Wish to See You Again taiwanese drama Episode 12 這裡發現愛

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Wish to See You Again Chapter 12
Good morning.
Good morning.
I got up earlier this morning, so I can have breakfast with you.
Do you want milk tea or soy milk?
Anything's fine.
Neng Xian.
Neng Xian!
Neng Xian.
Listen to me.
It's not what you think.
Then why was she sleeping at your place?
Give me a reason why.
Any reason would be fine.
I don't have one.
But please trust me.
Thank you for buying breakfast.
I lost control last night,
and I've imposed on you 'til now.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
What are you planning to do now?
I don't know.
It's really hard to understand the human heart.
Even though we know that happiness is in front of us,
we still choose to take another route.
You're a writer,
you should be able to understand what I'm feeling right now.
You're thinking of giving up on Xiao Ma.
All I know is...
Once I've decided what I'm going to do,
Xiao Ma will be the first to know.
Can you let me know first?
You're worried that I'll hurt Xiao Ma?
Aren't you worried?
In truth...
it's much scarier than losing Ah Hao.
Nancy! You're so early.
Good morning.
You look tired.
Did you stay out too late last night for the birthday party?
[Your simple smile has already replaced]
[the unruly rainbow]
[an ever more beautiful song]
[Mostly, I love your white colored world]
[Such a comfortable]
[and freeing color]
[Deeply breathing in your warmth]
[is like the winter snow floating]
[Please stay beside me]
[I hope the future will always have white thread]
[Giving me the whitest dreams]
Nancy, good morning.
If the dumb slave can really do magic,
then she'll make every person
become happy-go-lucky.
Just like her owner,
happy and clever.
Nancy, are you not hungry?
You're not your normal self today.
I just don't feel like eating.
What exactly happened?
I'm just not in a good mood.
Vice Boss,
if one day,
the person you like is with someone else,
what would you do?
Why are you asking?
Is Xu Le with someone else?
I don't know.
First, you need to believe
that you're the best.
If he loses you,
he loses the opportunity to have happiness.
Am I the best?
But I don't feel that way at all.
If he really falls for someone else.
If the other person he likes,
likes him more than you,
then I would wish them happiness.
Wish them happiness?
What other things are there
more worthy of well wishes
than two people in love?
Vice boss,
do you love Lu Yi a lot?
I think so.
Since high school,
she's captivated me.
Although I've never been able to tell apart
whether it was just a crush or a real love.
But whenever I see her,
my heart would start beating uncontrollably.
This should be love right?
I can't help but feel that her heart
is hard to understand.
Do you feel that she loves you
as much as you love her?
she doesn't seem to love me as much as I love her.
we haven't been together that long.
But it's okay, I'll wait for her.
My master is Guang Wu Li's happiness guardian.
Don't forget,
you have two owls.
They'll be your guardians,
and they'll give you supernatural strength and inspiration.
Can you take care of them for me?
From now on, my inspiration
all be in your hands.
Xian, what's wrong?
You've been so quiet and out of it lately.
Tell me, what happened?
What's wrong with you?
Ah Hao,
what do you think
of me trying to write a book?
It's a good idea.
I think it suits you.
You can try it.
You really think so?
Yeah, don't just proofread rough drafts, try doing other things, too.
I'll definitely do it, then, with your encouragement.
Ah Hao,
I feel that Lu Yi doesn't seem to love Xiao Ma a lot.
Does she like someone else?
How could that be?
It seems Lu Yi likes Xu Le.
How can you be so certain of it?
it's just impossible.
But a few days ago,
Xian found Lu Yi sleeping at Xu Le's place.
[Incoming Call: Lee Ao]
What is it now?
What do you mean 'what is it now?'
The interview isn't finished yet.
The interview should be completed, right?
You promised me.
Let's just meet at the cafe from last time.
Today at 3 PM.
Get into your positions.
Okay, okay, get ready!
1 2 3.
Okay, another one...
