"First Look" Event Previews Kent State Transformation

Uploaded by KentStateTV on 31.08.2012

The displays that fill the ballroom this morning make an unmistakable statement about what's
happening in North Eastern Ohio. There has never been a better time to be at Kent State.
I mean, we've been around for 101 years. This is going to be one of the most vibrant and
visited college towns that you will know of. Kent State's roll as a partner in regional
growth has reached, really, new heights. The exciting new development on our campuses mirror
the exciting projects underway in the city of Kent and in the many communities served
by our regional campuses and vice versa. Kent State is becoming a fulcrum. We are becoming
the lever that is spurring hundreds of millions of dollars of regional economic development.
Because so many of you have embraced excellence, Kent State is now recognized as one of the
world's top universities. The plans you see today as you walk around this ballroom will
help us maintain that status. For the next few years, you will see our campuses transformed.
For example, we are going to do major renovations to our most heavily used science buildings.
We will be building a multi-disciplinary research addition that supports discovery and innovation.
We will build a new home for our nationally respected College of Architecture and Environmental
Design. We will complete major renovations to the Art Building and Art Annex. We will
build a home for our progressive College of Applied Engineering, Sustainability and Technology.
We will renovate the Olsen Center to give students better access to services from academic
advising to career planning and we will improve the work environment for staff members by
renovating many administrative areas. We are creating a 21st century campus. We are creating
a 21st century community. As you know, the transformation is well underway. We've modernized
the library, the Student Center is getting a facelift. We can see incredible performances
at the new Roe Green Center and a scenic student Green Performance Space will open on or before
homecoming. You can't miss the activity to extend the esplanade. We are at the center,
right now, of a transformation that is going to change Kent, Kent State, and Portage County
for the next 100 years and we're part of that history today.