May The Fifth Be With You (Don't Take It Too Seriously)

Uploaded by Gallifrey103 on 05.05.2012

Over the past year, so much has happened in the Star Wars Universe. Here's the important
May 27th saw the UK release of The Old Republic: Threat of Peace. It's the second trade paperback,
combining issues one to twenty-seven of the original comic into a single publication.
It's divided into three acts: Treaty of Coruscant, New Galactic Order and Uncertain Surrender.
The video game it prequels was available for pre-order on July 21st.
LEGO released another installment in their separate universe, The Padawan Menace, airing
on Cartoon Network on the 22nd. There are many references to the Original Trilogy.
On September thirteenth, the official website, was redesigned and its Hyperspace
exclusive online membership is discontinued.
Then, on September 16th, a key moment in the history occurred when the entire hexology
was released on Blue-Ray with bonus material. Two other versions, each featuring one trilogy
were also avaliable.
A day later, LEGO's The Padawan Menace was released on the same format, while the fourth
season of The Clone Wars began with the episodes Water War and Gungan Attack.
Prisoners aired the following week and Shadow Warrior the week after.
Mercy Mission, Nomad Droids and Umbara were broadcast over the following month.
November saw the maiden showing of The General, Plan of Dissent, Carnage of Krell and Kidnapped.
Until, eventually, in December, early access to The Old Republic became avaliable.
Two days later on the fifteenth, the original MMORPG, Galaxies closed all its servers.
Five days later, The Old Republic was released in America and Europe.
On New Year's Day, Robert Anderson passed-away. He was Prowse's stuntman for episodes five
(where he was also Rebel Officer Trey Callum) and six, due to Prowse's tendancy to break
lightsabers. Due to his shorter height, his scenes were filmed from an angle that made
him appear taller.
Over the following weeks, Clone Wars episodes Escape From Cadavo, A Friend in Need, Battle
for Naboo and Deception aired.
Toward the end of the month, actor Ian Abercrombie died. He provided the voice of Palpatine for
The Clone Wars.
The following day, the episode Friends and Enemies aired.
The Box, Massacre and Crisis on Naboo aired over February.
Bounty aired at the opening of March.
The following day, Ralph Quarrie died. He provided the original designs that iconised
the original trilogy to what we think of Star Wars to be today.
Clone Wars episodes Brothers and Revenge aired in this month. This closed the fourth season.
The start of April saw the release of Kinect. It allows the player to experience the Prequel
In the same month, the recently concluded fourth season of The Clone Wars debuted in
the United Kingdom.
...and that brings us right up to now!
Also, I'd like to say HAPPY HANKO DE MAYO! It's Hank Green's birthday, today. I've also
borrowed a signed copy of The Fault in Our Stars by his brother John - JOHN GREEN!. It's
signed. SIGNED! I promise I'll upload my next Belgium video next week.
Finally, any person not knowing the difference between Star Wars and Star Trek will be executed
through either lightsaber beheading, Sarlacc digesting and Carbon freezing. The option
of being taken behind the chemical sheds and shot with a phaser is also available to those
who wish.