Home Body Waxing : How to Give an At Home Leg Wax

Uploaded by expertvillage on 19.09.2007

Hi! My name is Kara. On behalf of expertvillage.com, today we’ll be talking about how to do a
leg wax. Now we’re ready to begin our wax. Gently apply the stick to wax and apply to
a small area of your hand to make sure that it is not too hot. Once it’s tested, you’re
ready to begin. You want to gently apply the stick to the wax and remove all the excess.
You then want to apply the wax in a downward motion. Apply several times if you need to.
You want to then take your strip, gently place it over the waxed area, and press down 2-3
times. Holding the leg taut, you want to then pull. Go over once or twice until all the
excess wax comes out. Apply a small amount of pressure to the area and move your hand
downward. Continue through the next few sections until the leg is completed.