Z (1969) 06 - Film by Costas Gavras

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It's beating regularly.
Come in.
General Missou.
A stupid accident. I'm deeply sorry.
Head of the police.
We have the culprit, a drunk.
-Attorney General. -My sympathies.
The inquest judge.
Well, certain areas of the brain have been affected...
but the lesions can't be defined.
But the surgeons are optimistic.
We must await the end of the third operation.
You husband's heart is exceptional.
If it holds, he'll live.
We have every hope.
The capital is on the phone. The ministry!
They'll try to use his wife.
They'll use the people's emotions.
The files.
Their committee secretary.
I want resumes on each--
details of their private lives and jobs, too.
For this evening.
The injured senator.
The other lawyer.
And his? Have it?
It just came.
Any love affairs?
I don't know, but there must be.
Break his halo. Does he get along with his wife?
-Watching her? -Like the others, General.
-Two of our men. -I don't want to know that.
They met this morning, picked up his wife, then separated.
Some took his wife to the clinic. As for this one...
He took a statement to the press. You have a copy.
They saw some university student.
-Students! -Call our students.
That one's a mad dog. He wants to make the most of it.
-A Jew? -Only half.
They think they're superior even to other Jews.
The Attorney General.
Stay on him day and night.
We were expecting you.
The second culprit?
We have him. He turned himself in.
Come into my office.
Please sit down.
He's boss now, officially.
So you're to give him your initial findings...
and then follow his instructions.
My deputy will keep me posted.
The colonel's men have checked.
Can I see the second culprit?
Whenever you want to.
It seems he was asleep on the truck, dead drunk...
so he's innocent if it all checks out.
Their whereabouts earlier?
The driver's statement and photo.
They'd been drinking at the Chinaman's bar.
We have Chinese tradesmen in town?
The owner was in the Korean War...
and now he's called ''the Chinaman.''
He backs them up.
I'll read his statement.
''I, Bertrand, alias the Chinaman, et cetera...
''bar owner, et cetera...
''do state that on May 22 of this year...
''Yago and Vago came into my bar at 7 p.m...
''and stayed until 10 p.m.
''They were drinking Pernod.''
It's not allowed, madam.
Three witnesses, a docker.
''I saw Yago and Vago drinking Pernod all evening.
''They left at 10 p.m., drunk.
''The Chinaman said, 'not in the kamikaze!'''
The pickup truck. It's Japanese-made.
You'd think we were in the Far East.
I think it's clear.
Though we lack some details on the culprits...
it's obviously an accident.
I agree. Besides, the minister phoned...
and wants this settled very quickly...
to cut short political speculation abroad.
I think the prosecutor must take a statement...
about the accident today and say the culprits are caught...
and accused of drunken driving and assault and battery.
And willful flight.
And the man who took him to the clinic?
It's for you.
He just died.
That doesn't change the statement.
Instead of ''assault and battery,'' say ''manslaughter.''
Go away, Shoula.
I'll wait for you.
Who are you?
An admirer of your husband-- a reporter.
No photos.
Only a few questions.
The public has a right to know.