Come on...get ready
Get into another position...
Alright, 1 2 3.
What are you doing here?
Why are you here?
I thought you were still at Ba Ying Dao
or in, like, Zhong Hai, helping big movie stars do photo spreads.
No, no.
I brought these kids from the countryside to see 101,
and I'm just documenting it along the way.
What about you?
I'm currently a temporary reporter for a magazine.
Then I might be moved over to Japan for work, or maybe the US.
Oh, yeah... I've developed a plan lately,
and I need some help for it. Can we talk about it?
Everyone! This is Leo.
Alright, let me take a picture of you guys...
Kneel down...
Is everyone ready?
1 2 3!
Kids, let's go look at 101.
Before we do the interview,
I have a favor to ask you.
It's really interesting.
Bing Chun Ge Ge.
What is that building that looks like a temple?
Like a temple? Let me see...
Are you talking about that building?
It's our country's founding father's memorial! How can you not know that?
It's so pretty...
It's very pretty.
We want to take a picture with it.
Take a picture?
Does everyone want a picture with it?
Okay, okay...everyone together... Quick... Stand there...
Standing there is fine...
Just wait, okay...
Is everyone ready?
Okay, give me your best smiles.
Okay... One more shot.
Come... Get ready, give me another pose.
Alright, 1 2 3.
let me see...
Change your pose, let's take another one.
Come on...
Let's do a more dynamic one, okay?
Everyone jump...
Wait, let me count, then jump.
Is everyone ready?
The ones in the front kneel down, okay...
1 2 3, jump!
This is my friend Yan Bing Chun. He's a famous photographer.
We're both really great photographers, the only difference is,
he's more famous than me. But I'm better looking than he is.
Why are you telling me this?
Oh you,
will it kill you to know more wonderful people?
The favor I mentioned to you before,
was started by him.
Why me, though?
Don't you think that the smiles on these kids' faces are very touching?
1 2 3, jump!
That's awesome.
Let me see, let me check them.
you're still so cute!
I didn't forget,
you said she was yours.
I didn't touch her.
You said you wanted to borrow 101 to do an exhibit,
what is it for?
Bing Chun,
everyone's here.
Tell them your idea.
I'm currently documenting
the topic of people who live in the countryside.
Then in the future,
there should be someone from the entertainment industry who would want to sponsor us.
Actually, the thing I want to do the most, is to be able to promote
the education of the countryside people. And let others discover their beauty.
All donations received
will be given to a charity organization for these kids.
At first, I just wanted to do this slowly by myself
and dedicated a certain amount of time to it...
But I think that such a great idea as this
should be announced to everyone as soon as possible.
I can't help it,
I'm a reporter at heart.
So 101's in charge of holding the exhibit,
and you guys are in charge of providing the artwork?
Then what is Xu Le in charge of?
We need some touching writings to go with it.
Are you okay with that, Xu Le?
I'm fine with it, as long as it can actually evoke a reaction from people.
This is great. With your help
I think this will be a success.
This is a good plan,
we'll definitely try our best to work with you.
Thank you.
And me!
And Xu Le.
With you guys helping me,
I'm extremely happy.
Oh yeah, the dates for the exhibit are...
Hopefully before Christmas.
Before Christmas...
Ah Hao,
I'll go get the tower's schedule plan for you.
Thank you.
I think the kids have played long enough,
I'm going to take them home.
Thank you.
Good luck.
Thank you.
- I'll see you out. - Okay.
What's going on between you and Lu Yi?
Lu Yi is my friend,
and my high school classmate,
why do you ask?
Everything has now been spread all over the world, right?
Neng Zhen told me.
She said that past few days Neng Xian has been acting strange.
Don't fight anymore.
You know that your weird personality makes it hard to get along with you.
I think you should be more worried about your own problems.
Ah Hao,
the schedule for the tower.
Thank you.
I'm going to leave first.
You guys have a good chat.
Does your arm feel better now?
how has your mood been?
No good.
