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>>Gubatina: if i said Frank Gore, if frank gore had better stats then ray rice then you'd
be like, wha wah wha what does he have? If you were on frank gore's side and i was on
ray rice's side you'd be like look at frank gore's team, look at frank gore's team that's
exactly what you would say. that's how you do, you don't (stutter) stick to your guns
man. >>Little: taunting in backround then says Stop Talking >>Burkowske: are you looking
up stats or are you still playing brick builder, I I I like talking about
sports i don't know anything about .com, um anything yet. look up ray rice's stats and
look up frank gore's stats and your gonna be like oh yeah i remember when ray rice ran
for a 1000 more yards than >>Gubatina: a 1000 more huh. >>Burkowske: you know i'm just saying
gore >>Gubatina: ray rice has more carries, only 200 more yards and your saying he's better
>>Burkoske: and look at his uh look at his uh >>Gubatina: look at his what look at his
height, you want me to look at his height? is that what you want me to do? >>Burkowske:
look at his receiving yards too look at how many touchdowns. >>Gubatina: and frank gore
can't do that? >>Burkowske: nope. >>Gubatina: two franchise tackles on both sides >>Burkowske:
we had a rookie and michael oher >>Gubatina: A rookie and michael oher. So what your trying
to tell me is that you can't be a good franchise left tackle, i'm pretty sure they draft franchise
left tackles in the NFL. So michael oher wasn't drafted as a franchise left tackle? he was
picked in the first round. >>Burkowske: he plays great left tackle so what does that