Goodnight Stories: The Cursed Filmmaker

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Your movie.
Your own movie.
There are no restrictions. You can shoot whatever you wish.
Except porn, Mylona!
The best movie, the most flawless will earn a two-year scholarship.
Whoever's interested, can go down at the Reception and sign up.
Sophia, what kind of movie are you thinking of doing?
There is something I have in mind.
It has to be a horror movie!
It has to make people think about it before they go to bed at night.
You do have big expectations from your audience.
I want this scholarship so bad!
And with Stella as the lead, it shouldn't require much effort.
Yeah, but why a horror movie, and not some comedy?
I don't want a comedy, again, Petro! I have to make a difference with this movie.
What difference, it's all about these types of movies, lately.
Yes, but not in Greece, and not with authentic exorcisms.
And where are you gonna get authentic exorcisms?
It's not like they're on sale.
Iasonas can get me!
He's got access to the Theology School's library.
There has to be something there, right?
Forget about it!
There's no way, Sophia.
Because what you're asking for is insane. You don't mess around with these things.
It is just a movie.
Exactly! So, make something else.
You're bringing up greater matters than me and you, right now.
It's gonna do us no good.
All I want from you, is to get me the material.
I'll do the rest by myself.
You can't do something like that without invoking the divine.
Your purpose is unholy.
And to insert authentic exorcisms in the script, is a great risk for you and whoever else is involved.
How can you say something like that? Are you serious?
I'm gonna be filming it! With lights, cameras, actors etc.
And you say it's gonna be dangerous 'cause of the plot?
I'm tired of your narrow-minded sh*t!
Yours and your Church's!
If you choose to make a movie with this subject, you're gonna be more prone afterwards.
Prone to what?
To harming your own self.
Exorcism/Demonology in the Bible/Possessed people
Story of the Legion/Possession
Rites of Exorcism
"What is your name?" And he said, "Legion", for many demons had entered him
The 70 returned with joy, saying, "Lord, even the demons are subject to us in your name!"
-Hey, how's it going? -Are you short of breath?
No, honey, no. I was just a bit astract.
-We're shooting tomorrow, right? -That's why I called you.
I don't know if I'm gonna make it tomorrow.
I don't feel very well, I must've gotten sick.
Damn it!
What can I say, hon. Get well.
Call me as soon as you feel better, 'cause we don't have much time.
I said 'okay'!
I don't feel very well, I must've gotten sick.
You can't do something like that without invoking the divine.
Watch where you're going, bitch! Want me to run you over?
So, what time did you go to bed last night?
Around five.
Sorry I'm late, guys. We're not gonna shoot today.
-Stella is not gonna make it. -That's early of you to say.
I got distracted with the script. Plus, other stuff is going on as well,
Stella got sick, and
Stella is fine!
What's wrong, girl? You look like you've seen a ghost.
Are you, are you alright?
Yeah, it was just a cold. It's okay, I'll live.
Great, that's good. Let's start shooting, then?
You should've seen us! It was magnificent!
-Stella was like the Greek 'Linda Blair'. -You don't say.
I'm telling you!
And Thodoris was a lot convincing as well,
reading exorcisms, sprinkling her, and stuff like that.
A lot better than I expected.
And to think, that I had doubts, at first.
How come?
I was a little affected by some stuff.
-Hello? -Sophia...
It's Stella.
How is she?
Since the day of the funeral, she's stayed inside, and doesn't even want me there.
Is it true, that the girl jumped off her balcony?
Yeah, more or less.
More or less?
I don't know.
The medical examiner said that bruises were found on her neck and body, that,
weren't caused by the fall.
As if they were caused before it.
So, do you think they killed her?
Who? The door was locked from the inside, with no signs of violation.
Help me out...
Help me out...
What can I say? By the way, we're gonna hand out our movies tomorrow,
so, I'll see her there.
What do you mean "you'll see her there"? But,
after all that's happened, she hasn't even shot the movie's ending.
The teacher said, that she called and confirmed her participation.
It can't be,
I gotta go. I have to get over there and check on her.
I have to finish it!
I have to finish it!