So many unhappy things have happened to me,
and things that make me worry.
Are you worried about me?
You're open and optimistic,
if you were unhappy,
you would just eat a big meal
and vent a bit to feel better.
So that's how you see me?
Then are you worried about Lu Yi?
Are you deliberately making me angry?
Why would I make you angry on purpose?
I'm really worried about her.
Can't you lie to me?
Even if it's only for a while.
Why do you have to tell me the truth?
Do you want me to lie to you?
I don't want you to lie to me,
but what you just said really hurt me.
But that's because you always take things like this and get the wrong impression of them.
I don't understand.
That's because you don't trust me.
Can I trust you?
It's up to you do decide.
Then why was she sleeping at your place?
Give me a reason.
Any reason would be good enough.
I don't have one.
But please trust me.
Bing Chun.
What is it?
I want to stay here temporarily and help you complete this project.
Aren't you being sent to America or Japan for work?
I like this idea of yours.
I have faith in getting
wherever I need to go.
But there are things that are the best when done while we're still young.
Like that guy Xu Le, incredibly difficult to deal with.
But amazingly interesting.
Since I have to work,
I might as well do work that's meaningful.
I'll definitely welcome you joining in.
But... don't you still need to finish an interview with Xu Le?
Dude, where are you going to find the time to help me?
The interview's almost done,
so there won't be a problem.
Okay, then I'll wait for you.
I guess they're almost done playing.
We'll call each other, okay?
are you done playing?
Let's go home.
Say bye to Leo.
Bye bye...
Let's race!
Big shot writer,
let's start our interview.
Do you mind?
First of all, you still owe me something.
Last time when we were playing tennis,
you lost.
I thought that had already ended.
That was to excite you.
Don't misunderstand,
I'm not trying to get with Xian...
My real interest is in our first bet.
I'm sorry, my memory isn't too sharp.
I want to know why your pen name is Ye Zi.
Didn't I already tell you the reason?
I just randomly chose that pen name.
I don't believe that a writer
would randomly choose his pen name.
And even if so,
you must have had some subconscious idea that made you chose that name.
And that's the reason I want.
Are you trying to delve into my private life?
If that's how you want to put it,
then yes.
A lot of people want to find out more about you.
I'm sorry,
I don't want that many people to know about me.
Including Neng Xian?
Your being so closed off,
is it because you don't want to get to know this world?
Or is it because you don't want the world to get to know you?
I've been afraid of being noticed since I was young.
I wanted all the people in this world NOT to know about me.
That's why in my group of friends,
I preferred to just be a co-star and never the star.
In my life,
all I wanted was to be a co-star.
What does that have to do with the name Ye Zi?
Every tree
has its leaves.
But a leaf
will never become the leading star in its lifetime.
Is this the reason why you won't date?
In the world of two people,
they're both playing the lead roles.
I never thought about that.
You've really never dated before?
If you really never did before,
then do you love Neng Xian?
The word love
is too deep.
You've never been in love before,
that's why you're not certain
if you really love Neng Xian.
You've never been in love before,
that's why you're not certain
if you really love Neng Xian.
I don't know.
All I know is that,
the first time I ran into her,
there was a type of...
electric shock.
I'm having a hard time, but you can help me overcome it.
That was the type of feeling.
All my inspiration would suddenly
swirl around me.
Until I pulled my hand away,
then all my inspiration would disappear.
Electric shock.
It's like being shocked by electricity.
Should be.
But it actually can't be described this way.
Okay, and then?
because I wanted to find inspiration,
I did everything to get to her.
To get near her.
But the closer I got,
the more I realized,
that I have something very important
that I've left with her.
But I don't know
exactly what I've left with her.
I know what that something is.
You know?
This thing is called love.
Or to be more exact,
it's called love at first sight.
But her looks
and her personality
are completely different from the women in my stories.
The women in your stories, is that your ideal?
Yeah...I think so.
I've studied your books,
The male lead would always play the strong willed and forward role.
