Presents: An Unstoppable Geocaching Event

Uploaded by GoGeocaching on 22.10.2012

[ Presents: Rainy Geocaching Event]
JR.ON.TOUR: The forecast called for a storm,
but it was sunny all day.
And now in the evening it started to rain very hard.
and we couldn’t stay at the actual event site.
We are totally wet,
but it’s not a problem
We just went to the next location
and now we are going back to the original location.
The name is 'HCT Barbeques Devilishly Well'
because today is the 6th of June and we are meeting at 6pm.
Here in Hamburg we meet almost every month.
Like today in a city park where we want to Barbeque.
You meet other geocachers.
Talk to them about caches,
or you find friends who you can go geocaching with.
JR.ON.TOUR: Coins are shown,
TBs are exchanged.
ZIYAL: Each newbie is whole-heartedly welcome.
They can ask questions,
or learn about how to place caches, and what to pay attention to.
JR.ON.TOUR: The people are very friendly.
It is a cozy gathering
ZIYAL: Especially when it rains it is a special experience,
it’s an extreme situation but nevertheless it’s fun.
It’s never boring.