North Korea shells South Korean island of Yeonpyeong

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Two dead, 20 injured after North Korea shells South Korean island
North Korea shelled a small South Korean Island yesterday
Destroying houses and sending civilians fleeing for shelter.
The incident has shocked South Koreans

and raised tensions between Seoul and Pyongyang.
South Korea staged military drills yesterday morning
in the Yellow Sea
near its maritime boundary with the North.
In response North Korea fired a barrage
of artillery shells at Yeonpyeong
Dozens of homes on the island
were hit by artillery fire.
Residents fled in panic
and hid in emergency shelters.
North Korea fired a total of three barrages.
South Korea immediately returned fire
and scrambled F-16s.
North Korea fired dozens of rounds of artillery,
while South Korea fired about 80 rounds.
Two South Korean marines were killed
and 20 civilians were injured.
All of Yeonpyeong's 1,700 residents
were evacuated by boat overnight.
"I was watching TV when the shelling started
Then it was bang, bang, bang."
The incident has riveted the attention of South Korean's media.
It began after Pyongyang warned the South
to halt military drills in the area.
(North Korean news presenter) "South Korea has threatened relentless attacks."
South Korea says the bombardment is a
violation of the armistice halting the Korean War.
South Korean President Lee Myung-bak threatened "enormous retaliation"
against North Korea's missle bases if the attacks continue.
Yesterday there was speculation
that North Korean leader Kim Jong Il had died.
Some experts believe Kim's son Kim Jong Un initiated the attack
to shore up his status as his father's designated heir.
"North Korea gave South Korea a warning.
but the real purpose
given North Korea's recent demonstration to the US
of its ability to produce enriched uranium
is to bring the US and South Korea to the negotiating table."
Information minister John Chiang said Taiwan is unlikely to enhance combat readiness:
"Our national security units have been appraised of the matter."
(Foreign Affairs minister Timothy Yang) "But we've contacted tourists.
[Taiwanese in Korea] should pay attention to their personal safety."
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