And in every book, the male lead
obviously loves the female to death,
but why does he always leave her?
people will eventually have to part.
[Xiao Ma]
Hello, Xiao Ma?
Hello, Lu Yi.
I can get off work a little earlier today, how about you?
Do you need something?
Of course.
I've been so busy lately,
that if I can get you to join me for dinner, it would be an extremely important event.
Okay, then.
Okay, bye bye.
That's not a good enough answer.
You wouldn't be able to understand.
It's because you were an orphan when you were a kid, right?
So you think people will eventually leave you.
That's why you would leave them first.
- How did you know about me when I was younger... - I think you have some psychological problems.
You don't dare to love.
You don't dare to face the truth.
You don't dare to have something.
What do you know?
You've never eaten a bug filled apple given to you by someone else.
No one to enjoy the mid-autumn festival with.
Or hiding under your blanket trying to imagine the warmth of a real family.
Every holiday,
Father's day, Mother's day, Christmas,
Chinese New Year's Eve,
I watched other people's families getting together,
yet I didn't even know why I was abandoned.
Do you understand?
Well, I'm telling you that you don't understand.
You only know how to make fun of people,
you wouldn't know the pain and trouble I went through.
I understand.
I'm an orphan too.
You think the whole world has wronged you?
Your birth parents
have never gone to see you.
Have you considered that
they may have had no other choice but to give you up?
There's no such thing as 'had no other choice.'
Yes, there is.
It's called fate.
My father was the captain of a rescue team
He died during a mission.
My mom left me because of that.
I grew up by myself, too.
I, too, hated destiny before.
I still believe that no matter what,
as long as I have someone I love,
I will have happiness.
Yet you
are still closed off from the rest of the world.
I chose to be this way.
Since you've left the orphanage,
have you ever gone back to visit?
Have you tried to find your birth parents?
They abandoned me,
why would I go looking for them?
If they loved me, then they wouldn't have abandoned me.
There isn't a need for me to find them.
Do you dare to come with me to see your birth parents?
What are you saying?
Don't ask me how I know,
I'm a reporter,
I know how to find out the truth.
I've already been to the orphanage that you grew up in.
Do you want to go or not?
This house
is the place they're living in.
Your father died early,
your mom had to raise
three kids by herself.
She couldn't raise you because she was too poor,
that's why she sent you to the orphanage.
such a poor family, how could she have raised you?
How could she have given you a good education?
In her mind,
other than not having parents in the orphanage,
there really isn't a difference compared to other kids.
Who are you guys looking for?
I'm not the one looking for someone.
He is.
Are you looking for me?
Do we know each other?
Are you looking for me?
Do we know each other?
She's not.
She's not.
Xu Le.
Calm down!
You lied to me.
You lied to me!
Why did you lie to me?
You just wanted to see how I'll act in that situation, right?
How would you know that she isn't your mother?
My feeling tells me she's not!
You don't understand?
At least you can
think of your mother.
I hated my mother after she remarried.
So you wanted to see me in pain?
So that you would feel like the whole world's in pain, too, and you're not alone right?
I can see through your eyes that you're not a happy person.
I just thought that...
I just thought that...
If you're the person Neng Xian likes,
you should be a bit happier.
She's the type of person that
would get happy at the smallest things.
I'm telling you,
stay out of my life.
It's none of your business whether I'm happy or not.
How do you write stories that readers like?
Always about the hero saving the damsel in distress,
the inevitable break-up at the end.
The mutual pain and suffering in missing each other.
Won't you ever write simple, yet touching stories?
Why don't you dare to love?
Or give a stranger a second glance?
If you looked a bit longer at that old lady,
you would see how pitiful she looks from behind.
You would see fate.
Have you ever thought about what you could do for her?
All you did was cry a few drops of tears for her.
I feel hurt right now,
so go away.
Looks like we can't become friends.
Thank you for giving me such a great exclusive.
Don't worry,
what was said just now
won't be published.
