Test BlackBerry Z10 Teil 2: Voice Control und Apps

Uploaded by TelekomPresse on 18.01.2013

Translation and subtitles by Tinus Nel - Tytan Group
Here we have the BlackBerry Z10 - a pre-production model.
.. with the Beta version of BlackBerry 10 as operating system.
In Part 1 we demonstrated already that the whole operation of the phone happens through simple gestures.
By swiping down from the app pages, one reaches shortcut menus.
In part 2, we would like to highlight some apps, and in particular also a highlight of the BB10 system, the voice control.
Voice control is engaged by pressing this button on the side.
"Send SMS"
Z10 "To whom would you like to send a text message?"
"Peter F Mayer"
Z10: "What is your message?"
"Speech recognition on the BB10 works very well."
Z10: "Your text message is .." (repeats correctly)
"Would you like to send your message to Peter F Mayer now?"
Z10: "Your text message was sent."
"Make a phone call."
Z10 : "Whom would you like to call?"
"Peter F Mayer."
Z10: "Calling Peter F Mayer on mobile."
"Yes, and the call comes in, as you can hear."
"Open music."
Z10: "Music is being opened."
We want to select a music title here.
This is the music app of BlackBerry 10.
Now we would like to demonstrate how to send an SMS by using the keyboard.
We go back to the Hub
I've type in a "D" and some predictive options like "die" "der" and "das" are shown.
"nicht" is shown here, it is fairly hard to see now.
Simply swiping to the top drops the desired word into the text field.
The interesting part is that I can for instance enter text in both English and German.
I can select up to 3 languages as keyboard languages.
The keyboard suggests words based what I've written before and will switch to suggesting English words ..
.. for example "and delete the following information ."
Without switching languages manually, it is possible to simply write a multi-lingual message.
An indispensable function of smartphones is the maps app.
As far as I can determine, the data is not from Google or Nokia, and definitely not from Apple.
It provides good voice guidance, and appears to me to be like the maps of TomTom ...
.. but we have no definite information as to who the service provider is.
Let's go to the browser. BlackBerry promised a remarkably fast browser ...
.. and we see that the construction of pages on screen is indeed very fast.
It is a really pleasant experience to browse here and there.
We have the option of opening multiple tabs, by simply tapping on the selection.
The browsing history is shown here, and I can , for instance, select to go into Facebook.
There is a pre-loaded Facebook app though, which we find here.
By dragging down we can reload the feed.
Here in our new Facebook notifications, we see Part 1 of this Telekom Presse hands-on report
Please follow us on Facebook, and we will always keep you up to date with new developments.
Twitter is also pre-installed as an app.
Again, by swiping to the bottom, the feed is refreshed.
It scrolls very smoothly, and the overall performance of the Z10 with the BlackBerry 10 software is very satisfying and glitch free.
We take a quick peek at BlackBerry World, the BlackBerry app store.
In the last few days it has been well populated with apps already.
Here, for instance, we have the games. Reportedly more than 15 000 apps have been loaded within a short space of time.
In summary, we have found the Z10 and Blackberry 10 to be very pleasing, easy to operate, with excellent performance.