Philippe Decourroux LES FILLES DE L'EST clip officiel

Uploaded by Decourroux on 07.03.2012

They come from Moldova,
the Ukraine, or elsewhere
They are looking for work and a future.
Abused, betrayed,
They are often found trapped,
In the hands of the slave drivers.
It happens right here
We can’t continue to ignore it
They had the same dream as all girls of their age
They had the same dream as any girl of 17
They dreamt of leaving their neighborhoods and villages
Of falling in love one day and having children
The girls from the East
They dreamt of escaping their difficult fate
That had locked up their mothers behind the Wall
They dreamt of escaping far from that place
But instead found this prison, worst possible nightmare.
The girls from the East
Oksana, Maroushka and all the others
Trapped by barbarians,
they couldn’t have known
Slaves in the hands of these bastards
They were innocent
But they were made... be whores
I’m declaring war on all these bastards
On all flesh traders and vultures
Those who sell these poor girls for a few dollars
And those took them without wanting to know.
I declare guilty all those who don’t act
The famous and politicians
who wash their hands of them
I declare guilty all these disgusting pigs
Who still dare to look at themselves in the mirror
I declare war on this market of shame
And on lives destroyed in these whorehouses
In the name of these girls,
I invite you all to rise:
Let us denounce this crime against humanity
Marouchka and the others
Even if for you it is too late
One day they will pay
For all of your tears and for your torn bodies.
We will never let you down
We will never forget
The girls from the East...