Parte 11: La muerte y el Sendero del Aprendiz (Dr. Jorge Carvajal)

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... is the synthesis of the right and left hemispheres;
of our intellect and our emotions.
But it is also a place where you find
synthesized or combined all the forces of
our personality. It would be more complicated
to explain it.
But if you can manage to go to sleep
focusing on the spot between you eyes,
visualizing the light between your eyes,
you'll have lucid dreams.
Lucid means when you realize,
as it happens in some dreams,
that one dreams and you know you're dreaming.
And one is completely aware.
It's the dreamer aware that he's dreaming.
So he's conscious. That's a lucid dream.
And when you have a problem in life
it is through those lucid dreams that
you find a real source of inspiration.
And that source of inspiration come from your connection
to the field of consciousness.
The first thing, then, is that other deaths exist.
It is possible that death, the second death,
could last a few weeks.
But it's also possible for it to take years.
It may even last centuries.
There are direct experiences linked to
these types of death and restitution.
So, even though we may be shocked
by so called ghosts, just imagine how
would a discarnate spirit's consciousness state
be to allow him to concentrate and
switch on a light or television,
or make some noise or drag a chain
to catch your attention and then you run away.
But he's sending you an SOS: "Please
help me to get freed.
I need to be born from this state of transition
which is to be stuck inside my feelings
about the burial given me
or some unresolved resentments".
It would be great if we could help them reconnect with
their soul through, say, the us of POWA.
These are very ancient consciousness
transference techniques that would really
be very beneficial.
Let's remember an event that took place
here in Colombia some years ago.
It happens to be a very special story
because it speaks of our
indigenous people's wisdom.
The dear Indians of the Urabá Chocoano region
started to commit suicide.
But it's really strange that adolescent children
within communities that normally coexist
in harmony with the river, the trees, all of nature,
in another time dimension, start
committing suicide.
They called the Shamans and
they answered: "We don't know".
"It is the desperate souls of warriors
who entered in them.
They're the ones who commit suicide in them".
Then they carry out a loving ritual
within the heart of the community.
But this ritual includes wise advise
to this children. Don't punish them,
don't make them afraid, embrace them,
given them support, because this love
protects them from the fear.
And fear produces permeability in your
electromagnetic field. So those entities,
or those information organizing patterns
that we call emotional bodies,
may enter into them and literally possess them.
We aren't talking here of possession or demons.
For me that doesn't exist.
What exists are negative information organizing patterns
that simply penetrate those carriers that
they can go into.
Theirs was a major display of wisdom.
And the last example is one among the many
that I wanted to share with you.
It concerns a professional in Medellin who
does consultations. But his topics of
consultation are very peculiar. One consults him
about very strange things. People visit him
and say, "Dr., I come because I am not me".
Can you imagine such a thing? [laughter]
"i'm not me". "So who are you?"
"No, I'm completely different,
this is not my software, this is not my chip.
This isn't my memory. I have feelings
that I didn't have. Sometimes I have
suicide impulses that scare even me.
I have feelings of depression that I didn't have before.
I feel a physical yearning for foods
that I never cared for before.
I'm like a pregnant woman full of yearnings".
Then I ask him, "Since when?"
And he tells me, "since my father died".
And I ask, "How was your father's death?"
So he starts to cry.
It so happens that his father resisted dying.
Sometimes it's us that don't let them die.
We don't let them leave,
or they didn't want to go.
So when the father dies, he gestures like this.
"Listen, he had a heart attack.
He's been my life's support.
He was my reason for living.
He was my emotional mainstay.
He was my hero, my favorite personality.
My father was my everything.
He has the heart attack and I'm at his house.
I was sick, it happened unexpectedly.
And then he begins to gasp for air
and tells me in the death rattle: 'Son, please, don't let me go'.
And I would scream at him and implore of him:
'Father, please don't leave me alone' ".
As it turns out, he didn't leave him alone.
He left physically, but where was his
emotional consciousness field?
It was there, in his solar plexus.
When we do this, which is a scientific and
energetic procedure, not a religious one,
it favors his getting detached.
So he may be able to rise up to the soul
and this one, the son,
may renounce the father, thus freeing him.
Then he just keeps the best of his memories,
but allows him to proceed in his journey.
Years of suffering were done with.
They were finished in a single session.
I'm going to share with you an experience
that will give us an idea how far reaching this is.
I was in Spain, in the City of Córdoba.
And one of the participants in one of the seminaries
tells me, "We have a very beautiful house
near the Gran Mezquita.
But it's very strange. This beautiful house,
should have lines of people wanting to
live there, because commercially it's very valuable.
Yet, all the transactions go sour.
No one wants to buy it. The workers who
go there to work, because it's a kind of
residential museum, they run away scared.
They may last 2 or 3 days, but they claim
that in this house the bathroom lights are turned on,
the lights get turned on and the doors slam".
And since I happen to be a bit curious
about this kind of thing, [laughter]
I tell her, "Why don't you show me your house".
It was close to 6:00 pm and getting murkier, right?
So I enter the house, pluck up my courage
and like say to myself: "Here's Superman" [laughter].
This has nothing to do with me. I'm going to
tell the drone that's in there "What are you after?"
Well, the point is that I went in
and started to feel chills [laughter].
But real chills. Because it is really real.
Your autonomic nervous system, your hair erection muscles
your skin, detects, just like a dog's skin does.
It's like when you see an empty house
and a dog inside gets furious
and starts to bark at something.
And they do perceive something
that we don't perceive with our senses.
But there's a very primitive sense
that is the autonomic system.
Like when you get so called goose bumps.
It happens when you're afraid or when
you feel someone staring at you and you
turn your head slyly, and they're indeed looking at you [laughter].
What is it that perceives that type of energy?
It's that primitive state that is like a radar
in our autonomic nervous system.
Obviously I pretended to be strong.
I tried to move my hands like this, without trembling
so my nervousness didn't show
because I was sorry for the lady who was with me.
So I started to go up the stairs
with a lot of weakness [laughter], like those adolescents
who have butterflies around here [laughter].
When I got to the top I was
just about ready to collapse.
My heart was beating fast and I had no clue
what was happening to me.
So then I looked at the lady and went
inside a room. Finally I saw
one of those large windows
that have also an extra ledge you can sit on.
So when I saw that it saved me.
So I told the lady, gathering up courage,
"Leave me alone. I need to be left alone". [laughter]
Obviously I said that so she
wouldn't see me falling down [laughter].
I sat there in the middle of a panic attack.
Because in spite of all we say,
it's scary.
And there, in the midst of a panic attack
I dared raise my eyes and I saw in front of me,
exactly like I'm seeing you,
a human being, a monk, dressed in white garments,
with dirt on his stomach,
and a key holder full of keys here.
He's got chubby cheeks, and is a little pleasant.
In other words, a very vivid vision.
And I thought I was going to die right there. [laughter]
But now comes something that's very significant.
Beyond the fear, because I had no choice,
I had to overcome fear...