WIU Wind Ensemble Brazil Trip Part 3

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[O Magnum Mysterium [1994] Morten Lauridesen transcribed by H. Robert Reynolds]
[Music Playing]
[WIU Wind Ensemble – Sensemaya [1949] Silvestre Revueltas]
[Music Playing]
[Dr. Shawn Vondran – Assistant Director, WIU Bands] One of the things that we got to do while
we were in Salvador was play in the older section of Salvador the
oldest section of Salvador in an outdoor venue and uh one of the groups that performed along with us
was the Fred Dantas Band the group that we would call a
high school aged students and uh during that performance at the end
after we had performed they came and sat down next to us
and they played a couple marches along with us.
We'd played a couple of Brazilian marches along with them and I sat
next to a young man probably seventeen years old
who was their baritone player and he spoke a few words of English
I spoke a few words of Portuguese
which I've forgotten by now and uh during that uh we were looking
at the music he and I and we had to talk to each other
about what we call in music the map.
This part once we get her jumps back to here and we have to play this part
twice and particularly in their marches that happens a lot
and it's not written down.
And so he had to somehow communicate to me that were going to play this part twice even
though it's not written in and it was that just trying to figure out
how two human beings even though we don't share any kind of culture or language
at all we have to work together to make this happen
and to do that through music
is the point that was the whole point of the trip.
To bring together two seemingly different cultures through music
and to be able to do that for a half an hour
with this, this young man and to work back and forth and then
after we were done playing saying [Hand Jester Thumbs Up] see the work out fine
that was very rewarding for me
uh to be able to do that and after words we took a picture together and
and shared email addresses I sent him the pictures so he would have it
he emailed a thank you to me.
So that little memory two strangers not sharing any language
sitting down to play the same music
that's gonna stick out to me and I don't know that's something that
uh people in the audience or even people watching that on tape could, could grasp.
But I think and I'm sure that that story that I just shared
myself with that young man was shared by everybody in the Ensemble.
Because they had to work with someone total stranger
South of the Equator uh and they had to work otherwise
the music wouldn't have happen at all.
[Kurt Makaryk – WIU Student] Working with the Fred Dantas Band uh was really interesting
because it was, it was in a uh the district of Palo Reno in Salvador
which was this really, really, old um we, we took a tour and saw the old
old buildings that were around and it seemed kind of interesting
to be in this kind of environment where um where it was that
we put this uh concert on with Fred Dantas and his band.
The language barrier I remember was kind of an issue but it was interesting
how that evening when we um gave the concert.
How the, the language barrier seemed to kind of unfold and as
we were playing music together you know it was interesting well
especially me I'm actually wearing the shirt from it today.
Um the clarinet player
that I was sitting with after the concert
you know after we had been playing together for a while uh
we kind of you know became friends.
Like it was just because we had been playing together
that was really interesting to see.
You know like and then he gave me you know he gives me a shirt
and now we've sent a couple emails back and forth and it's actually
it's pretty interesting how that whole night worked out
um I was really impressed by their playing
the kind of the way they learn music down in Brazil
is different then ours but not worst or not better I mean it's just very different
and it's cool to uh to be able to play with them and learn from them
from the way they have learned music
as opposed to the way we have learned music.
In doing a collaborative concert that um was, was really interesting
and I think that was uh that was really fun part of the trip
working with The Fred Dantas Band.
[Katy Massa – WIU Student] Well that night we, we meet our first horn player
before when we played with our Brazilian Ensembles
they didn't have horn players so he sat next to me
and we couldn't really talk to each other but um I though
it was really neat because we were we just shared
our instrument and just everything that goes along with that
like horn you usually have to transpose into different keys and we didn't
know if he would know how to do that to but I just pointed at the key and
and he's like yeah I got it
so um and we were just comparing our instruments
like who made it and stuff like that so
I think that was really cool to play with him.