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Uploaded by PublicWire on 25.05.2010

Welcome to The Morning Wire on I'm Amanda Powell with the featured small
cap stocks to watch for Tuesday, May 25th, 2010.
Idle Media has a new CEO this morning. Marcus Frasier was just named Chief Executive
Officer. He has successfully founded several online
companies and has been instrumental in the development of all of Idle Media’s online
companies. You should also know Idle Media just completed
a merger with National Golf Emporium. Shares of IDLM ended Monday up six percent.
e-biofuels is now part of Imperial Petroleum. Imperial traded two million shares of its
common stock and issued Promissory Notes worth close to four million dollars for the biodiesel
producer. e-biofuels has approximately 15 million dollars
in debt and payables. However, the company earned 20 million dollars
in 2009. Look for IPMN on the bulletin board.
There's a new Buffalo Wild Wings opening its doors.
Diversified Restaurant Holdings is getting ready to celebrate the grand opening of its
seventeenth restaurant on June 6th. Diversified Restaurant Holdings hopes to have
38 restaurants up and running by 2017. The company also runs the restaurant chain
Bagger Dave’s in Michigan. Shares of DFRH jumped from a quarter to three
dollars and 50 cents on Monday.
Gold and silver is shipping out from New Jersey Mining Company.
The company is planning to start processing the gold and silver ore next week at the New
Jersey mill in Kellogg. New Jersey Mining Company is also looking
at a new vein that could produce more than five grams of gold and close to 240 grams
of silver per ton. Shares of NJMC jumped more than 17 percent
on Monday.
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