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'Everyone's boat reaches the shore..'
'The one who doesn't have a kin is helped by God..'
Radhe Krishna! Radhe Krishna!
Radhe Krishna! Radhe Krishna! Radhe Krishna! Radhe Krishna!
Hey, you imbecile..
Radhe Krishna! Radhe Krishna!
Radhe Krishna! Radhe Krishna!
Radhe Krishna! Radhe Krishna!
Radhe Krishna! Radhe Krishna!
Radhe Krishna! Radhe Krishna!
Radhe Krishna! Radhe Krishna!
Radhe Krishna! Radhe Krishna!
Is anybody there.. help.. please..
Is anybody there.. help.. please..
Hey, please save.. save.. Come and hit him.. save..
Come soon..look over there brothers..
That man is beating our sire.
He's beating me!
Sire, I'm your servant.. - My servant?
Yes.. you'd told me to massage your back.
Oh, yes.. I'd told him to give me a massage.
I'm such a forgetful person.. brothers, you can go now.
The priest is not at fault he's little..
Sire, why do you need a massage at this age?
Oh, saintly man, if I don't get my body massaged..
..would my wife do it for me?
Wife. - Sir, your wife has already separated from you, hasn't she?
Well, am I not crazy?
I'm not talking about my estranged wife.
I'm talking about the one..whose alliance you've got for me.
Tell me, have you found any girl for me?
Sire, my name is Pandit Janki Prasad..
.. I have destroyed most of the houses of this city.
What did you say? - No.. no, sir..
.. I meant to say I have settled their lives.
I have seen a very good alliance for you.
She's from a poor house but has a good lineage.
What is her age? - She must be 18 or 19 years old.
She's got a well developed body.. sharp eyes..
Hey, speak softly, Pandit, my nephew is at home.
I'll go see what he wants, I'll come and talk to you..
Till then you keep mum. - As your order.
Till the age of 25, a person should be a bachelor..
..from 25 to 50 he should settle for family life.
From 50 to..
Bhola, in this hot humid afternoon, why are you..
..sitting in a closed room reading such books?
You are a young lad.. it's the age to have fun..
Why don't you go in a garden and read books like Chandrakanta..
..The merciless goon' or Kama Sutra under a tree.
You always teach me errant things!
Oh.. errant things.. Even I'm a crazy man.
Hey, what errant things have I taught you?
Then why did you mention about Kama Sutra?
Am I not strange.. well Kama Sutra is name of a book..
..that is read by all youngsters.
If you don't want to read it.. then don't..
At least get out of this suffocating room.
Son, what's the use of a garden beside a lake?
Go sit in the garden and have some fresh air.
Uncle, I have eaten my lunch but.
Innocent nephew, you really are an innocent boy.
You remain healthy by going for a walk..
You can become healthy and unhealthy too.
I'm telling you it won't spoil you health.
Okay.. I'll go if you say so..
He's still here!
Oh.. good.. do bring in some fish along with you.
I too am crazy!
Hey, Pandit.. there's no problem. Take as much as you want.
They all have been kept for you.
Come on, sit down..
So what were you saying.. she's 18 will turn 1 9..
She's very talkative and her eyes are sharp..
Have you brought her photograph?
Photo! - Hurry up.
Here, take this..
Isn't she suitable to become the queen of this palace?
Pandit, you've really done a good job this time.
''I am going to take a journey in the love lane..''
''..may no one stop me..''
''I am going..''
''I am going to take a journey in the love lane..''
''..may no one stop me..''
''I am going..''
''No my dear.. don't go there..''
''..there you'll find only pain..''
''No my dear.. don't go there..''
''..there you'll find only pain..''
''These panoramas, these ambiences..''
''..if I won't fall in love now.. then when?''
''Its not a plaything.. it's love my dear.''
'' won't realize when it'll happen to you..''
''I am going to take a journey in the love lane..''
''..may no one stop me..''
''I am going..''
''The insanity of youth cannot be grasped..''
''..has anyone ever been able to stop these insane?''
''The insanity of youth cannot be grasped..''
''..has anyone ever been able to stop these insane?''
''You are still young.. value it, my dear!''
''..such happy days come only once..''
''No my dear.. don't go there..''
''..there you'll find only pain..''
''No my dear.. don't go there..''
''..there you'll find only pain..''
''Tell us, has anything happened to you?''
''If I don't ever fall in love..''
''..then what's the use of this adolescence..''
''What will this nature and atmosphere think?''
''..if you belong to no one.. then who's to be blamed..''
''I going to take a journey in the love lane..''
''..may no one stop me..''
''I am going..''
''No my dear.. don't go there..''
''..there you'll find only pain..''
Till 25, every man should follow..
..the rule of celibacy.
From 25-50, he should enjoy family life.
Hey, I'm 26 year old..
..and I have, in fact, wasted 6 months of family life.
Hey I have caught.. I have a caught a big fat fish..
Oh, no.. - Hey..
Hey.. she's a.. she's a mermaid!
So you've cast your fishing hook to catch a mermaid?
I.. I'd come to catch some fish here.
He seems to be a shameless man.
Shameless.. me?
It is you people that seem to be shameless.
At least I'm wearing clothes but you people..
.. are bathing unclothed in the river.
Girls, I think he's destined to drown in this river.
Come on, surround him. - Attack him! Shalini..
Hey, where are you coming from?
Don't touch me.. be careful.. be careful!
Don't think that I'm a coward.. I too can hold a girl's hand.
I'm 26 years old now.
Girls, this man seems to be proud of his age.
Why shouldn't I be? Look here..'s written on the first page of this book..
It's written here that till the age of 25, every man should follow..
..the rule of bachelorhood.
From 25-50 he should enjoy family life.
Poor man! This must be his new hobby.
Did you find one for your family life?
There are countless girls for a young lad like me.
He really is a bodybuilder, isn't he?!
What about you? If you are ready then I can think about it.
Should I? -Yes.
Then I'll do it now..
How did you like it? - Oh my hat!
Bye.. bye.. see you.. - Bye!
Let's go.. let's go.. Bye.. bye..
So, where were we? - We were here..
Laila had declared in the city that.. - What?
How will you run away now.. The destination is still far away.
Wow.. wow.. oh wow..
That's really nice, Laila. You are trying insert..
..Prithvi Raj Chauhan's dialogue in Madhumati!
You have gone mad! Can't you say.. single dialogue properly?
Please forgive me, brother.. I've forgotten my dialogue.
You've forgotten it?
He's telling Jaichand's dialogue wearing Laila's costume.
Says, 'Brother, I have forgotten it.'
You keep quiet.. keep quiet..
Remove this 'beedi' (cigarette ) from your mouth.
So, tell me, do you remember your dialogue? - Yes, I remember them well.
Just say it. Let me check. - Should I?
Learn to face the audience while saying your dialogue.
Okay! - Now go ahead.
My dearest Laila, your Farhad is being harassed..
..on the streets of Mumbai.
Wow.. wow.. oh, wow..
That's really great, my dear.. Farhad with Laila!?
That too in Mumbai.
Where is it.. where is my Laila-Majnu register?
Kalkatiya! - Yes!
Come here.. - Coming.
Just read and tell them what the right dialogue is.
Here it is!
It's written here that Laila is calling out to her beloved..
.. Manju.. Majnu in the jungles.
What? - Gas.. Gas..
Go back.
What a miracle.. a miracle..
You've really got a way to bring out the gas..
..of your stomach from your mouth.
You fool..
Majnu's real name was 'Kaiz' come on, say ''Kaiz.''
Gas! - Kaiz!
Gas.. - He did say it at last. He said it at last..
Stop laughing and start working.. - Okay, sir!
Kalkatiya, start playing the drum.
So, where were we? We were here..
That Laila had declared in the city that.. - What?
''May, no one stone my beloved!''
''May, no one stone my beloved!''
''May, no one stone my beloved!''
Bhola, what have you done to yourself?
Where were you till now?
How did you get wet when it's not a monsoon season?
Brother, did someone beat you up?
If someone did beat you then let us know.
Has anyone tried to bully you?
Hey, who was that idiot..tell us.
It wasn't a he but a she!
Bhola, come, sit here, tell me who was she?
Was she a beautiful girl?
Guru, what can I tell you.. she was so beautiful.. beautiful that I couldn't take my eyes off her.
But who was she.. who killed the aesthetic in you?
Yes, it was a girl!
A girl!
What is her name? - Where does she stay?
What does she do?
Friends, I forgot to ask her about all that.
But someday.. somewhere I'll..
Guru, our Bhola has lost it.
''You've got a beautiful and a pretty face..''
''You keep smiling through your eyes..''
''You keep smiling through your eyes..''
Sire, you've been looking at this photo since yesterday.
Hazoori, what can I do?
From the moment I have seen this photo..
.. I can't seem to take my eyes off her.
I have decided, I'll make her the queen of my palace.
What if her parents don't agree?
You fool, why won't they agree.. and if they refuse..
..then am I any lesser mortal than Prithvi Raj Chauhan?
Don't I own a horse?
You do have a horse but.. - But what?
What if Bhola opposes it?
