let me know
continue your progressions for
progression #2. I'll see you guys later. Take Care.