Classroom Valentine's Party

Uploaded by MichaelsStores on 04.01.2013

(♪ Music ♪)
All you room moms and teachers out there,
we've got you covered this Valentine's Day.
We've decked out a classroom with hearts and treats
and the kids, they're gonna be here any minute.
We've got everything they need
to make this cute heart bag for their cards,
a card for every child.
These cute little heart sandwiches were actually made
with cookie cutters from our baking department.
Check out these really cool treat pop holders
we sell in our baking department.
I took them and I filled them
with brownies, sprinkles and icing.
You can fill them any way you'd like.
We've got festive, ready-made decorations
and some easy DIY that only take a few minutes.
And now we're ready for the kids.
♪ ♪
Happy Valentine's Day!
KYRA: For instructions to these projects