Tutorial: Scatolina con carta scrap (per creazioni o come bomboniera - scrapbooking box) [sub-eng]

Uploaded by Sephila87 on 27.05.2012

Draw the template on a sheet of scrap paper. Then cut it.
Cut a hole in this area. Use a ruler to be more precise. Protect your working area with some thick layer of paper or other materials.
Make a cut in this area.
Go over the broken lines with a dotter in order to make easier to fold the box.
Take a bit of trasparent sheet. Then stick it in that area with a biadhesive scotch tape. Cut it in pieces to be put along the sides.
Now let's fold it.
Put on this part some biadhesive scotch tape.
Stick inner wings to the sides of the box, in this way.
Decorate the box according to your taste. Thanks for watching! Stay tuned for the next tutorial! Bye by