Vi Presento i Nostri - Trailer

Uploaded by WorldCinemaNews on 26.11.2010

Hi everyone from Anteprima Cinema!
Letís see the trailer of the movie Little Fockers.
See you later with the news of today.
After Meet the Parents and Meet The Fockers comes the third chapter: Little Fockers,
directed by Paul Weitz and coming out in Italy on Jan 14.
Pam and Greg Fockers have had twins and the children's birthday party
is an opportunity to gather, once again, the whole family.
In the cast, in addition to Ben Stiller, Robert De Niro, Owen Wilson
and Barbra Streisand, some new entries, including Harvey Keitel and Jessica Alba.
After the resignation of the director Stephen Norrington to direct
the remake of The Crow,even Mark Wahlberg has stepped back.
Wahlberg announed that he gave up the leading role (that use to belong to Brandon Lee),
because what attracted him most of the project was the very presence of Norrington behind the camera.
Thatís all for today,
see you soon!