I too am crazy! I'll send Bhola in the garden to have fresh air.
Uncle.. - What's the problem now?
It won't be necessary.. I'm going away on my own.
Where are you going my, son? - I'm going to my aunt's place.
Aunt's house, but why?
Because you are going to bring another Aunt in this house.
No one is going to come here!
Uncle, don't think of me as a small kid.
I'm a 26 year old man and I have heard everything.
You are going to get married for the second time.. sing songs seeing a young girls photo?
Read this book.. read what is written in this book.
Why don't you tell me what is written in it?
Till the age of 25 every man should follow..
..the rule of bachelorhood. - Okay!
From 25-50, he should enjoy family life.. - Okay!
You're are 60 year old man.. old man..
What nonsense are speaking? Have you gone mad!
I'm just 45 years old as of now.
Just because you are five years away from the mark.., want to get married?
But who's getting married?
You are getting married.. I'm not blind or deaf.
I can understand and see everything.
What do you want Bhola?
Uncle, I just want you to reconcile with aunt..
..and bring her back home.
You want me to reconcile with your aunt..
..who hasn't met me in five years?
Bhola, I'm a Rajput and once a Rajput..
..shuns something then he shuns it forever.
If you are a Rajput then I too am one.
How can I forget my aunt who has taken.. of me since my childhood?
I'll go and stay with her.. you can get married again.
Go ahead and take out your wedding procession.
Let me tell you one thing but, your new bride..
..will become a widow the moment she sees you face.
Bhola dear, is that you?
Greetings, uncle! - Greetings, son!
Let me carry your case.
Ma'am, Bhola has come home!
Bhola.. you!
Why did you get your suitcase here?
Your uncle is fine, isn't he?
What will happen to uncle? He is getting younger by the day.
What are you saying?
It's true.
That's why I left that house and came here.
Who will take care of him but?
Someone special is coming to take care of him. A new aunt.
Oh I see! So he's got..
..the this fit to get married again!
That to with a young girl!
How could I bear seeing a witch taking my aunt's place?
Why do you care about such things?
This is not something new for your uncle.
He has been like that from the very beginning.
I'm proud of you.. you are related to your uncle by blood..
..but you have always supported me.
You don't worry.. I keep getting surplus ration from.. father's farm.
We both mother and son can live our lives leisurely.
Aunt, why did uncle get the urge at this age to..
Let your uncle be.. why should we talk..
..about unimportant things?
Go and freshen up upstairs. I'll bring tea for you.
Okay. - Okay go then..
'Hail thy Lord..'
Oh, wow! Uncle Ramu.. aunt has kept the room..
..just as I had left before.
She missed you a lot, son.
Let it be, I'll do it. - Yes.
Uncle Ramu! - Yes, dear?
The house opposite to ours, wasn't it empty?
Yes, every month or two a new tenant comes here.
There's a mother, a father and his daughter..
..but there's no interaction between us. - I see.
Okay, listen.. I am going down.. water's there in the bucket.
Why don't you freshen up.. - Okay.
There's a servant, a father, a mother and their daughter..
What have I go to do with that?
Ram.. Ram.. Ram..
Be happy, aunt.. be happy!
''How long do I need to go further?''
''How long do I need to go further?''
''My delicate youth forces me to proceed.''
''How much further to go?''
''My delicate youth forces me to proceed.''
''I fear someone stalking me.''
''I fear someone stalking me.''
''A pretty long journey for my age. It has tired me out of my wits.''
''How much further to go?''
''A compulsion of my delicate youth.''
''Why is my beauty proud of itself?''
''Why is my beauty proud of itself?''
''Watching myself in the mirror fills me with pride.''
''How much further to go?''
''A compulsion of my youth.''
''I sway and walk.. lost in my own world.''
''I sway and walk.. lost in my own world.''
''Youth overflows as if a river breaking all barriers.''
''How much further to go?
''A compulsion of my delicate youth.''
''How much further to go?''
''A compulsion of my delicate youth.''
Hey, what are you listening Bhola?
Nothing, aunt! Nothing at all.
That's what keeps happening in that house..
..either she sings or her anklets ring.
Is that so! Aunt, who is she?
They are new in our neighbourhood.
Her parents seem to be good people but..
..the girl is a different matter.
She keeps fighting all the time.
Didn't you hear what she was singing? - What?
If a girl is young..
..she should get married or have fun!?
I don't think she's got good traits.
Bhola, why did you hide his face?
Let it remain hidden.. now, I don't like seeing his face even.
Bhola.. once you get angry.. speak anything that comes to your mind.
Come on, have your breakfast.. tea is getting cold.
Hey, you big fool! - Oh, mermaid!
Oh so, you've come here too!
You are really chasing me now!
I'm not after you but.. it's who's chasing me.
Why did you rent a house just next to my aunt's residence?
Firstly, let me know as to what did that old hag tell you?
Why was she cursing me.. when she doesn't even know me?
What does that poor soul know that you are a dancer?
Oh, so, now I'm a dancer!
If you don't like this name then..
..can I name you 'Oh my!'?
Listen to me clearly.. if you want to live in this society..
..then behave properly.
There's no need to peep in my house.
It shouldn't matter you whether I.. or sing in my house.
As you wish.. you can sing and dance.
I won't say anything. I'll just keep watching the show.
Oh, so you'll just watch the show? - Yes!
Then have a look at this too.
What is this? - It's a broom.
What is this? - It's a shoe.
How will it be useful?
Well, I don't know..
You don't know? I'll tell you.
Next time you speak anything about me..
.. I'll shower your house with this broom and this shoe.
May, God bring that day very soon!
It will surely come.. it will come.
Very soon!
She's a fighter cock.. but she is unique too!
Guru.. Guru!
Tell.. tell me.. tell me, dear, what is your problem?
Oh, sage, he's my husband.. he has married me..
..but since that day he hasn't set his foot in the house yet.
What should I do?
What can I do either? My work starts after the sun sets.
I have understood now..
I have understood that you are some thief or a goon.
Oh, sage, you are really great!
You've found out everything!
A man can go to any lengths for his basic needs.
Be quiet! - Son, who is that unsteady creature standing beside you?
Sage, I'm a Banarasi trader but I share half..
..of the booty with poor people.
Sage, with your good grace, I have built two temples till now..
Hail to you, Gurudev!
Hail to you, Gurudev!
Hail to you, Gurudev! - May God bless you, son! May God bless you!
Let me first know as to where from you have appeared at this juncture?
What can say, Guru? I had to come here to see you.
Did you find out anything about that girl?
Guru, I have not only found her, I have even met her.
You found her? - Where did you meet her?
Well, then there's no problem.. Come on, we'll..
..go speak with that girl.
Okay, then lets go!
Hail Lord Hanuman!
Hail Lord Hanuman!
Hail Lord Hanuman!
Hail Lord Hanuman!
Hail Lord Hanuman!
Guru, don't go like this.. I'll be ruined.
What will happen to my play?
I don't care about your play!
Guru, these people won't spare me..
..they'll surely chop me to pieces.
Come.. - Come here!
Bhola! - Guru!
Bhola! - Guru!
Bhola, where did you meet her?
Guru, she stay's opposite to my aunt's house.
Boy! Half the work is done!
Yes.. - Did you meet her even?
Yes, Guru. I met her and we fought too.
She even threatened to beat me with a broom and a shoe.
What's so funny about it?
Guru, she only threatened to.. but did not really hit me.
Guru, I think he seems to be serious about her.. he should.. given some treatment.
Bhola, till we don't see that girl.. won't fall in.. - Love with her.
Why this delay? Come along and see.
Check! - Who said check?
I did! - Dear Bindu, you've come?
Why did you get this piece of wood?
Daddy, this is not a piece of wood.. but a trophy that your..
..daughter has won in her college's musical competition.
Well done my dear! Whose daughter are you after all?
No one has been able to defeat me in this game of chess.
Leave the chess game aside.. have you ever won..
..any game of your family affairs?
Dear, whoever has won you over..
..has won the whole world.
I have been living with you for 25 year.. that less miraculous?
You've never changed for the better and shall never will.
Aren't you ashamed to speak in this manner.. the presence of a young girl?
Stop all this nonsense and think about her marriage.
Can't you see she's growing in to a woman?
Somebody has really quoted it correctly..
..everything happens when it has to.
Bhola! - Guru?
When will this window open?
Guru.. - Guru.. you have to be patient in love.
Guru, she's here..
It's so hot!
Radha, please open this window.
Hey, what are you doing? What are you doing?
Why don't see while walking?
Now just don't stand there.. go and prepare tea for me..
I'll sort the chaos here.
Works less but creates a chaos!
Beautiful as the moon!
The moon! She resembles a sweet.
Looks soft as a cream.. soft as a cream!
Guru, didn't you like her?
Bhola, the girl that you've found.. the type.. if she's sent to fight a war..
..the enemies will surrender themselves willingly.
Guru, thank you.. thank you..
Her mane is as black as a snake.
As intoxicant as honey.
She's so beautiful!
Shut up.. shut up!
You shouldn't see your sister-in-law in that manner.
You all have to become Laxman from today.
