Pedro Carbonell interview - Beuchat - Pedro Carbonell Tour 2012

Uploaded by Beuchatspearfishing on 19.04.2012

Currently is taking place the "Pedro Carbonell Tour".
Can you explain what is it?
The idea is born last year
The Pedro Carbonell Tour gives me the possibility to share experiences with spearfishers
to give some advices to us
I do also a little promotion for Beuchat
and I sign autographs on t shirts and posters
What do you often talk about with the spearfishers?
We usually talk about the spearguns configuration informations
They ask some questions about the spearfishing techniques I've tried... just like the indian
Actually this is the question I get asked often
What are the differences between the New Zealand - Australia Tour of 2011 and this one in France?
There are not a lot of differences
Spearfishing enthusiasts are the same all around the world
even if it 's true that spearfishing techniques are differents
There are a lot of people here in France who travel abroad
and ask me questions about the last year tour in New Zealand and Australia
Are you Ready for a Pedro Carbonell Tour in 2013?
Yes of course, who knows if we will stop in the future !
Maybe we will go to the USA or in South America, I don't kow !
Beuchat will make its choice in 2013 !