A good reporter won't groundlessly write everything.
[Mostly, I love your white-colored heart]
[Such a simple but joyful color]
[With open arms I can have it]
[Your simple smile has already replaced]
[the unruly rainbow]
[an ever more beautiful song]
[Mostly, I love your white colored world]
[Such a comfortable]
[and freeing color]
[Deeply breathing in your warmth]
[Is like the winter snow floating]
[Please stay beside me]
[I hope the future will always]
[have a white thread]
[Giving me the whitest dreams]
Xu Le,
why are you standing here in the rain?
Are you okay?
[An ever more beautiful song
[an ever more beautiful song]
[Such a comfortable and freeing color]
Trust me.
Xu Le...
Xu Le!
Xu Le, what's wrong?
Wake up.
What should I do, Xu Le.
Xu Le, wake up.
Don't scare me.
Dad! Mom!
He looks so skinny,
but he's so heavy when you carry him.
Stop...don't be so whiny.
Just a bit more to reach the door...
Okay, almost there...
Okay...come in...
We...made it..
Alright, careful....
Neng Zhen,
go bring some of my clean clothes in here.
- Okay. - Lets go.
Let him get a good rest tonight.
We'll make him some medicine to drink tomorrow. I think he'll be fine.
Dad, clothes.
Okay. You go outside, and close the door.
Big sister,
how is he?
Dad and mom are inside right now,
getting him out of his wet clothes.
Dad, how is he?
He should be fine.
You guys should go rest first, then.
I want to help him wash up a little.
Lu Yi and I...
there is nothing between us.
I know.
It's my fault.
I shouldn't have doubted you.
I'm really tired.
My whole body's really tired.
My heart's also really tired.
That's why you need to rest.
Are you going to stay by my side?
If I wake up,
are you going to be gone?
I'm going to be by your side.
Would you be by my side all the way?
All the way.
Why is it that I'm obviously unhappy,
seeing him like this,
makes it so hard for me
to stay mad at him?
Instead, I worry about him nonstop.
I really want to ask him,
what's going on between him and Lu Yi.
But I can't bring myself to ask him.
Sleep well,
I'm going to work first.
Come back earlier.
My three precious daughters, it's time to get up for breakfast!
Such a beautiful day with such an elaborate breakfast.
There are buns
and delicious radish cakes.
Sit down and have your breakfast appropriately.
I'm late for school.
I have a test today!
Don't run, take your time.
Okay, you eat first...
Dad, mom - good morning .
why are you in such a hurry?
I'm rushing to the publishing office to turn in a rough draft.
I still need to go do some research later.
Do what kind of research?
For writing a novel.
I'm leaving now.
She's in such a hurry she's not even eating breakfast.
Really now...
- Come, morning. - Dad, mom - morning.
Tell Yan Wu Xu to come down for breakfast.
He's not hungry, let him get more sleep.
How can he sleep more?
Don't you know that breakfast is the most important meal?
Don't just eat buns,
eat some of the radish cakes.
I never eat radish cakes to begin with.
it's all yours then.
I just had some Chinese medicine, I can't eat radish.
Then who's going to eat all of this?
I'll eat it.
Come...sit next to Momma Pan.
It's good that you came.
Come, try it...
How is it?
Momma Pan,
you're amazing, it's really good!
Is it yummy?
Come...if it's yummy, then eat them all.
Okay, okay...
Eat as much as you can.
And how is it?
This is dangerous,
definitely dangerous.
Is it dangerous to eat radish cakes?
If you were 20 years younger,
I would want to marry you.
Papa Pan,
what should we do now?
Let me tell you boy,
when I was younger,
I did that was incredibly dangerous thing.
I've been regretting it ever since.
Papa Pan, your timing is great.
If it wasn't morning right now,
I would want to make a toast to you.
Who said you can't drink in the morning?
Okay, okay...
Let's drink our soy milk...
Actually, I came today
to say goodbye to everyone.