Okay.. we've become Laxman.
Bhola.. - Guru.
She suits you in height even.
Guru, won't we look good as a pair?
Ma'am, the tutor is here.
He's here.. okay. Bring him up here. - Okay.
Who is this Master?
Guru, I don't know who he is.
He must be some tailor who wants to jot..
..down her size to stitch her clothes.
Ma'am! - Welcome, Master!
There's some problem, ma'am!
There's no level in this house.
If it had been smooth without these steps then I won't falter.
You've come early today?
No I'm late today. I kept checking my watch..
..and kept thinking when will it strike 5.
I didn't know.. the watch had stopped working.
Have you got no other tuition to go to today?
I don't get enough time from one tuition.. will I start another?
After tutoring you, when I go home..
.. I keep seeing you everywhere.
When I see another girl.. I see your face instead of hers.
When I look at my mother's portrait.. it's your face again..
..that becomes visible.
You look at 'mother's portrait'.. you black bull!
You stupid.. - Donkey.. - Horse..
Bhola, I think he's not a tailor but a bluff master.
Guru, even I'm not scared.. I'll make his bald head my drum..
..and play it so nicely that he'll become a band master.
No, Bhola.. this matter seems to be serious.
We'll have to carefully plan our strategy.
Can't you see, Bindu is responding to him coyly?
Bindu, when you act coy by lowering your eyes..
..and biting a finger with teeth.. reminds me of our first meeting.
Do you remember that day? - Yes I do.
You do?
Bindu, once I'd invited you for dinner at my residence.. - Yes.
You'd told me, 'Master, please teach me to sing.' - Yes.
Will you sing a song.. I'd shown you the moves too.
You remember?
Please sing that song, dear.
I? And sing a song in your presence?! - Yes.
No.. God forbid.. - Why don't you sing it?
I should sing it? - Yes!
That song? - Yes!
You like my song?
Yes.. I like it very much.
I made a mistake. I'll sing in Hindi.
''Oh, my love..''
''My sweetheart..''
''Come, oh, my beloved.''
''Come, come, my beloved..''
''Come, come, my beloved..''
''Unaware you are..''
''Unaware you are of my plight.''
''Unaware you are..''
''Unaware you are..''
''Unaware you are..''
''Unaware you are..''
''Unaware you are..''
''Unaware you are of my plight.''
''Unaware you are..''
''Unaware you are..''
''Unaware you are of my plight.''
'My sight is stuck.. stuck.. stuck at you.''
''Come, come, my beloved..''
''My sweetheart..''
''Come, come, my beloved..''
''I stay awake all night, thinking about you.''
''I stay awake all night, thinking about you.''
''Thinking about you..''
''Thinking about you..''
''Thinking about you..''
''Thinking about you..''
''I stay awake all night, thinking about you.''
''The string of your love is stuck.. stuck.. stuck.. in my hand.''
''Come, oh, my beloved.''
''Come, oh, my love!''
Oh.. Bindu..
How did you like my song?
It was nice.
Was it? - Yes.
You can go.
Come on go away.
Come.. we'll have some snacks.
Bhola, he's a dance master.
Bhola, your love story has ended before it could start even.
The girl you love is already dancing with some dancer.
If you get her to dance for two shows..
..both the shows will go house full.
Friend, you forget her.
Guru.. Guru.. won't you say anything?
I will.. I'll surely say something. - Then say it.
My friends.. my dear friends.. are we going.. accept defeat before a dance teacher?
I accept.. that the girl is romantic and open minded..
..but she's from a good family.
My dear friends, its fun to love such girls.
Bhola, don't worry.. don't be heart-broken.
Yes, Guru.. with you blessings I have..
..become a 26 years old man.
They can even arrange a competition and I swear on God..
..if I'll have to win in it, I'll even do that.
Well done.. well done.
So the five jewels of the 'Panch Ratna Club'.. - Yes!
We all are one. - So are we.
Together we have got to defeat the dance master. - Yes we have to.
Defeat.. - Yes we have to.
Defeat.. - Yes we have to.
Ma'am, I'll tell you some couplets..
'I have no desires no greed..'
'May you have no sorrow.. what isn't in my heart!'
'This sad face.. smiling for the sake of it..'
'Your body doesn't have a soul in it..'
Master, that was really cool! The 'sher' (couplet) is nice but do you..
..know the meaning of it?
Yes I know.. 'sher' means tiger.
But don't ask me its meaning.
Come and sit here..
Listen to the next one.
'You may shy away from me..'
'I still feel that I'm the only one in your heart..'
'No one else can be there.'
Ma'am listen further..
Where are you going Bindu.. listen to me and my anecdotes.
Master, you are being too romantic today.
Well the story is such.. last night I did dream.
A dream? - Yes!
Even I saw a dream.
Did you see me in your dreams?
I'll tell you that later.. first tell me about your dream.
Bindu, I saw that..
Master, please keep you hands away from me while talking.
Bindu, I dreamt that faraway from the whole world.. a place where the earth and the sky meet..
There nestled a small nest.
Nest? A bird's nest?
Yes a bird's nest.. and I was sitting in it.
You were sitting in that small bird's nest? - Yes!
Master, you need a cow shed to live in.
Hey, who's laughing?!
Well the Gods were laughing at your joke.
Bindu, listen to what happened after that.
Ma'am.. ma'am, listen to what I dreamt further.
I put my head out of the nest.. and called out..
..Bindu.. Bindu.
After sometime.. another small bird..
..came and perched on a branch.
After perching on the branch that bird also said..
..something.. do you know what she said..
Master Pillai.. Master Pillai..
I'm here.. right behind you.
After that, I called that bird towards me..
The bird came in to my nest.
Then after that.. we started teasing each other.
Then we kissed each other.
We kissed like this..
Hey, what's this.. a tickling bush!
Bindu.. Bindu.. I won't leave you..
I'll catch you one day.. I'll surely do.
You keep running ahead.. I'll keep coming after you.
Bhola! - Guru!
Whatever you saw, did you realise something?
Should I tell you, Guru? - Yes.
I was just seeing my dearest Bindu's face.
Other than that I couldn't see, hear or understand anything.
Guru, can I tell you.. Master is seriously after Bindu.
Be quiet you fool, that's something obvious.
But what's so special about that Master..
..that keeps Bindu frolicking around him?
Why is it so, brother?
Calm down.. calm down..
After thinking a lot on this matter..
..I have come to a conclusion that Bindu is not..
..interested in Master as a person.. - Then?
If she's at all interested, then it's his talent.
Talent.. what kind of talent?
A little bit of singing and dancing.
Guru, why don't we teach Bhola to sing?
Why not? What do you think Bhola?
Of course, Guru! - Guru..
I have become 26 years old.
I'd learn it in two days.
That's nice.. that nice..
Then we shouldn't delay in this auspicious work.
As soon as possible..
As soon as possible..
As soon as possible..
Wow! That was nice, Guru..
Silence.. Bhola, the first word of music is 'Sa'.
One minute. Bhola, did you give Guru his fees?
Oh, yes, I forgot about it.
Yes, give it to him.
Well done. - Well, that was nice.
May God bless you!
Bhola, say just as I do. Got it?
Ready? - Yes.
'Sa.. Come on say it..
Come on say it..
Don't be shy.. say it..
Come on say it.. Very good.
Bhola.. not like that.. listen properly.
Guru, he's faltering in the very beginning.
Bhola! - Guru..
Bhola! - Guru..
Bhola, don't be disheartened.
It's not such a big deal.. it's no big deal..
Now, listen to how I sing it.
All right?
Did you hear that? Okay?
Well did you see that?
Now just listen to how I sing.. then you follow.
'Sa re ga..'
Now sing.. - Sing it now..
'Sa re ga..'
Not like this.. take it from the base level..
'Sa re ga..' come sing it..
'Sa re ga..'
Hey I told you take it from below..
Okay.. 'Sa re ga..' come on sing..
'Sa re ga..' - Bhola I told you from below..
Guru, here.. from below here..
Bhola! - Guru..
What are you doing down there?
Guru, didn't you tell me from below?
You fool.. sit up but bring your voice to the base level.
Come on up.. Come and sit here..
And act wisely..
Come and sit.. - Well done..
Listen to me carefully, Bhola.. carefully. Understood?
'Sa, re, ga, ma, pa..' come on sing now..
Come on, sing..
'Sa, re, ga, ma, pa..'
Guru, not here but there..
Be quiet..
What so funny?
Guru, it's so that the donkey's voice is much better than his.
So go and teach that donkey.
Who.. me? - Yes you.. go..
Hey, what's so funny about it?
Kalkatiya! - Guru!
Go away from here. - I'm going.
Lahori! - Guru! - Get lost.. - Yes.. I'll go.
Bhola, everybody's gone.. it's all right now, isn't it?
Yes, Guru! - So shall we start?
Okay.. - Bravo!
Sa.. - Sa..
Re.. - Ra.. - Not Ra.. Re..
Ra.. - Not Ra.. Re..
Re.. - Re, ga..
Ga.. - Ga.. - Ma.. - Ma..
