Valley Health

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Valley Health is the premiere hospital system in the Shenandoah Valley.
It’s a wonderful place to work.
We have the best equipment, just wonderful people to work with.
It’s a wonderful community, the area is beautiful.
We have a job that can flow right along with your lifestyle.
That’s what people are looking for.
I love my life here.
I not only have a voice, but I have a lot of influence in the decisions that are made.
Winchester Medical Center we have shared governance.
Shared governance is a sharing in the decision making.
The advantage is that you get to give input.
Ninety percent of the decisions are made by bedside, frontline nurses and not management.
We have Magnet Status.
Magnet meaning one of the top hospitals in the nation.
This will help keep you up.
There's a lot of opportunity with Valley Health.
Our clinical ladder is a four step ladder, which is based on clinical experience,
participation in leadership, activities, clinical mentorship,
and practice geared towards advanced competency in various diagnostic areas.
Financial rewards are attached to the clinical ladder; they compensate you for those skills.
The hospitals in Valley Health are sufficiently diverse that there’s a proper fit for anybody coming in.
You can work in the Neo-Natal Intensive Care, Long Term Care or in Cardiac.
The ER, the ICU, Orthopedics, Family Birthing.
You could go to Shenandoah Memorial; you could go to Warren and still be part of Valley Health.
I'm happy that I work at Page Memorial Hospital.
I enjoy my job because of the backing of Valley Health.
The fact that you work for an organization that will always be here for you.
We recently acquired a molecular breast imaging system, which is part of a nuclear medicine system.
We have always been one step ahead of new technology,
education, what’s best for our patients and our community.
They want you to provide the best care to their patients that you can.
And at War Memorial we have some of the best technology and equipment to provide those services.
At Warren Memorial Hospital we have the Planetree concept.
The Planetree has actually made the hospital into a more homey setting.
They have beautiful aquariums for women’s care where I work.
We actually have baby cribs set up in the rooms.
Some of the benefits of working at Hampshire is it is a smaller community; it’s very family oriented.
The Wellness Center has all new equipment, offers a lot of weight classes, aerobics, full size swimming pool.
I think it’s great for the community.
Valley Health as a system has the ‘Most Wired’ hospitals in the nation.
Everything is wired so we can maintain the patients’ status on computers and everything’s interactive.
We have the laptops that keep all the patient information right there at the bedside.
I can look at heart catheterization results several floors away from the cardiac cath lab.
We have PIXYS that helps house narcotics right on the unit
so that we're able to rapidly administer medications to the patients.
Being able to make that happen so that the nurses are reassured in what they are delivering,
the patients are reassured in what they are receiving
and minimizing the manual labor involved in delivering all this care is very rewarding.
The people that work here are wonderful to work with.
The patients that we take care of are just very friendly, courteous.
The whole environment is very positive.
We know each other from a personal standpoint as well as a professional standpoint.
The Shenandoah Valley is a beautiful area to live.
We have rivers for boating, kayaking, fishing, hiking, camping.
There are museums, there’s theater, a lot of antiques.
We have the Shenandoah Skyline Drive.
Washington is an hour drive.
The schools around here both at the childhood level and the college level are very good.
I have a wonderful life.
I have a family and I have a wonderful job.
I love my life.
I love my life here.
I love my life here at Valley Health.