How to Make Raw Chocolate : Advice about Organic Raw Chocolate

Uploaded by expertvillage on 08.02.2008

Hi, I’m Kelly Johnson of Sedona Chocolate Super Foods and we’re here on location in
the chocolate room of the Ridiculous Chocolate Factory, inside the Bliss Café in Sedona,
Arizona on behalf of Expert Village. That’s our commitment here, every ingredient that
we use from the vanilla beans, to the mangoes, to the cashews, the cacao, the hemp seed,
it’s ethical, ethical means, no unwilling child labor, okay, fair trade, it means everyone
in the farm is taken care of. It’s means as much money as possible goes to the farmer,
it means that it’s grown in its natural environment, it’s not plantation farmed,
or factory farmed or mono-agriculture. You know these are trees that are in the rain
forest, these are trees that are in the jungle, these are trees that are in their natural
environment, the natives go out and harvest and bring it in and then we work very hard
to bring those things here and make a market for them or just fill in the existing markets
with everything that is healthy you know, and that’s the point, that’s what we’re
doing. You know the coconut oil comes from the Polynesian Islands and they press it by
hand. Each coconut, they peel and squeeze it by hand to bring the oil out. They put
it in glass containers with very thick steel walls on the containers, it’s all well crafted
and organic, ship it here so when it gets to the docks in Los Angles, that’s the point
of the steel containers, they shoot this big irradiation gun at the boats and the radiation
goes in and supposedly kills anything harmful. Well that kills healthy food so with the big
thick barrels it blocks the radiation and the coconut oil is still alive, smell this,
this is some coconut oil, coconut butter, coconut oil, at this stage it’s thick, at
seventy degrees it melts. Go ahead, stick your hand in there, it’s like candy, smell, isn’t that delicious smelling? Mmmhmm.
And you’re welcome to taste it as well, it tastes like heaven.