Ma.. - Ma.. - Ma.. - Ma..
Pa.. - Pa.. - Pa.. - Pa..
Bhola, catch the tune.. Bhola..
Try to catch the tune.. Let's start again.
Sa Re.. Sa Re.. - Sa Re..
Re Ga.. - Re Ga..
Ga Ma.. - Ga Ma..
Ga Ma.. - Ga Ma..
Ma - Ma - Ma - Ma
Ma.. - Bhola..
I can't do it.. I can't do it.. - Bhola!
Hey Banarasi, Lahori, come soon..
Hey, Lahori!
Go and bring water, bring some tea..
Go get it soon.
Bhola, are you all right?
Hey Bhola.. Here drink some water.. drink it..
Here, drink some water. - Fan him. Fan him.
Drink water. Drink water.
''I had come here with hopes..''
''I am crazy and will go away somewhere..''
''Don't take any blame on your head because of this crazy guy..''
Hey I've got an idea..
Bhola, I've got a nice idea!
Guru, please tell us.. - Guru, please tell us too.
Silence.. silence..
Kalkatiya, first feed me one 'paan' (betel leaf). - Yes, here it is.
Well done!
Do you remember any line from a song?
Yes I do.. - Then please tell us..
Come on tell us.. why do you feel shy..
Come on say it..
'Going away.. my beloved..'
Wonderful.. wonderful..
Wow! - Wow!
'Going away.. my beloved..'
Bhola, I'll sing the song you just lip sync it.
Just move your lips.
As if you are singing..
It will be my voice but the face will be yours..
It will be my voice but your face..
Guru! - Did you get it? - Yes I did.
Hey understood it.. Guru..
Bhola, let's begin, okay? - Yes.
'Going away.. my beloved, please come back..'
'Going away.. my beloved, please come back..'
'Going away.. my beloved, please come back..'
Bhola, are you ready? - Yes..
No.. no.. Guru, just a minute.
Bravo.. bravo.. Bhola are you ready?
Yes, I'm ready, Guru!
Will you do just as I have asked you to? - Yes, Guru.
You won't forget, will you? - Never. - Good.
Okay then everybody, get ready. Move!
But Guru, no one is there near that window.
If any body had been there near the window..
..then why would we do this act? You dig?
But Guru, will Bindu come to the window?
My dear friend, she'll come.. she'll surely come. Come on.
''There, a moon resides opposite me.''
''There, a moon resides opposite me.''
''Alas.. she always snubs me!''
''There, a moon resides opposite me.''
''Ever since I saw her, I have forgotten to light a candle''
''Ever since I saw her, I have forgotten to light a candle..''
''Struck me so deep within, making me forget everything else.''
''All that remain in these eyes is her pretty face.''
''There, a moon resides..''
''The rains have gone long back.''
''The rains have gone long back.''
''But I am yet to get a glimpse of hers.''
''All I pine about is to quench the thirst of my life.''
''There, a moon resides opposite me.''
''Alas.. she always snubs me!''
''There, a moon resides..''
Did she come towards the window?
Is she looking at you?
She wants to talk to you?
Then shut the door.. - No!
Shut the door.. - No! - Yes.. - No..
Yes.. - No.. - Hey friend..
Come behind.. I'm telling you.. come behind..
So much arrogance!
I just smiled a little.. He acts conceitedly!
It's my wish whether I laugh.. cough or do anything..
It doesn't mean that I.. oh..
He thinks himself a great singer.
He is nothing compared to my master.
I will teach him such a lesson..
.. that he will forget all the tunes.
Did you hear?
You have spoiled everything. After so much struggle I.. her attracted towards me.
She was looking at me and wanted to talk to me.
And you shut the door!
She got annoyed and went away!
Sixty.. seventy.. eighty.. ninety..
How many have you counted?
Exactly hundred, sir.
Isn't it a matter of shame?
That the young man doing hundred..
..push ups everyday is still a bachelor!
Not a bachelor, sir.. say the widower.
How a widower? Bhola's aunt is still alive.
I am also very strange. I just spent two years with her.
We didn't have any kid.
Doesn't that mean I am a bachelor? - Yes..
Radhe Krishna! - Here he is.
Radhe Krishna! - Radhe Krishna! Radhe Krishna!
Radhe Krishna! - Radhe Krishna, you are praying.. God all the time, yet you didn't find any girl for me.
Sir, you have no idea.
For the past two months, I have been trying to get..
..the addresses of the different young girls that come across.
After many days, I feel there's some hope now.
Where did you find that hope?
In this very city. There's a daughter..
..of a relative of one of my old client.
To initiate the talk I need your photograph.
My photograph? Is it..
Hazoori, come here. Get that photograph of mine from inside.
Which one, sir? - That one.. That one..
Okay, yes. - Go quickly..
What's the matter, Pandit?
Only the address has been found yet?
That means..
..the auspicious time too will be found?
Oh, but remember something. If this time this matter is..
..not resolved then you too will have to pay for it.
Radhe Krishna! Radhe Krishna! Radhe Krishna
Say Ram.. Ram.. - Why? Radhe Krishna is better.
I am also very strange.
Sir, I was acting in that drama in which..
Hey friend.. - What's the matter?
Sir, that day when you had shut the window..
.. It's been eight days, Bindu hasn't come to the window.
Hey, friend. Come on, get up. - Get up.
What's the point to worry in that?
You just watch now. Very soon that girl will be at your feet..
..with her love for you in her heart. - Yes.
Do you know what will she say then?
''My dear.. my sweetheart..''
''My life without you flickers like a lamp without oil.''
''A lamp without oil.''
''As if a garden..''
''..from which the springs stay clear.''
''Make me yours, oh, my dear!''
''My love, my destiny, my everything.''
Oh, dear, make me yours.''
''My love, my destiny, my everything.''
''Oh, dear, make me yours.''
Guru, if she says like this then what should I say?
Hey, Bhola.. when you are in love.. words come out on their own.
Tell her.. 'Anuradha..
Guru, not Anuradha.. Bindu.. Bindu..
Oh, I forgot..
Tell her.. - What?
''My dear Bindu.. my naive Bindu..''
''You are radiance of my forehead.''
''My dear Bindu..''
''My dear, the boat of my love..''
'' amidst deep waters, help me sail across.''
''Put your arms around me..''
''..and let us sway on the swing of love.''
''Oh, my hope of life.. read my eyes..''
''..take me in your heart, hide me in your eyes.''
''Come soon and light the lamp of love.''
''..and lighten up my life.''
''Oh, Bindu..''
''Oh, Bindu..''
''Oh, Bindu..''
Bhola.. your work is done. - Your dart has hit the target.
Look, how she is floundering?
She is dazzling! - Yes, Guru!
See, how she is agitating like the fish without water!
Guru, shall I open the curtain?
Yes, open the curtain and let the air flow. - Fine.
Wait.. wait.. listen to me first.
Are you ready? - Yes. Ready.
Then whistle at her. Whistle.. Very good.
What are you doing? You don't even know to whistle?
I'll whistle.
I am saying.. Salutation!
I haven't seen you for a week.
Do you know how critical situation I was in?
Is your situation critical? For me?
I had gone to Rameshwar. God has given the fruit too.
Which type of fruit? Of Rama or of Sita?
What was the need to go there?
It was my mistake. I will never go again.
If I will have to then I will take you along with me. Okay?
Okay, come on, first sing a very nice and..
..powerful song with the help of harmonium.
What was the need of a song?
First we will talk something sweet and then will sing a song.
No.. no.. to hell with your talks.. first sing a song.
What will he sing? Tell him to go and ring the bell in a temple.
Who is this bell?
I am.. I am not a bell.. I am Bhola.
Salutation! - You come this way.
One moment, let me close the window. - What's it?
I want to close the window? - Why?
He is looking here with his eyes wide open.
Let him see. Let him hear. Let him know what music is all about?
As if he's a great musician!
You should have told me this before.
Bhola.. you come and sing the song.. come..
You don't sing.. you will go.. I will sing..
I should go and you will sing? Is it your own rule?
Bhola, I will make you an ice cube.
You give claps.. I will sing. - Move away!
Ma'am, play this.
Start! - Start! Come!
Yes. - Come on!
Where's it? - It's here.
Give me the harmonium!
Turn that side!
''A girl, fully decked up, on the sly..''
''A girl, fully decked up, on the sly..''
''Tries enter my heart! Oh, it pleases and kills me!''
''A girl, fully decked up, on the sly..''
''A girl, fully decked up..''
''A girl, tries to play it smart.''
''A girl, tries to play it smart.''
''Gets trapped in her own trap.. giving me a gala time to enjoy!''
''A girl, tries to play it smart.''
''Why do you bother, oh, pretty one, let him do what he wishes to.''
''Another call from him and I will deal with him for good.''
''I will deal with him..''
''All have gone! All have gone!''
''Hey, why do you crow..''
''..disturbing others?''
''Stay clear from a woman who entices all and sundry.''
''Better go and get cleaned up in a drain!''
''Where are the lyrics?''
You cheated again.. Hey where are the lyrics..
''Where are the lyrics?'' - ''Sing! Sing!'' - Hey what is this?
