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Hello guys okay!
Today I will teach you how to do the eye outlined
I have received many requests since I started videos
I get this request to teach how to make outlined
and the video that I did the makeup pin up
I taught, but did not give any details
So today I will show how to make outlined
and a simple way for you to do at home
We go to the tutorial
To make outlined, you can make three different products
You can draw with a black eye pencil or liquid eyeliner
or a gel eyeliner, which is this, which I recommend, is easier to implement, more beautiful,
that lasts longer is in gel. If you can get gel because it will save time
I will teach you how to use the 3, what do you like more
To outlined in the gel, you need a brush
Because the pencil needs no brush, which is thus
But gel usually does not come with a brush, brush recommend finely cut diagonal
or you can use a very thin brush, which is easier
it's harder, it's easy to give the pull, and to go around the corner
the easiest is this one
I do delineated two ways, or only step the gel eyeliner
directly on the eyelid with this brush here
or I step into liquid, I like to pass the pencil underneath
because the duration is longer.
because the liquid eyeliner is smudging, leaving when it rings, and it is not entirely black
When I move the liquid I like to pass the pencil underneath
layer because it gives a stronger and get better so I like to spend gel that is easier
For you having difficulty making the delineated recommend doing with pencil first
You make a layer close to the root of the lashes, and then come with the outlined liquid or gel
I will show you in this way it is easier to do
I'll pick up the pencil, passing well flush the line of eyelashes making a thin line
You can grab the corner and pull, which is easier
Now, we go with the gel eyeliner with this fine brush
catching the tip of the brush, first passing over the line we did
you can slowly risks not to smudge
You being in shadow or not is the same process
outlined the basics ready
Now to make the kitten's eye just pull
If you want, pull that trigger, I'm gonna teach you now
In liquid or gel is the same process
We'll start drawing a line here, in the same direction as you were pulling down delinendo
Continuing it here, on the same line
Making a straight line
You pull as much as you want, now you will connect all
This is the secret
You will pick up starting from the tip to make a straight line
Now you will color in
Now you will thicken, the secret here is to make this connection
If you want to thicken, but already ready this is outlined
The outlined is ready, if you err on the tip outlined here
a brush can get well with some correction in the brush tip is thus
to fix the line, to stay perfect
You can fix that with concealer is perfect
This is the step by step outlined
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