The Further Adventures of Cupid and Eros: Episode 5: "Hello my Pantheon is..."

Uploaded by CupidandEros on 29.01.2011

♪ When your only crutch ♪
♪ is a forbidden vice. ♪
♪ And every time you roll, you're rollin the dice ♪
♪ You were loving the wrong way ♪
♪ of every one way road, ♪
♪ surviving this life ♪
♪ with a little blood, sweat, tears and soul. ♪
[Waiter 1] Your late!
[Cupid] Crap.
Thank you.
[Eros] Darling, what are you wearing?
I can pull off black tie at a gymnasium, but you...
Oh I know, I know.
Psyche's going to show up and instead of seeing me being awesome
she's going to see me serving puff pastries.
Relax. She's never been prompt for anything.
You stay right here, I have an idea.
♪ I don't want to be the only in my head. ♪
♪ I wanna hear a whisper ♪
♪ in my ear ♪
♪ be nice to know somebody's near ♪
♪ Cause it's cold and lonely... ♪
Here, go to the little godlings room and throw this on.
Where'd you get that?
[Man in closet] Eros?
[door knob turning]
[Man in closet] You out there?
Lost and found.
Now stop moping and go change.
Be right back.
♪ In my head, in my head, voices in my head. ♪
[Aveta] Eros!
[Aveta] Is that you? I haven't seen you in like, centuries.
[Aveta] How are you? Hold on.
[Aveta] Eros. Eros.
Eros, didn't you hear me? I've been calling you like from across the room.
Aveta. So sorry I didn't hear you darling, ear plugs.
You never know with this Norse acts.
I know. Thankfully these guys are pretty good.
My sitter canceled on me.
[Aveta] Gnomes.
You are so lucky that you are single and you are never going to have kids
so much less to worry about.
Well, I've never said never.
You slay me. I always forget how funny you are.
[Aveta] I can't believe we don't hang out more often.
Will you excuse me, I have to find a washroom.
Oh my god, I'll go with you. I am so pregnant, I could wee like every two minutes.
♪ I didn't give ya, what I meant to give ya girl. ♪
♪ Ugh, baby now. ♪
[Cupid] Hey guys. Hi Isis.
I just, I, I want you to know I'm a really big fan
of your work on Olympian Muse.
And uh, I was just wandering, if your not already spoken for would you like to dance
at some point tonight?
[Cupid] Doesn't have to be right now.
Or at all.
[Egyptian God] Hey...
Is your mom single again?
♪ You better cut my noose cause honey, I play games to loose. ♪
It's Aveta's kid, I'm holding it.
I ask again, why?
She kept telling me how lucky I am to be able to sleep with whomever I want
go wherever I want, do whatever I want.
What a bitch.
Isn't that exactly how you feel?
[baby giggle]
Why, why are you giving that to me?
You have more experience with diapers.
[abrupt end to music]
[Apollo] Cupid!
Apollo has a score to settle with you.
You runt.
Oh boy.
[baby giggle]