Mega Mystery Band - Paris

Uploaded by megamysteryband on 18.04.2011

- Stef' can you hear me ? - perfect
Action !
Come on !
- Isn't it here ? - I don't think so
- Ah ! Here we are !
- Are there some fans here? - I think so...Are you there fans?
- Photo guys ? - Pose !
Great energy ! Carry on, ok ? Thank you everyone
Let's go again !
Mega Mystery Band ! On A Train!
Thank you for being here !
Great. I've been waiting for you for half an hour
You are absolutely unreliable. I gave you an apointmoint
A precise adress and hour
Come on, we can't see anything with these !
Anyway, it's always the same with you
- We can't help it... we can't see... - I bet... follow me