149 - VL Olli - January 2nd, 2013 ( english subtitles )

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oh I am happy to don't have to go to this party.
Andi it is and still is a highlight of the social life in Düsseldorf.
- oh yeah - yes
And why Tristan does not go? He is also part of this outfit.
just because Bella will have dinner with him, it does not mean she loves him.
- He is certainly not her type of man - he is going to make her head spin with all his money.
To play the VIP program, and do everything to seduce her
- I have a question. - which one?
how could you fall in love with a woman who is impressed by everything glamorous, you have thought about that?
first, you do not tell anyone that I'm in love with Bella,
and secondly I know how it goes that kind of stuff Olli
oh yeah? And how it goes that kind of stuff?
(he explain it and at the same time we see what he imagines for the date of Bella and Tristan)
- you really have imagination. - What? it can happen.