Induction about the PiMag Sport Bottle

Uploaded by NikkenEurope on 01.02.2012

Welcome to Nikken UK
I would like to take a few moments of your time to talk about the PiMag Sport Bottle.
Nikken has spent many months in development of this product.
We have tested in-house, via Consultants and through laboratory testing.
We would like to point out a couple of things that will help you when your sports bottle arrives.
In shipping small components can move.
When you receive your bottle, there are a couple of checks that you can do to make sure that it is watertight and won’t leak.
First take it out of its packaging, make sure the cap is on tight and squeeze the bottle – you should hear no air.
To demonstrate
Lift the spout up slightly and squeeze, you can hear the air.
Put the spout down, there is no sound, the water bottle is tight.
If you do hear air coming out when the spout is down, check the spout.
Put a chopstick or other utensil in the spout, pull it towards one side, it will click and come away.
Underneath the spout, is a small ‘o’ ring.
This could be red, black or clear.
Just press firmly on to the ’o’ ring to make sure it is in place.
Then replace the spout , make sure it is in the right direction
and that will just clip
and move
squeeze again, again no air.
Another thing to check is, unscrew the cap,
take off the filter by unscrewing it
and inside the cap you have a couple of things.
The first thing is a very small check valve,
this is a mushroom shape and should be completely circular.
Again, using your finger, just make sure that’s in place.
Also you can see if there are any marks, any cracks.
Within the cap again, is a gasket seal.
This should be flat and again you can use your finger to push down and make sure it is in place.
Before you put the filter back you can just notice that there is a black ‘o’ ring.
Make sure this is firmly in place and
also the white mesh is part of the filtration process,
so please leave that where it is, that’s the best place for it.
Screw the filter back on to the cap,
not too firmly but enough.
Place the cap back on to the bottle, again making sure it’s firm
and then test again.
Thank you very much.