[ENG] Who Sunggyu Thinks Is The 'Prettiest Female Celebrity'

Uploaded by injunsider on 28.10.2012

Sugeun: Previously, didn't we have that?
Sugeun: Here in the loft...
Sugeun: The prettiest female...
Suguen: Will you get out?
Sugeun: Just stuff the rice cake into your gunyeok(?)!
Sugeun: Last week, the topic in the loft was...
Sugeun: The prettiest female celebrity to me.
Sugeun: 1st place went to Suzy
Sugeun: Miss A's Suzy
Sugeun: 2nd place was Kim Taehee
Sugeun: I said that Kim Taehee was the prettiest but she still lost to Suzy by one vote.
Sungyeol: She (Suzy)'s younger.
Sugeun: If someone else were to be ranked first, who do you think it should be?
Sunggyu: I don't agree with the rankings.
Sugeun: Then who should it be?
Sugeun: Absolutely can't be Suzy?
Sunggyu: Although it's not like that...
Woohyun: Ah... So it's different in your case?
Sunggyu: To me, there is someone else who is better than Suzy
Sugeun: Oh! Who is it? Tell us!
Sunggyu: I'm worried about saying this...
Sugeun: I said Kim Taehee last week so does that make her my woman?
Sugeun: Sunggyu, just tell us.
Sunggyu: This is just my opinion...
Sugeun: We're just saying who is pretty. Will there be any big problems?
Sunggyu: More than Suzy...
Sunggyu: Hyuna
Sugeun: My***'s Kim Sujin reporter, please come here.
Sugeun: See that? What is important is that everyone has their own style.
Sugeun: I think that Hyuna is pretty too
Sugeun: Sungyeol, is Suzy 1st place to you?
Sungyeol: It's not like that.
Sugeun: Who is?
Sungyeol: Hyuna is sexy
Sungyeol: Suzy is innocent.
Sungyeol: In my opinion...
Sungyeol: Shouldn't it be Taeyeon sunbaenim?