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For North Korea, the threat of leaflets delivered by balloons from South Korea justifies a military
response. With the looming presidential elections in the South and the shelling of Yeonpyeong
Island and the sinking of the Cheonan, this strident warning should be taken seriously.
The South Korean Parliament has been reassured by military commanders that it will retaliate
in the event of any attack but confidence in the military was shaken when a North Korean
soldier walked undetected across the world’s most heavily fortified border last week.
Beirut, Lebanon is on edge after the assassination of a top security official and seven other
officials by a car bomb linked to the civil war in neighboring Syria. The Christian area
of the city was filled with protestors, burning tires, and roadblocks.
British doctors report that Malala, the Pakistani schoolgirl shot in the head by the Taliban,
is able to stand and communicate. But she is not completely out of the woods yet because
of a lingering infection related to the bullet that grazed her head and exited through her
neck. She is being treated at Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital, which has expertise
in dealing with complex trauma cases.
Remnants of Halley’s Comet are lighting up the skies this weekend. Look up after midnight
for the best view of these fast-moving Orionid meteors leaving yellow and green colors and
an occasional fireball. The next great meteor show is slated for mid-November. Be prepared
for the Leonids.
Songdo, South Korea has been chosen as the permanent host of the new U.N. Green Climate
Fund after a meeting of representatives of both industrial and developing nations. Over
$100 billion will be gathered by 2020 to assist developing countries counter the negative
consequences of climate change.
3-D printers have created machine parts and small toys but now engineers are using the
technology to build an entire vehicle—a plastic, unmanned airplane that can actually
fly. Engineers at the University of Virginia have built a plane with a 2-meter wingspan
and turbofan engine for about $2,000, which 5 years ago would have cost $250,000.