PCC African Film Festival Promo - 2012

Uploaded by PCCvideos on 12.01.2012

This is not a festival about human rights.
This is not a festival about
disease or health care, this is a film festival
about Africa, through African eyes.
These five weeks bring African film
and African filmmakers sometimes to Portland
and we get to partake in this festival,
and so, in my thinking about it, it's trip to Africa without really leaving Portland.

What they are sharing with us, is more than Africa. These are universal human stories.
And the fact that they're being told by Africans themselves
allow us to really share in that larger community.
The wonderful things about these films is that the African directors,
they don't want to paper over the problems by any means,
they're really making films for Africans.
It has now become the largest of it's kind, and it is showing
the largest number of films of its kind, and it is also free of charge.

This festival is all about breaking stereotypes. It's about breaking stereotypes about Africa.
It's about breaking stereotypes about
black americans, african-americans. It's about breaking stereotypes
about Portland Community College. This is one of the few places
in this entire country, where you can have this kind of experience.
Here in little Portland Community College, here in little
Portland, Oregon. In general I love breaking down stereotypes, but when it has
to do with this college, with Portland Community College, I'm especially proud of it.