The New 2013 Lexus LS Driving Dynamics

Uploaded by LexusGlobal on 05.10.2012

The New Lexus LS has evolved to deliver quality driving that is worthy of
its flagship status.
Body rigidity is reinforced achieving premium ride comfort and the highest
level of safety. The LS maintains a flat ride feeling with market-leading
quietness and seat comfort
by carefully adjusting steering sharpness and breaking response needed
for sporty driving, plus
enhancing acceleration
Lexus creates the maximum joy of driving.
Stabilizing fins developed
from the latest aerodynamic technology
significantly improves
steering stability and driving precision.
LS advanced powertrain continues to provide a smooth blend of power
and efficiency.
The SPORT's S+ mode delivers authentic sporty driving using a powertrain
for thrilling acceleration
and refined chassis control.
The F SPORTs newly introduced to the LS features exclusive design and equipment, lowered vehicle ride, additional body reinforcement and Torsen LSD differential
delivers substantially enhanced dynamics.
The LS purrs richly in idle
and it rises to a satisfying and powerful sound as the engine speed increases.
Dynamic design and driving that is worthy of
the Lexus flagship.
The Lexus LS continues it's evolution enhancing driving acceleration.