Oscars 2012 Best Picture Nominee: Paradiso amaro - Trailer

Uploaded by FilmIsNow2 on 19.01.2012

Hello everyone from AC News,
let's see today's trailer
and cinema news is coming up!
It's been a while since Wes Anderson produced a live-action movie,
so his next one intitled Moonrise Kingdom is hotly anticipated.
In the cast the usual crew that Anderson prefers,
like Bill Murray and Jason Schwartzman, but also Tilda Swinton,
Edward Norton, Bruce Willis and Frances McDormand.
After Fantastic Mr. Fox in which Anderson united genuine comedy and a sweet tone,
the public expects a newly small masterpiece.
The movie should be out May 25th.
Steven Soderbergh, after very different movies like The Informant or Haywire,
changes again genre and produces Magic Mike, a movie on male strip tease.
In the cast Channing Tatum and Matthew McConaughey,
who in one of the released photos has an Uncle Sam costume.
The movie should remind an echo of Altman's work,
specially for the moving camera and the choreographed action.
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