The lyrics..
''A pretty girl.. I am not going to let it go.''
''A pretty girl.. I will keep holding on it.''
''Tries enter my heart! Oh, it pleases and kills me!''
''A girl fully decked up..''
''Why blame others for your incapacity?''
''You don't know the reality of a woman.''
''Whichever body she touches, the whole world envies him..''
''One who doesn't know to dance says, the floor is uneven..''
''Uneven, uneven, uneven..''
''Uneven, uneven, uneven..''
''Why blame others?'' - ''Yes, tell me..''
''Straighten up..''
''What a strange pair God has made!''
''She limps around on the melody-less music that he makes.''
''Enough of your messing up with me..'' - ''You doing that mistake again..''
''Enough of your messing up with me..'' - ''He's instigating you.''
''You still have to learn a lot, my kid.''
''You have eaten just grass..''
''Oh, kid..'' - ''He called me a kid..''
''Useless fellow..'' - ''He bad mouthed me..''
''I have seen your smartness.'' - ''A clever woman..''
''I have seen your smartness.'' - ''A clever woman..''
''I have seen your smartness.'' - ''A clever woman..''
''I have seen your smartness.'' - ''A clever woman..''
''Hey, horse, yours..'' - ''A clever woman..''
''Hey, horse, yours..'' - ''A clever woman..''
''Hey, horse, yours..''
''Hey, horse, yours..'' - ''A clever..''
A horse, a clever..
A horse, a clever.. what is this horse and clever?
Either say horse or say clever. Sing now.
''A clever woman all decked up..''
''A clever woman, very smart..''
''She enters my heart..''
''She gets caught in her own trap..''
''I die..''
''A clever woman, very smart..''
''All decked up..'' - ''Own trap..''
''She enters my heart.'' - ''Own trap..''
''I die, I laugh..''
''I die.. Sa, re, ga, ma..''
He's caught. - '' Pa, dha..''
Wow! What a nice idea!
You have played the radio.
Master.. Master.. - Bhola.. - Master..
Why are you frightened?
This is our victory.. second victory!
You can think of other work..
..when you will get free from this chess!
Didn't you know today is Bindu's exams?
Why didn't you call the driver early?
Dear, whenever some thing.. meant to happen, it happens.
I'm fed up of this philosophy of yours!
Why? Why are you letting the cat cross on others path?
Who knows for which important work he/she is going like?
The cat has crossed the..
..path, would he/she succeed?
Tell me, why aren't you speaking anything?
Shall I slap you?
Well done, dear. Here. Take these two pennies.
Drink milk from one..
..and give a little to your cat from the other.
Come on, now leave.
Only five minutes are left. Please check your papers.
Dear Bindu, how did you fare in the exam? Bindu..
I think Bindu will fail this year too.
Good.. at least now you will think of her marriage.
Bindu's mother.. - No.. no more excuses.
This year I will get her married.
Only then I will relax. Take this.
Human should follow the chastity up till 25 years.
And then up to 50 years, the married life.
From 50 to 75 years, the third grade of life and..
..then up to the 100 years the asceticism.
How can I accept the asceticism?
I am only of 26 years.
Just listen for a while.
Oh, you? Did you call me?
Are you studying? - Yes.
How did you fare in the exam?
It was fantastic!
It was too simple.
Look, I have a very important work with you? - With me?
Yes. Can you come down for a while?
Down? You mean in your house?
No.. at my door-step. You would come right?
Why not? Why shouldn't I come if it's for you?
Shall I come right now?
Come down. Please!
I am coming.
Here I am. Tell me what was it?
Tell me Miss Bindu, what was it?
Shame on you! - Master, have you seen?
Raise your head.
The marks of the soft fingers are clearly visible.
You had a slap from here. Aren't you ashamed?
Sit at home being a weakling..
You have spoiled our image.
Calm down.. - Master.
Bhola.. - Master..
You will have to take the revenge.
Until you slap her even harder.. would be a shame for your life!
I? Slapping Bindu? No!
I can't do this.
Why can't you? Just think that you are Arjun at present..
..and Master is the Lord Krishna.
He is teaching you the lesson of actions.
The way Arjun had taken the weapon against his brothers..
..and relatives on the insistence of Lord Krishna..
..the same way you too will have to slap on the fair cheeks..
..of your sweetheart without bothering about the result.
Clap.. clap.. clap.. Wonderful!
I should slap on the fair cheeks of Bindu?
That too with this hand? - Yes.
Master, her fair cheeks will.. won't it..
Of course. - It'll cause pain, right?
Correct. - Then I won't slap her. I don't have those nerves.
Bhola, think again. - Master. - Think it very carefully.
You have only two options left.
Either you slap Bindu.. or else our friendship ends here.
Am I right, friends? - Master.
But, Master, what do I do? She is dear to me..
..and you too. - Bhola!
We are four and she is one!
Will you leave all of us for the sake of one?
Tell me.. answer me.. - Sir..
Answer me.. Bhola..
Bindu.. No, Guru.. I will slap her. - Bravo!
Ma'am, nowadays your voice comes out from my heart.
Not from the heart but I am here.
Ma'am, how did you enter inside? I haven't put on anything?
I am feeling highly uncomfortable.
You mean shy?
Okay, leave all that aside.
You come with me to the garden for a while.
You are looking over there and talking here.
Why in the garden? Let's be here in the hut.
I will tell you later, first you come along.
Okay. Let's go..
You please turn your face I will put on my cloth.
You please carry on and wait outside.
I am coming just now. - Okay, fine. Make it fast. - Lady..
Come.. - I am coming.
Come on, be quick.
Ma'am, here I am.
When you are calling. I must come.
Ma'am, today my parents will be vary happy up there..
..that both of us are going together.
To hell with your parents!
You are right, Ma'am. They will definitely go to hell.
They committed many sins in their lifetime.
Ma'am, I met an astrologer..
..and he told me..
.. I will have a very nice day today.
Just give me your hand, ma'am. - He had told me.. would be very bad day for you.
What the mess? Why bad? - Look back.
There's only water fountain at the back?
Ruffian! - Ruffian? Where is the ruffian?
Here. - He is not a ruffian? He is Bhola.
You have forgotten. He stays next to your house. He sings very well.
He defeated me that day.
Master, have little shame.
He is the same ruffian. He is bothering me for past many days.
That's why I have called you here.
So that you can teach him a lesson.
How will I teach him any lesson?
Ma'am, I am a dance master.
I am not any lawyer or judge of any court.
If I play with the law, the government will..
..imprison me for six months.
Are you a man or not even that?
Man? Yes.. yes.
Ok, look.. what will you do if anybody..
..will stare at the girl who you love?
I will be very happy.
It's so nice that men watch a beautiful girl.
You are a strange fool!
Are you a Hindu? - Yes. Pure Hindu.
Have you read the Ramayana?
Yes. - So, tell me what Rama had done when..
..Ravan had kidnapped Sita?
With the help of the army of Hanuman..
He had beaten Ravan so much that.. - Yes!
So, can't you hit a man?
Is that so? Why didn't you tell me before?
Ma'am, he is Ravan. - Yes.
Did he bother you? - Yes!
You just watch now. I too will bother him.
Ravan, come here.
Tell me. - Bhola, you defeated me in the singing. - Yes.
Can you defeat me in fighting?
I will break your skull. - You will break the skull? - Yes.
You will break my skull? - Yes!
You will break? - Yes!
Then why to fight?
Yes, Bhola, it's not good to fight. Isn't it?
You are right.
Bhola, look, a boy and a girl is strolling in a garden..
..then why to interfere in it?
Shut up? I will kill you.
Bhola, don't come closer. - I will come.
Don't come closer. - I will.
You would? - Yes.
You surely would? - Yes.
Okay, then I will retreat.
Where are you going? This is the exercised body.
I will send you back. Go.
Oh, God.
What happened, Master?
Nothing at all. Bhola's body is well exercised. Very strong.
I am little soft. Just the way you girls are like.
Same way, I am a dance master. Even I'm a bit soft.
Don't worry but. I won't let him go.
Just get lost.
Ms. Bindu, this buffoon won't be of any use.
Bring some well built man.
You won't listen to.. I will give you good blow now. You just watch.
You are talking too much, aren't you? - Yes.
I will break your mouth. - Go..
Leave my hand.. Ma'am! - What, ma'am? Come on move away!
Ma'am! - Move away!
Ma'am.. Ma'am.. please help me.
Very good! Drown here! Weakling fellow!
Bhola, I won't leave you!
I will make your ice cubes.
What happened?
Bindu.. Bindu..
Don't cry, Bindu. I won't slap you! I won't slap you!
Bindu.. Bindu.. How do I make you understand?
What should I do? What should I do?
Take this, Bindu, and cut my hands.
You are a strange man!
You keep changing your way of approach!
Just now you were hell bent on fighting and now..
Bindu.. Bindu.. Bindu.. Bindu.
Don't cry. Don't cry..
Bindu, actually, I didn't come here to slap you..
..with my own wish but my friends had pressurised me.
I see. That means you must have complained..
..against me to your friends, didn't you?
