Negative One Commercial - My Webcomic

Uploaded by swankivy on 23.02.2009

I never dreamed that one day I'd be the mommy of a superbaby. . . .
When I found out I was going to be a mother, I worried about the usual things. . . .
Will she be healthy? What if my parents reject us because I'm not married?
Will I make a good mommy?
Our baby was born with a minor birth defect.
She was missing her pinkies on both her hands and her feet.
But otherwise, she seemed perfect.
She IS perfect.
All was well until I started noticing strange occurrences with no obvious causes.
Unexplained sounds coming from the baby's room.
Toys showing up where I knew we hadn't left them.
Windows opening by themselves.
It doesn't matter that I never believed in ghosts.
I was convinced that our apartment was haunted.
After a couple of false leads, I connected the phenomenon with my daughter.
Sometimes I think a ghost would have been LESS of a shock.
My baby can make things move without touching them.
And there's no instruction book on parenting babies with superpowers.
Now Fred and I are on our own figuring out how to raise this incredibly unique child.
Trying to make sure she becomes a happy, healthy person . . .
even if "normal" is out of the question.
What if you had to leave everything you'd ever known
to pursue an unknown destiny in another world?
I'm part of the well-established and respected prophecy program where I live.
I've always been known as one of the most talented prophets.
I was chosen to study with a very important teacher.
Tabitha, my mentor, is human, a stranger creature from another dimension.
She chose me as her pupil when I was just a girl.
And I've been training all my life to achieve competence . . .
so I can travel to my teacher's old world and become the teacher for the next human prophet.
This is all fine and good, but there's a catch.
Traveling to a dimension that far away erases most of your memory.
When I leave, I won't remember my teacher or my family.
Tabitha's been my second mother, but I'll still miss the people of my family, and the world of my race.
I'll miss my everyday life . . . my prophecy program. . . .
. . . I'll miss my friends, and our ways.
I'll miss my little sister. She'll miss me. But . . .
I won't realize that I miss them once I've gone.
I won't remember anything.
Maybe not even myself.
I love our cause and I believe in it. But is it worth this?
How can I go forward with no foundation?
With no past, can I really have a future?
So I climb out of this lake and I don't know who I am or where this is or why I'm here.
Next thing I know some bald guy puts me in a cage and tries to teach me his language.
I get to watch TV, too.
Could be worse, but I want out.
How can I show this guy I'm not an animal?
How can I teach him it's wrong to hold me here?
Or will I just have to stop hoping for understanding and find a way to escape by myself?
I don't know what awaits me out there,
but I'm ready to take my chances. . . .
I'm a stranger in a strange land.
How I got here, I don't know.
Why I've come is a mystery.
I met some friendly people.
They're strange creatures, but they've shown me kindness.
They call themselves "hippies."
They accepted me and took me to the city in their van.
But in the city I must stay hidden.
The hippies say the world won't accept me.
And on top of that, the hippies do things that I find morally wrong.
They're not very civilized creatures.
I have to find my place in the world. . . .
I don't want to stay with these people just because I have no choice.
Where can a person like me belong?