2013 The North Face Freedom Pant Review by Skis

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Hi, I'm Brigitte and this is
Slope Style. I'm here with Alex from North Face. We're here to talk about
the Freedom Insulated Pant as well as the
Freedom Shell Pant. So, Alex, can you tell me the difference between these
two pants? Yeah, the place to start with the difference between the two is that we have an insulated
option that features 60 grams of our Heat-Seeker insulation and we have the
shell version which doesn't have any insulation at all. It's just simply that, just a shell.
Okay. So, when deciding which one to purchase,
how should you decide? Yeah, there's a few factors you want to think about when you're deciding between these two
pants. I would say, first and foremost, you have to ask yourself if you're the kind of person that runs hot
or if you're the kind of person that runs cold. If you run a little bit warmer
then the shell pant might work really well for you. If you're always cold and you're always grabbing for that
blanket when you're laying around the house then the insulated pant might be great for you.
The other thing to think about there is what you're layering underneath them. If you're wearing a
fleece pant underneath your ski shell then the shell pant is the way to go. If you just
wear a lighter baselayer then the insulated pant would serve you well. And I think the last thing
to think about is what kind of skiing conditions you're going to be on a regular basis. If you're skiing in
the east coast where it's really, really cold, from time to time the insulated
pant would probably be best for you. Just kind of depends on region as well. Okay, I think
that gives a good definition. Yeah. What about the fit? I know
it's hard to see online what the pant, how it fits. Can you say
a little about this? Yeah, we would consider this our freeski fit which is a little bit more of full
fit. It's not your alpine snug fitting pant. This is definitely
a more contemporary, full ski fit which crosses over very well
to skiers, snowboarders, a lot of different folks. It sounds pretty comfortable. Yep.
It's a great fit. Okay. I know this has a lot of features to it so
could you just, kind of, run through a little bit. Yeah, there's a lot to talk about so
we'll start at the bottom. We'll start by talking about the gaiter and some of the reinforcements that we put on this pant.
So, reinforced cuffs around the bottom of the gaiter
and then at the top of the gaiter, inside the shell of the pant, is a stretch mesh panel
and what that does is ties right into our chimney venting system.
By having that stretch mesh there you can allow some cool air to creep into the pant
as you warm up and then vent through the side thigh vents
on the outside of the pant. If you don't want to vent you just zip those suckers
closed and you should be good. Another thing to talk about that's really important with this pant is
the fact that it is 100% fully seamed, taped and sealed. 100%
waterproof. From top to bottom, in this pant, everything is sealed up
so regardless of conditions you will be 100% protected.
The other thing with the pant is all the pocket structures. So, we've got cargo pocket on it for easy access
to your trail map or something you want to get out. Or we've got the zippered closed front pockets
so you can put your car keys, your Chapstick, your wife's lipstick on
the inside, whatever you happen to be carrying around for the day, right. I do that all the time.
You do that. The zippers are great because it keeps everything locked in there. Your car keys aren't going to come out on the side of the hill.
And then the waist. So on the waist of this pant we have adjustable waist
tabs so you can adjust the fit of the pant on the fly. You can make it feel a little more snug
around the waist, you can loosen it up, but it also has beltloops so if you have that
gnarly studded skull-and-crossbones belt that you like to wear with you ski pants
you can wear that with these as well. What about the fabric? Is it
pretty durable? This is a very durable fabric so it's extremely, extremely durable
and it fits under our lifetime guarantee. It's 100% lifetime warranty
on this product as well. I think the other thing that's really important to mention with this pant is it comes in lengths.
So we have short, regular and long in this pant.
Which is great because, you know, we have a lot guys shopping that at lengths it's hard to find
for sure in stores or whatnot. Can't hem a ski pant so...
Exactly. So, thanks Alex. That's the Freedom
Insulated and the Freedom Shell Pant. This is Slope Style
and thanks for watching.