No, Bindu. I didn't complain.
I just told them about my feelings.
You always keep on avoiding me.
I must say about my feelings to someone right?
You are just as your name suggests.
Really? - Yes.
Fifty.. have you seen the boy with a girl?
Don't leave him, otherwise I won't leave you. Go.
No! - He's beating me!
Let go of me.. please help.. let go of me.
They are punching very strongly. Don't kill him!
Oh, no! O Almighty!
Let go of me! Let go of me! - Come on.
Bindu.. - Yes. Bhola.. - Bindu, you are very much a plotter.
Involving me in the love affair, you have made me..
..punched by the ruffians.
No, Bhola. I'm not involved in this.
I am telling the truth, I am not at all involved in this.
Bhola.. Bhola..
Bhola.. Bhola.. Bhola.. Bhola..
Bhola.. Bhola..
Look, what is there?
Bhola.. Bhola.. Bhola..
Blood.. blood.. Guru, look he is bleeding.
Come on, carry him.
Doctor, why is my child not opening his eyes?
The wounds are still fresh. Don't worry.
He will gain his consciousness slowly.
Doctor, is there any risk? - Of course not, sir.
He is a young boy. What if he's bled a bit?
He might even get little fever.
Anyway.. keep me informed about his condition.
It's not good to surround a patient.
He needs to take rest.
Fine. - Thank you..
It's so strange! He is staying right next to our house..
..but we haven't heard him yell yet.
Who could be the enemy of such a gentleman?
Times have changed drastically?
Bhola.. Bhola.. my child. Look, he is opening his eyes.
Bhola.. do you recognize me?
Aunt.. - Bhola. - Master.
Tell me, who had attacked on you?
Tell me, Bhola.
Bhola, tell us.
Don't hide their names. We will complain to the police.
No.. no.. I don't know them. I don't know anything.
I don't know anything. I don't know anything.
Daddy, daddy, wake up.
What happened, dear.. - Mummy.
What happened, Bindu?
The neighbor is moaning.
I think he is all alone.
Bindu's mother, let's go and check.
You are right. We must help the neighbors.. the time of need. Let's go. Come on.
What do I do? He is very stubborn.
I begged him a lot to let me sleep nearby.
But he didn't listen to me.
He sent me downstairs.
He has a fever. Do you have the thermometer? - No.
Bindu, please go and get the thermometer.
Do get the ice bag too along with it.
Did he have anything in day time?
Hardy two three drops of water.
He is having very high temperature.
I think you must call a doctor now.
Okay. You all be here.
Why are you giving the thermometer to me?
Put it in the mouth. Put it.
Please open your mouth. I want to keep this thermometer.
The doctor has come.
Yes.. what's his condition now? Let' see.
Nothing to worry about. - Thank you.
Fever was required. I am giving you some tablets. - Yes.
Please give it to him in the duration of every two hours.
But, doctor.. - Nothing to worry about.
He is required to have nursing.
If you say, shall I send you the nurse?
No, doctor, what is the need of a nurse?
Dear, it's morning. Now go home and take some rest.
You didn't have a sleep for the entire night.
So what?
May you live long! May you get the best husband!
May you become so wealthy that you forget the counting!
May you have lots of children!
Ma'am, Master is waiting at the door.
What have you told him?
I said I will just check. I suppose Ma'am is not at home.
Absolutely correct.
This is his third round since yesterday.
So what? What for is he getting the salary?
Go and tell him that ma'am has gone.. her grandma's house for few days.
Okay. I will even ask him to go to his grandma's house.
God, I am so grateful to you. The day Bhola..
..was injured, his face was so pale and weak.
Today, he has recovered a little.
All this is because of your blessings, Aunt.
My dear, you!
He is all right now, isn't he?
Yes. By the grace of God.
Go and see. He has now started talking too.
I don't take the medicine by enemy's hand.
Mister, you have recovered so much.. having the medicine from the enemy's hand only.
Wrong. When did I have the medicine by your hand?
Ask your family members.
Oh, I must have committed this mistake being unconscious.
Yes, in unconsciousness.
Come on, have it.
Okay, tell me, who kept the ice bag on my head that night?
It was me. - Oh.
Who did massage my legs?
I did.
Who had opened my mouth and kept the thermometer?
It was me only. - Is it?
Really? I thought she was my aunt.
You've come to know now, haven't you?
Come on, now take this medicine.
That means I'm under the enemy's obligation.
Oh.. - How will I repay this debt?
I'll tell you. By having this medicine.
Come on, now have it. Otherwise I will really get disappointed.
''Though bashful yet I'll have to tell..''
''Though bashful yet I'll have to tell..''
''Beside you is my place..''
''Though inhibited..''
''I took me time to grow up to love..''
''I need no playthings now..''
''I need only love now..''
''Beside you is my place..''
''Though bashful yet I'll have to tell..''
''My heart's ailment is your love..''
''My heart's ailment is your love..''
''My heart shares your happiness and sorrow..''
''Now won't bear your anguish alone..''
''Beside you is my place..''
''Though bashful yet I'll have to tell..''
''Though inhibited..''
But why are you repenting so much?
I am glad that I failed. If I would have passed..
.. I might have to study further.
The path is clear now. - Really?
It's very simple that I am not in favor of..
..making my daughter study further.
Quickly find a nice boy and get her married. Understood?
If you are very fond of being a mother in law then I too am..
..fond of being a father in law.
We should get a perfect and nice boy after all.
Radhe Krishna! Hail Radhe Krishna!
Hail Radhe Krishna!
Mister, have you recognized me?
You seem to be a Brahmin by your outfit.
Please close your umbrella.
Is she your wife? - Yes.
Can I have a seat here? - Yes.
Nothing to worry about, sir. I am the family priest of..
..her brother at Anandpur. - Oh.
He only told me that you are searching..
..for a groom for yourself? - Sorry?
I mean you need a groom for your daughter?
That's why I have come here to meet you.
It's good that you have come.
How is the family lineage of the boy?
Family lineage? He is the landlord by the family.
His name is Mr. Pratap Singh.
Really? What must be his age?
Age? His age is to exercise.
What's his income?
Income? He is so rich that if he will donate that.. his two hands throughout his life..
..then too 15 to 20 lakhs will be saved. Hail, Lord!
Look at this, I have also brought his attractive photograph.
Hail Radhe Krishna!
Pandit, this photo seems to be very old.
Actually, it was lying in the dirty bag of a poor Brahmin for many days.
Let me see.
Pandit, are you very confident about him?
You just don't worry.
I am very much confident about this house.
Okay, fine. Then, leave this photo here.
We will ask for our daughter's wish even. - You are right.
As you wish. I will visit again after few days.
Hail Radhe Krishna! - Hail Radhe Krishna!
Hail Radhe Krishna! Hail Radhe Krishna!
Bindu. Dear Bindu..
I wanted to ask you something.
Yes, Mummy.
I have brought one photo. Just.. How is it?
Photo? - Yes. Have a look.
I somehow managed to control my laughter, mummy.
Shall I tell you something?
If papa would have been the owner of some film company..
..he must have made him a comedian.
Somebody has left this here for your alliance.
For my proposal? - Yes.
What's wrong with you? My proposal..
..and that too with this buffoon!
Why are you crying? Where have I agreed to it?
I just came to ask about your choice.
My choice is something else.
Then will you remain single all your life?
No.. why will I remain single?
You people start the preparations.
Yes.. but there should be some boy as well.
There's one boy.
Of my choice! - Really? Who is that fortunate guy?
I won't tell you now? - Please tell me, dear.
I told you.
Once my mind decided for something that is final.
Dear, what is his family background..
..what's his age.. what's his income?
Whether he is educated or not?
He is the prince by family background.
He only has his simple heart. His wealth is his simplicity.
We both gel well with age.
..whoever he meets, they start loving him.
And mummy, one who has such a loving heart..
..what is the importance of high education?
Even the wise people respect such person. Isn't it?
If the boy is well mannered, what else do we need?
Mummy! Mother!
You are a darling!
Let go of me, Bindu. Let me go down.
So that I can talk with your daddy.
Bindu.. Bindu..
What's the matter? - Did you have a fight with your mother?
Not at all. Mummy had selected one boy for me..
..she had come to show me his photograph.
Let me also see, who the fortunate man is.
Will you see? - Yes.
Here. Have a look.
What's there to laugh in this?
If you marry him, we'll still be related.
I don't know what you are talking?
Yes! If you will marry him, I will call you aunt.. - What?
Is he your uncle?
Yes. He is my mother's brother.
Haven't you seen his photograph here?
Yes! That's why I was wondering..
..where have I seen him? It was him.
Marriage with my uncle!
Bindu have called me in her house.
Master. - Bindu! Sorry.
You sit here, Ma'am is coming.
Let her come.
Ma'am is coming.
Bindu, please come soon. I will make you stay in my heart.
Bindu, please come soon. - Bindu..
Greeting, Master.
Bindu, I knew you would come.
My remembrance has brought you here.
How I felt agitated for so many days without you?
Like the fish without water. - Master..
Like the fish without water.
