Ray Guy and Danny Hrapmann, Walter Camp All-American kickers from Southern Miss

Uploaded by southernmissmedia on 17.12.2010

Danny Hrapmann is a redshirt junior from New Orleans and the first Southern Miss kicker
to earn the prestigious All-American title since Golden Eagle legend Ray Guy was selected
in 1972. Retired now from the NFL Raiders, Guy is a super bowl champion who spends time
giving back to his university by working with Hrapmann and other kickers. After a disappointing
2009 season, guy tutored Hrapmann making way for his impressive 2010 campaign.
I said Danny just be yourself, don't worry about what everybody else thinks. Be yourself
and I think he took that a little bit and he worked on it during the summer. You could
tell starting at the beginning of the season this year that he was a lot more confident
within himself. I could see that during the warm ups and the games, and all that. He believed
in what he was doing, and when things did go wrong he didn't let it bother him.
From one All-American to another, Guy believes Hrapmann has the potential to be playing on
Sundays following his college career. And he believes it is the kicker who most often
makes the difference in which team wins when the cock cranks down to zero.
Kickers still need to get more recognition; they need to get more thought about in the
outcome of a game. It's very rare that you hear a coach say "Well, yeah my kicker won
the game" or "My punter won the game". If you break it down and analyze it yard by yard,
second by second, in the course of 60 minutes you will see there's a lot more advantage
to a kicker and a punter winning the game than the offense and defense.
Kicker recognition means a lot to Guy. The first punter ever selected in the first round
of the NFL draft is eligible for the Pro- football hall of fame and hopes to one day
join Jan Stenerud as the only kicking specialist in the Canton, Ohio football shrine. On the
campus of the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg, I'm Steven Rauss.