You have to leave again?
you're not going to be back for the exhibit?
Didn't we already talk about this?
I'm going to send the pictures back.
Then the ones auctioned off will be under your care.
Senior, you are a really good person.
won't you change your mind and want to be with a good person?
Stop messing around.
Dad, Mom, I'm going to work now.
Okay...be careful on your way there.
Okay, bye bye.
Bye bye...
Eat more...
Neng Xian,
wait for me, I'll take you to work.
Okay then, I'll wait for you outside.
Eat some more...
Papa Pan, Momma Pan,
I'm going to go first.
Take care of yourselves.
Alright... good luck.
Ha, he's taking it with him.
Here...eat a bun.
Momma Pan,
I want a hug.
Excuse me.
Oh you, what about me?
Oh, what about you?
They don't get tired of that.
I really don't want you to go...
You have to take care of yourself.
You, too.
Papa Pan, I'm leaving now.
Be careful.
Bye bye.
Ok, bye...
Take care.
Senior, when will you be back?
When you decide
that you're dating the male lead.
Male lead, what do you mean?
When you read my interview with Ye Zi,
then you'll understand.
Neng Xian Junior.
You have to work hard.
I will, you should, too.
I've always been working hard.
Leo, this is amazing.
No one has ever
used this perspective to look at Ye Zi.
I have some other things going on outside of the set plans.
With such a great partner like you,
we'll definitely make a strong team.
You really decided not to stay?
Maybe next time.
To be honest,
I'm actually more interested in men.
You guys really believe that?
I was talking about a working partner,
what are you guys thinking of?
I'm about to join a good friend in doing an interesting job.
At that time...
Lu Yi and everyone else,
please help us out.
Are you ready?
Just to remind you,
this is volunteer work,
so we don't get paid for it.
Really? That sucks.
Good thing I have a savings account.
And the transportation fee
needs to be taken care of by ourselves.
I never said I was depending on you to pay for me.
Wait a minute,
it was obviously you who invited me to help out, why do I have to pay for my own meals?
And the car belongs to you,
is there a difference to whether there's one or two people riding it?
Okay, okay...
I'm in charge of the transportation fees, then.
Oh yeah,
when it comes time for you to take part in stuff,
remember, you came on your own free will.
Start the car.
the other day you said that guy, Xu Le, will do an article for us,
is he okay with it?
Don't worry, he'll definitely write a great article for us.
Oh yeah,
I have to tell you now, it's going to be hard work.
We have to go to many places.
I know, I know...
Where are we going now? Is it far?
We can get there by car,
so it's definitely not that far.
Mrs. Chen, are you free today?
It's because that stock has risen, right?
Come, tell me quickly about it...
It hasn't risen, it has fallen!
What did you say?
It has fallen flat.
I bought many shares!
How many did you buy?
I used all of my house purchasing savings
to invest in that stock.
So much?!
The stock that you told me about last time
helped me earn a lot of money.
Let me tell you...
I just wanted to earn a bit more personal savings.
A bit more personal savings.
Does you husband know about it?
He absolutely cannot find out.
Just follow my order.
Okay, okay...
Come again when you have time.
As long as you take your medication on time, you'll get well soon.
Okay? Come his way to get your medication.
Mrs. Chen.
Are you here for a check up?
No, no...I just so happen to pass by.
It's nothing, I'm going now.
Next person... come.
What are you doing? Why are you zoning out?
A patient needs his medication.
I'm going out for a bit.
Why are you going out?
Get his medication for him!
Just wait a moment.
Please god,
I suffered from momentary greed and lost money,
please give me a sign
as to how to get out of this crisis.
[fortune teller reads her fortune]
Before the bird of good luck calls
and announces this year
that the field will double in its harvest
you must open the door to brillance.
The fortune means
that you're about to receive some happy news in your family.
Happy news?
If my family has happy news,
then it can help me keep my crisis at bay.
Did you get up yet?
Yeah, but I still want to sleep.