I went to graveyard. I brought the ashes from there.
Then I went to the astrologer and showed my palm.
I also went to the mosque and prayed.
Then I went to the church on Sunday morning.
If not of Hindus, Muslims. If not of Muslims, Christians..
At least one of the Gods will listen to my request.
Okay. - They did listen, Bindu.
They have listened to me. God.. thanks.
Bindu, how did you pass your days? Tell me.
Didn't you remember your tutor?
Tell me, say something. Why are you so silent?
If you will shut your mouth for a while only then I can speak.
I am sorry, Bindu. I spoke too much in the excitement.
I am sorry. Say now. - What are you doing in the evening?
Today evening? - Yes. - Me?
I will be going at my friend's house to have the tiffin.
I see.. in my absence do you keep on eating tiffin?
Mistake.. Tiffin.. I just had it once. Lentil dumplings..
That too without chutney and curry.
Look.. how thin I am. The way she laughs!
Bindu.. - Master.
Do one thing, instead of tiffin, today you come.. meet me in the park sharp at 5:30pm.
Why at 5:30? Half an hour late.
I will come at 5 o'clock. - No, not at five. Sharp at 5:30.
Not a single moment here and there.
Don't be upset. I will do what you say.
I will come at sharp 5:30.
Bindu, should I change my outfit and come?
I mean with suit and tie?
Oh, no, Master, you look so sweet in this outfit!
You are right.
What's the importance of the outfit in love?
I'll take your leave now.
Yes, sure.. you can go now! - Right.
Bindu.. Bindu.. - Yes, Bhola.
Take this. This one is you..
..and this one is me.
Okay, Bhola, please sing a nice song for me.
Song? - Yes!
Which song? - Any that you like.
'Move aside.. move aside.. the world.'
'India is our country.'
Is this a song? This is not a song.
Okay, sing some nice love song.
''Oh, my departing sweetheart, please come back..
Please come back.''
I know you are teasing me. I won't talk with you now.
Really? - Yes.
Please sing any loving poetry!
Master, now what should I do? - Start, Bhola.
Actually, Master.. - Master?
Master.. my master had warned me not to sing a song.. seashore, or in any park or under the tree except.. the house. Otherwise my voice will be spoiled.
Really? - Yes.
If you wish that I should forget the knowledge..
..that I have learnt throughout my life.
Then no problem. I will sing.
No.. no.. Bhola..
I have my entire life to listen to your songs.
Bindu.. - Bhola..
Bhola.. - Bindu.. - Yes, Bhola.
Bindu, he is your tutor.
Yes. I only called him here today.
So this was the matter. That means today again.. are intending to break my head.
Yes, I do have the intention, but something else.
Look, you please hide yourself behind this bush.
Then watch what happens.
Come on, make it fast.
Master, come here..
Come here soon.. Be quick!
Ma'am.. ma'am.. - Yes. - Look at the time.
Ma'am, you called me at 5:30, I came sharp at 5:30.
Ma'am.. Ma'am, I got you and I feel..
.. I have the entire world.
Around the world without any dollar.
Ma'am, one astrologer had told me..
..that this year will pass very nicely for me.
I will be able to marry the girl whom I love.
I will become double from being single. The astrologer said so.
Really, master?
An astrologer had told me the same.
Ma'am, these astrologers speak the truth.
You must trust them.
Master, he had told me even this that..
.. I won't be able to marry the boy who loves me.
Ma'am, these astrologers are not trustworthy.
Don't trust them.
But I took it seriously.
I did even choose a boy. Shall I show you?
What a joke? I am the one, isn't it?
How will you show me?
I am your to be groom.
Master, if you are groom then I am husband groom.
Bhola, it was your good luck last time..
..that you were saved, now if I will punch.. will have a very severe..
Master.. - Tell me.
Where will he go? He is the same guy..
..the owner of my destiny.
Salute him. Control your feelings and return to your village.
I will give you the expense of your ticket.
Ma'am, you don't need to give me the expense of my ticket.
You have given me enough saying all this.
I didn't want to stay here. I wanted to return.. my village, but I stayed back for your sake.
I have given you everything, the skill too.
Today, you are asking me to go from here.
I am going.
But remember one thing.
'I will keep on loving you from morning to evening.'
'However, I will never give you a call by your name.'
'I won't give you a call.. I will never give a call.'
'I will never give a call..' I will never give a call..
''Enter slowly in the garden.. Enter slowly in the garden..''
Bhola.. how are you?
Very bad, Guru.
Why? What is the problem now?
What do I say, master?
Tomorrow is Bindu's birthday.
She has asked me to sing a song.
What's there to be sad in this?
Why are we here for?
Actually, Master, now Bindu too loves me.
Am I so bad that she loves me and I should betray her?
I am thinking of telling her..
..that my sweetheart, I don't know.. .singing.
I only know to love you. That's it!
Bhola, don't say so. Otherwise everything will be finished.
Yes, everything is fair in love and war. - Yes.
What is your opinion, Guru?
Bhola, according to me..
.. I feel that let it go on till the time it is manageable.
Correct. - Tell her everything once you get married.
Now the wishes of happy birthday are over..
..the food too is over. But where is that surprise item?
So much excitement? - We want to see.
Okay, come on. Come.
Do you hear me?
Wait.. put on this. -Take.. - Oh very good..
One moment, wait. Get that shawl. Fast.. fast.. very good.
Mr. Bholanath, please listen to me.
Ms. Bindu, greeting!
Happy birthday to you!
Thank you. Listen, didn't you promised me that.. will sing a song on my birthday?
Actually.. forget about this singing and all..
No, we want to hear the song!
Ask him to sing, Bindu.
Look at these girls. They are so excited to hear you sing.
I had promised them that you will definitely sing.
You must sing now.
But.. Bindu.. I.. on this auspicious day..
.. I wanted to say something to you.
Not this way. Whatever you want to say..
..say it by singing.
Tell me what you want to say?
''I wish..''
''I wish to tell you..''
''I wish to tell you..''
''I wish to tell this to you for the first time.''
''You are my first love!''
''I wish to tell you..''
''I wish to tell this to you for the first time.''
''You are my first love!''
''There are so many sweet nothings that I wish to tell you.''
''There are so many sweet nothings that I wish to tell you.''
''How can I express my heartfelt in front of all and sundry?''
''But I'd still like to say this today..''
''..that you are my first love.''
''My heart has accepted you as my ladylove long back.''
''My heart has accepted you as my ladylove long back.''
''All that my eyes dream of is..''
''..your enveloping me in your arms.''
''You have walked in my life, with love galore.''
Bindu, there is something wrong.
Wrong? - Who do you think is the singer?
My Bhola! There he is..
No way. This is Vidhyapati.
Who is Vidhyapati?
I know him as a great singer.
I don't believe it. - You have to believe it.
Come along.
''There are so many sweet nothings that I wish to tell you.''
''How can I express my heartfelt in front of all and sundry?''
''You are the one who has walked into my life with love galore.''
''You are my first love!''
''I wish to tell this to you for the first time.''
''You are my first love!''
''You are my first love!''
Your Bindu's dead.. don't ever call me with this name again!
You liar, you cheat.. fool.. deceiver!
I'll surely become your aunt now!
From now onwards, you'll have to address me as aunt!
Come on!
Guru, Bindu went away!
What will I do now?
Bhola..Bhola.. Calm down, Bhola! Leave me! Leave me!
Hey, bring water for him! Hey bring water for him.. Fast..
What is it, dear?
You'd shown me a photo.. I'm ready to marry that man.
You took the decision so soon?
Should I remain a spinster entire life?
Sir.. sir.. sir..
Sir.. sir.. sir.. Hey get aside.. sir.. sir..
Pandit.. I'm coming.. but why are you so excited?
Sir, please say Radhe Krishna..
Why should I say?
Please, just say Radhe Krishna..
Okay.. Radhe Krishna..
Wow.. you are Radhe and she's Krishna.
I'm Radha?
I meant to say you are Krishna and she's Radha.
God, has really made a great pair..
Did the girl agree?
Not only the girl but her parents too.
Now the clarinets will be played.. - Of course.
Crackers will be lit.. - Will be lit..
Fires will be shot in the air.. - Will be shot..
A new mistress will come in this house.. - She'll come.
Pandit Janki Prasad's will get a well built house.
Sir, please say that I'll get a well built house.
Okay your house will be built.. Now please say something else.
Sir, now get an auspicious date fixed.
Even I'm strange.. if I'll fix the date..
..then what will you do?
Oh, yes.. I have to fix an auspicious date.
Then do it fast.. set a good date.
Tell me what date should I fix?
An immediate and an auspicious one. - Greetings, uncle.
Greetings, Uncle.. - Greetings, Uncle..
Even I'm a strange man.. how did I get so many nephews?
Oh, yes, aren't you Bhola's theatre friends?
Yes, we are..
Please come and sit.. I'm very happy today..
Hey not there.. not near the tiger face.. sit near the tail..
..only Rajputs can sit near the tiger's face.
So.. what brings you here?
Uncle, you are elder to us.. we have come.. take some advice from you.
Brother, why are you making me your senior..
