Army Birthday cake-cutting ceremony

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[♪band playing "Happy Birthday to You"♪] [male speaker] In 1775, as an initial force
of ten companies of expert riflemen, the Continental Army secured the birth of
a nation by defeating what was then the greatest ground
force in the world. Today we have nearly 200,000 soldiers
deployed abroad, including two major combat theaters.
Over the course of our history, this Army and the Armed Forces of the United
States have liberated millions of people from tyranny
and oppression-- 50 million in this last decade alone.
And as we celebrate the 235th birthday, we honor that remarkable history, but we do
so with great confidence... [Casey] I, state your full name... >>[all]
I... >>[Casey] do solemnly swear... [McHugh] for we know too that the same values
that framed our character, that molded this great institution in the
earliest days, will guide and propel us forward. [applause]
[male speaker] Ladies and gentlemen, the official party will now cut the birthday cake.
[applause continues] [female speaker] The cake is excellent.
It's made with buttercream frosting, and it melts in your mouth.
[male speaker] We pretty much just go the whole crew together down in the basement
and assembled everything. It was a lot of work getting all the icing
flat before we could start putting everything on
it. It was like a week building process to build
this cake in order to bring it out here. The cake is pretty good. It's pretty good.
I would just like to say happy birthday, Army--235 years.
This is what we do. We are soldiers. We love it. We defend this nation.
[McHugh] Best wishes for many, many more. Happy birthday, everybody. [applause]
[♪techno music♪] That's the Army Today, Washington.