Then keep sleeping.
I'll wake you when I get back.
I'll go straight home after work.
You'll see me when you wake up.
Don't you want to see me?
Of course I do.
am a bit worried about you.
I'm fine.
Good then.
I'll see you tonight.
Seeing that you've regained your big appetite,
I can tell - you and Xu Le have made up.
Why did you guys fight anyway?
About Lu Yi...
I shouldn't mention it to Vice Boss.
You suspected that
Xu Le was with another girl, right?
No, I just misunderstood.
That's right, I knew from the start, Xu Le's not like that.
Even though he is
kind of weird,
but he would never lie.
He does not have a two timer's personality.
That's right, he really doesn't know how to tell lies.
He doesn't even know how to tell me sweet nothings to cheer me up.
Instead, he often pisses me off.
So you mean,
other couples
would fight, because one of them told a lie.
And you two
fought because Xu Le is too honest.
Weird, huh?
That is weird.
But being able to argue is a good thing.
Not like Lu Yi and I - we've never fought before.
But I always feel that
I can't get any closer to her.
And I don't really know how to make her happy.
as long as they're with the boy they like,
even if they're doing something simple,
they'll feel really happy.
Maybe the method you're using to chase Lu Yi
is too fantasy-like.
So it doesn't feel realistic.
I thought all girls wanted a romance like in the movies.
Liking it is one thing,
but we would still worry
that you would do that for me,
but maybe
you might do that for other girls, too.
Like last time when you booked out that restaurant,
I thought Vice Boss.
did that for every girl you went after.
Liking it is one thing,
but we would still worry
that you would do that for me,
but maybe
you might do that for other girls, too.
Like last time when you booked out that restaurant,
I thought Vice Boss.
did that for every girl you went after.
It's because I got affected by Xu Le's novels.
But I really feel that my romantic ways are very realistic.
That's true, unlike Xu Le.
He's both unromantic and unrealistic.
He's a weirdo, but you'll be fine after you get used to it.
There are times
when I really wish that
something from a romance novel would happen to us.
I remember you said that you don't read his novels.
Then do you feel that
you're happy with Xu Le?
I don't know.
He rarely tells me what he's really feeling,
I always feel like he's hard to understand.
only need to be loved,
we don't need to be understood.
But I really want to be understood.
Then should I try
to understand Lu Yi better?
Thank you for giving me such a good idea.
Oh yeah, Vice Boss.
Can I go home earlier today?
Old Pan,
shouldn't we seriously consider
Zhen Zhen and Xiao Xian's marriages?
They haven't been dating for that long.
You're really rushing things.
That's right, Xiao Xian's doing well.
But Zhen Zhen's already 30 years old.
So it's only natural for me to feel anxious.
But Ah Hao had just changed jobs,
his income is not steady yet,
he has no way of supporting a family.
Well, if...
we let Xiao Xian get married first,
Zhen Zhen would naturally want to get married, too.
That way Ah Hao will definitely work harder.
Ouch, it hurts!
What are you saying?
To get Zhen Zhen to marry,
you want Xiao Xian to marry first?
Are you out of your mind?
Well, getting either one of them married is marrying them off.
- Or else... - More gentle, please...
Or else neither of them will be able to get married later.
Were you pretending to sleep?
You woke me up.
Then go back to sleep.
I can't sleep now that you're back.
Where did you put our two owls?
have stored them away.
They have a home now.
That's right, I was afraid of getting them dirty.
They look kind of primitive.
No, they look cute.
Right, just like you.
Primitive and cute.
Do I really look primitive?
Just a little.
Whatever you say.
Oh yes,
you scared me to death last night.
Did something bad happen?
Not really.
Where is your Senior?
He already left
to take pictures of the things he really wants to capture.
What are you thinking about?
Why didn't he...
go after you in the past?
Senior treats all girls well.
In the past, he
would say that he'll go after all the girls in the cheerleading team,
he's always been full of mischief.