.. I am just three or four years elder to you.
Other than that, if you want to take advice.. then you can..
Imagine.. if you had a young son..
If I had one then he surely would have been young.
Just think he has grown up.. - Okay, he's a grown up.
Think that he's fallen in.. with a beautiful girl.
What's there to think about.. if a girl is beautiful..
..then you'll surely fall in love with her.
Now think that he's going to get married..
..and auspicious date has also been fixed.
And that boy..
..tying a floral veil is about to sit on the horse..
..tying a floral veil is about to sit on the horse..
What are you trying to tell me?
No, uncle.. then the boy realises that it's not him..
..but his uncle is going to get married to his bride.
That boy is Bhola and the girl is Bindu..
And you are that uncle.. you are that uncle.. are that uncle.. are that uncle.. are that uncle..
Sir, don't listen to them.. it takes a lot of time to settle down..
Hey, Pandit.. how can you break one's house..
..and try to settle some one else's?
He's my boss.. and I will always think the best for him.
Is there only one girl for Bhola?
He can get someone else.
Sir, listen to me and throw these people out.
Won't I throw you out instead of throwing them Pandit?
Where my son was getting married.. fixed my alliance in that family?
How can I make a girl my wife for whom..
..I'm supposed to be a father-in-law?
Before doing such a thing.. won't I kill myself?
It doesn't matter if he went away in anger but he's still my son.
Son, you did the right thing by making me realize my mistake.
Otherwise, I would have committed a grave sin.
Pandit, go tell the girls family that..
.. I don't approve of this alliance.
God.. you are strange too..
But I thank you a lot..
Bhola.. Bhola.. your work has been done!
What happened, Guru?
When your uncle came to know the truth..
..he was ashamed of himself and he..
..rejected Bindu's proposal.
Really.. really? - Bhola.. yes..
Great Guru! You are wonderful.. you are wonderful..
But Guru, even my uncle is really great..
What do the people think he is? After all he's a Thakur.
I'm the only fool in the family who got fooled easily.
Now the real joke will be on the girl..
..who'll live her entire life as a spinster.
Hey coward.. if you are man enough, then speak to me.
Why do you take someone else's support to speak rubbish?
Listen to me and worry about your marriage.
I'll get thousand's of boys at my beck and call.
Who's that Thakur to reject the proposal!?
He had come here to beg for my daughter's alliance.
Had we gone to his door steps?
He won't find a beautiful girl like her anywhere.
What happened, mother?
Nothing dear, Thakur has changed his mind.
But that's okay too..
Ma'am, a girl has to get married someday..
..if you want I can search a good alliance for her.
Their daughter doesn't want an alliance searched by you.
No get lost from here.. - Daughter Bindu!
Daddy, please don't say anything in between.
Didn't I ask you to leave.. - Bindu..- I'm going..
Get lost from here.. - Hail Radhe..
Come on get lost from here.. - Hail Radhe..
Oh, God.. Oh, God..
Oh Master..
Greetings, ma'am.. I'm leaving now..
Master, you'll have a long life.
I was just remembering you minutes before.
Why were you thinking about me?
I'm going back to my village.
The water of this city did not suit me.
You are very innocent, Master?
When you are most needed here, you are thinking of going away.
No.. I won't let this happen.
What's the need? - Please come.
Please come along.. please sit here..
Mummy, I'd spoken to you about someone that day..
He's the one.. - But dear?
Daddy, I like him and this is my decision..
..the only thing I need is your blessing.
She did tell me about him..
Dear, if you like him and this is your decision then..
..our happiness lies in that of yours. - Mummy!
All right Bindu's mother.. if anything has to happen..
..will surely happen.
Excuse-me what is going on?
What kind of decision is this.. is it some court case?
Master, come along with me upstairs..
.. I'll explain everything to you. - Why don't you explain it right here?
Come on, will you.. - Okay let's go..
Now, you'll see Bhola..
Please come along, Master.
Ma'am, I'm very tired carrying this luggage around.
Whatever you have to say.. say soon.
Now where ever you have to go.. we'll both go together.
What do you mean?
Now you are not only my dance master..
..but you'll become the master of my destiny too.
No, ma'am. I'm not your master but your servant.
Oh, you didn't understand..
We are getting married day after tomorrow.
Marriage! Bindu, what did you say just now?
Yes that's right Master!
Bindu, I'd been proposing you past many days..
..but your kept rejecting me.
But now when I didn't propose you are accepting it?
It happens when you are in love, Master.
Bindu, please speak low.. if the enemy hears it..
..then there'll be a problem.
That's what I want.. if we don't make the enemy hear it..
..then how will he be jealous?
You want to make him jealous?
Then come.. come along with me..
Not like this.. we'll go like a couple.
Like this? - Yes..
Hey, Bhola.. - What is it?
Everything got fixed.
What did you fix?
I'm getting married to Bindu.
You couldn't do anything.
What rubbish are you saying?
It's not rubbish.. it's the truth.
Now you can come.. we'll get married.
You can come and sing and play musical..
..instrument for us, and keep crying.
Bindu whatever he's saying.. is it true?
Yes it is so.. you may surely come.
Bring your relatives and your friends too.
You all are invited for a feast.
Bindu.. - Master..
Bindu.. - Master..
Bhola, what happened?
What happened? - What happened? Carry him.
Shama.. Kanta.. please hurry up.. it's getting late.
Guru.. Guru, do something.. the bridegrooms..
..procession has come here.
Bhola.. - Guru..
There's only way left now.. - Tell me, Guru!
You'll have to die..
But.. but, Guru!
But.. but, Guru!
No ifs and buts.. Banarasi, bring one chair.
Lahori, bring one rope. - A rope?
Yes a rope.. for he'll hang himself.
Get up, Bhola. Take Lord Ram's name and hang your self.
No, Guru, I'll take Bindu's name.
Go and give this horse water to drink.
He must be exhausted carrying me.
Father-in-law, greetings!
Come on Bhola.. you are a brave man..
Bring the noose.
Aunt.. aunt.. there's a bad news!
Bhola has committed suicide. - What? - Yes..
He has put a noose round his neck.
'Oh, traveller.. take us along with you.'
'Oh, friend of friends.. if you won't be there..'
'..then there's nothing in this world..'
Bhola.. Bhola..
Bhola.. Bhola.. My son, why did you do such a thing?
Bhola, what sorrow did you have?
Why didn't you tell me about it?
'Oh, friend of friends.. if you won't be there..'
'..then there's nothing in this world..'
Oh, Bhola.. Oh, Bhola..
Bhola, you were really an innocent lad!
For a deceiving beloved.. you gave up your life too!
They'll lift a palanquin from there..
..then a coffin will be lifted from here.
What kind of world is this? What kind of a world!
You are the first man to have committed suicide for his love.
Bhola.. Bhola..
Brother, you died but you proved your love is greater.
Bindu.. Bindu..
Bhola! - What has happened to Bhola?
I'm asking you, What has happened..
You are asking us, what has happened to Bhola?
Look at this and decipher what he has done to himself.
Bindu, what he has done to himself!
Bhola.. - Bhola..
Bhola.. Bhola..
Guru.. Guru.. - Yes?
Look, Bhola has written something before dying.
Bindu.. Bindu.. this is for you.. read it..
Read it.
'Bindu, congratulations for your wedding..'
'I am leaving this world with your love in my heart.'
'Your simpleton, Bhola!'
Bhola, what have you done?
If I knew you that you would kill yourself because of me..
..then I would never have done this to you.
Is it that he committed suicide for you?
May God never forgive you!
He won't ever forgive you..
I was just getting married on the rebound.
Bhola, what have you done?
A Thakur's son always fights till the end in the war.
A Rajput never commits suicide for a girl's love.
Oh, dear! - Bhola's aunt..
We met after so many years and that too when I realized my mistake..
..and my child doesn't exist.
Bhola, why did you leave me?
Bhola.. - Bhola..
Bhola.. Bhola..
Bhola.. - Bhola.. Bhola..
Oh, God! Bhola.. why did you do this?
What is all this, oh, Lord!
Oh, Lord Murugan, just as you took his life..
..please give it back to him.
Bhola.. Ma'am, he loved you so much.. that he killed himself.
Bhola, what ever I told you was wrong.
I didn't know you'd commit suicide.. because of me.
Bhola.. Bhola..
I don't know how I'm going to repent for this!
What happened now?
Bindu, there's some life still left in him.
I have heard that love can give life even to a stone.
He's just a human being.
If you love Bhola even a bit..
..then it's time to confess it.
Your loving words may bring Bhola back to life. It's possible.
Ma'am, please tell Bhola that you love him..
Ma'am, please tell him.
Tell him that you love him.
Bhola, I have always loved you..
..if you don't come back.. I won't.. able to live without you.
I won't be able to live without you.
Bindu.. Bindu..
Bhola, you are alive.. you are alive!
Thank you.. thank you, Bindu..
You are Savitri.. you are Savitri..
Your love has brought back Bhola's life..
..from the clutches of God of death.
Yes.. yes.. Girl's parents, please..
..come forward and bless them.
Come forward and bless them.