Les Misérables: Plugged In Movie Review

Uploaded by PluggedInOnline on 27.12.2012

I’m cold, would you let me stay here for tonight? I know who you are, you’re Jean
Valjean. The world can be a terrible and cruel place,
and that's especially true in the new movie musical Les Misérables. This is the epic
opus tale of one Jean Valjean, a beaten-down man who has spent 19 years in a filthy Paris
prison for simply stealing a loaf of bread. And even with parole he's driven out of every
town as a mongrel. But then one man, a priest, shows Valjean mercy, offering him a meal and
a place by the fire for the night. Out of desperation, however, Valjean steals
the churchman's silverware and tries to make a run for it—only to be spotted by the authorities
and dragged back. But to the police officer's surprise, the priest reports that he freely
gave the silver to Valjean. And with a single taste of God's mercy he changes the shamed
and humbled Valjean forever. Based on Victor Hugo's book and the blockbuster
musical of the same name, this film powerfully depicts the struggle between law and grace
in a fallen, heartless world. And the all-star cast often makes that redemption tale soar
with raw emotion and beautiful song. A world that’s full of happiness, that I
have never known. But director Tom Hooper's realistic and gritty
Paris of the early 1800's is also a filthy land of squalor, befouled humanity and raw
sensuality. Definitely not a place for the younger family members. So I'll give Les Misérables
3 revolutionary blockades out of 5 for family friendliness.
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