ArduinoCommander - introduction

Uploaded by AntonSmirnov2010 on 22.01.2012

So we have Android device with bluetooth support (left) and Arduino board with DIY bluetooth shield (it works as wireless serial)
Let's install ArduinoCommander from Android market
Type 'ArduinoCommander' to find it
And launch it
Click 'Discover devices' to discover available bluetooth devices
Found our board (note that blue LED on bluetooth shield is blinking)
Bluetooth device pairing confirmation (type default password "0000" or "1234")
Now connecting to our board ...
Connected (note that blue LED on bluetooth shield is On)
Arduino board information is displayed (firmware name and version, firmata protocol version)
Now let's switch built-in red LED on Arduino pin 13 On. For this just click on pin and choose mode and value
It's switched On.
Now switch it Off.
And now disconnect. (note that blue LED on bluetooth shield becomes blinking)