Honey 2 Choreography - Casper Smart Interview

Uploaded by DanceOn on 01.02.2012


LAUREN GOTTLIEB: OK, Honey 2 is coming out soon.
And I kind of want the inside scoop on it.
CASPER SMART: The inside scoop?
What would you like to know?
LAUREN GOTTLIEB: Well, first off, what's your role in it?
CASPER SMART: I played a character named Ricky.
LAUREN GOTTLIEB: Now, I heard that there are some really big
ABDC crews in the movie.
CASPER SMART: Of course.
We had to get the best of the best.
We had Fanny Pak in there.
We had Quest Crew.
We had Super Crew.
A couple of the guys, Nugget and Slick, from Ring Masters.
And Rosero was a choreographer, and he's
connected to ABDC, so of course he got to bring in the
best of the best.
LAUREN GOTTLIEB: How was it working with Kat Graham?
CASPER SMART: Katarina Graham, she's amazing.
She was a dancer first, and she just blew up in that world
at a really young age.
And of course, she's gorgeous, so she looks great on camera.
And then she became the actress, and now she's really
But she was the leader in our crew, HD.
We had a leader, and then she came in, and shaped up our
crew and got us together.
She was great to work with, frickin' super talented,
amazing energy, just fun personality.
I loved it.
LAUREN GOTTLIEB: Nice, very cool.
CASPER SMART: February 21, go get it.
Honey 2.
Let's go.