In the beginning, we weren't used to it,
but we got used to it soon.
I thought you guys used to...
Senior has always played around like that.
But he is a good person.
He used to always bring us to the orphanage
to play with the little kids.
At that time, we thought it was really annoying,
why do we have to go to the orphanage?
But Senior said that he really likes kids.
I'm an orphan too.
My dad was the captain of a rescue team
He died during a mission.
My mom left me because of that.
I, too, grew up alone.
Maybe it's because he used to being an orphan too.
Is he an orphan?
You guys didn't know?
How would you know?
He told me.
you seemed to dislike him,
why would he tell you
something that no one else knows about?
Why did you come here?
And you bought so much stuff.
I noticed that you've been so busy with work lately, so I wanted to go to your place to make some food for you to eat.
But I was working overtime tonight,
you must've been waiting for a long time?
It's okay.
Why didn't you call me?
I didn't want to bother you at work.
It's raining.
Wait here for a minute,
I'll go call a cab.
Taxis are expensive right now,
and the bus stop isn't far from here. We can just run there.
We're back!
Help mommy...
My arms are so tired.
Okay...open them up...
Dad, Mom.
Yan Wu Xu, are you feeling better now?
Much better now.
I apologize for troubling you last night.
Don't say that.
Come, just wait for dinner.
Come...help out...
Xu Le, come sit.
Come, sit...
Come Xiao Wei, help me wash the vegetables...
What happened to you last night?
You seemed extremely troubled last night, right?
It's just because he couldn't finish his rough draft, so he was a bit irritated.
Oh, his rough draft. This rough draft...
what kind of questions are you asking?
Stop asking.
Xiao Xu,
you must be hungry right?
I bought a lot of tasty food that will help your body.
Just wait a bit for dinner.
Stop asking him questions.
Come...help out...
Okay, open these...
Let's eat dinner!
Come, sit...
This bowl,
this bowl is Momma Pan's love,
Bird soup.
Drink up, it's good for the body.
Momma Pan, thank you.
You're welcome.
Xiao Xu, drink a bit with Papa Pan.
No, wait until his health is better.
We can drink later on, okay?
Didn't you say drinking can help circulation?
Come... Xiao Xu,
come...a cup...I'm on this side.
Come - just one cup...
No...what are you doing woman?
Your health is getting worse and worse.
Xiao Xu,
Papa Pan has been coughing a lot lately.
I don't know if he's ill.
If he really is ill, what will our family do?
you're really weird today.
I'm not sick, at first I was just...
You be quiet.
If I say you're ill, then you're ill.
Xiao Xu,
this family only has one man,
if anything were to happen to him,
our family will have no one to depend on.
If we could get another man into the family now,
wouldn't that be great?
Xiao Xu, what do you think of that?
do you need to hire a caretaker
to help around the house?
No, my meaning is for a family member.
Family member.
Another family member?
are you certain...
that you want to give birth to another one?
How can I have another one at my age?
Xiao Xu, stop playing dumb.
Auntie, I really don't understand your meaning.
Momma Pan's meaning is
don't you want to marry our Xiao Xian?
To become a part of our family?
-Get married? -Get married?
Stop coughing.
What I'm angry about is
your attitude.
Whether we get married or not is not important.
Since we met until now,
the things I say to you,
what am I to you?
I like you.
Uncle, auntie.
I'm willing to try
treating you guys as family.
As for marriage as the prerequisite,
we're going to continue dating first.
Where are we going?
We're going on the path to your future husband's house.
I actually know
that I'm happy when I'm with him.
But inside my heart,
it still hurts.
You're so kind to me,
how can I repay you?
How about repaying me with yourself?
It's so pretty.
I can already imagine
how it will look on Lu Yi's hand.
Lu Yi hasn't been able to forget you,
so she couldn't love Xiao Ma wholeheartedly.
Do you still love Lu Yi?
Will you marry me?
- Now?
- Now.
I can't.
I can't right now.