World at 8 Wednesday 24 October 2012

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Highlights of the news today Wednesday 24th October
Woman’s Husband Escapes Prison for Beating Her in Brutal Muslim Exorcism
Women say they are ‘second class citizens’ at Dundee Central Mosque
Asian gang beat and rob 20 year old Aylesbury man
Opt outs on EU justice powers will cost us millions says Brussels.
Denmark brokers immigrant gang ‘peace treaty’. The Reverend Robert West and Muslim grooming
Police save members of Brazilian ‘doomsday cult’ from mass suicide
West’s Free Speech Ban Bars Blasphemy Ban in Istanbul
Thought for the Day – .Come fly with me! And finally – Do not fly with Koryo!
Snaresbrook Crown Court heard wheelchair-bound Ahmed Hussain, 60, instigated the exorcism
of his wife by a local Muslim imam and encouraged him to hit his wife harder ‘to beat the
demon out’, Snaresbrook Crown Court heard. But today he was spared jail after his forgiving
wife Asma asked for his freedom and said: ‘It would be the end of my life if Ahmed
lost his liberty.’ Holy water was also thrown on Mrs Hussain during the eight-hour ordeal,
also witnessed by Hussain’s son, Mohammed Kayes Hussain, 28, and son-in-law Mohammed
Aziz, 21. Hussain was given a 12-month prison sentence suspended for two years and will
also be supervised for a year
‘They Ignore Us’ —Women who worship at Dundee Central Mosque claim an all-male
committee sees them as “second class citizens” over urgent safety worries. Mothers say they
fear for their children’s safety because wall-mounted lights are not always switched
on at the women’s’ entrance. However, the mosque’s vice-chairman has dismissed
the claim of women being second-class citizens as “absolute rubbish”. One worshipper,
Fatima, who asked her second name is not revealed, said: “It’s so dark you can’t even tell
where you are. Sometimes I can’t see the children when they come out of religious studies
classes. A WA8 spokesman commented “Muslim women treated as second class citizens who
would have believed it. Non Muslim women are treated even worse”
A gang of three Asian men beat and robbed a 20 year old man in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire.
The attack occurred on a footpath near Aylesbury College where they beat and kicked as he lay
on the ground. They took his wallet and mobile phone before fleeing. The attackers are described
as Asian men, all in their early to mid twenties and of slim build. Two are approximately 5
feet 10 inches and the third approximately 6 feet 5 inches. Anyone with information can
contact Detective Constable Justin Harris by dialling 101 and asking for the Aylesbury
Police Station or contacting Crime stoppers on 0800 555 111.
Brussels officials are threatening to hit Britain with millions of pounds in fines in
retaliation for pulling out of pan-European justice and crime policies. The European Commission
has warned of ‘direct financial consequences’ if the UK withdraws from controversial measures
such as the European Arrest Warrant. The warning was met with dismay last night
by Tory backbenchers who accused Brussels of trying to ‘blackmail’ the UK. Details
of the threat emerged after Theresa May confirmed in the House of Commons that the Government
is set to take back around 130 powers over British crime and justice which have been
handed to Europe, including the controversial European Arrest Warrant
A groundbreaking peace treaty was sealed on Tuesday in Nørrebro, Denmark. Rival immigrant
gangs agreed to end their violence during a ceremony facilitated by the Islamic association
Viomis. Radio24Syv has reported Viomis’ spokesperson Alexander Chebil said that the
deal between the Nørrebro gangs from Blågårds Plads and Mjølnerparken was a significant
step to end the violence that has plagued the district. According to Politiken newspaper,
high-ranking members of both gangs — including the notorious ‘Store A’ from the Blågårds
Plads gang and ‘jaja’ from the Mjølnerparken gang — were present. Politiken reported
that despite the strife between their respective gangs, the leaders are on good terms after
serving prison sentences together. A W@8 writer has commented ‘Oh joy, people can be safe
in their own country again. Where is the Viking spirit? The Danes are now officially Islam
backside lickers and wimps. I hope they will still produce good bacon!
I now hand you over to the Reverend Robert West who is talking today on the Muslim Grooming
There is a Muslim Grooming Gang coming near you soon. 
In rural and urban Lincolnshire, of all places, both radical and mainstream Mohammedanism
is on the march and will be coming near you soon, if it is not already with you.  For
thirty years now, these two differently paced streams of the same movement have been having
a field-day in our northern cities and in our culture; where they are fêted and fawned
over as though they were, in reality, the religion (and culture) of peace and light. 
Police and local authorities have covered-up the awful truth about Mohammedan sex-grooming
gangs, which have been abusing our girls for up to thirty years or more; and who have,
in some cases, even murdered them.  We all now know of the case of Charlene Downs whose
body has never been recovered and whose killers are still at large. In Peterborough, we have
had Mohammedan mayors and we now have three of their mosques.  In Boston a mosque has
been opened a few years ago; in King’s Lynn an Islamic centre has recently been given
the go-ahead; and in Skegness halal cruelty in the slaughter of animals has been approved. 
Is there nothing that can be done to halt the relentless advance of the followers of
Recently I was at the protest of the British Veterans Group outside the Conservative Party
conference in Birmingham.   We were there protesting against the unneeded deaths of
British warriors slain in foreign wars, such as in Afghanistan, where no immediate or obvious
British interest was being served.  There must have been about twenty of us; that is
all.  Nearby there were about six protesters from the Christian group, Keep Wedlock Special,
protesting against David Cameron’s bent agenda to introduce unholy wedlock for sexual
perverts and inverts, homosexuals.  Not far from them, there were some other small protest
groups.  But the day had to go to those who were opposed to the badger cull:  There must
have been at least eighty of them.  Folk were more concerned with saving beasts which
are pests to cattle, than they were with dealing with the really big issues of the day.  It
is like that on many issues.  Such has been the affect of the Television and its propaganda. 
Many of our folk, even our intelligent folk, have had their heads turned to mush.  This
must make the issue of highlighting the dangers of Mohammedanism even more difficult.
In our schools, moreover, the children - who are the adults and the governments of tomorrow
- are being softened-up by Islamic propaganda, which says that Mohammedanism is a religion
of peace and affirms that any faults that there may be, in some of its adherents, are
only cultural; and do not go back to the words and deeds of its founder, as found in the
hadiths and sunnah of Mohammed, as well as in what he gave us in the Koran.  In villages
in rural Lincolnshire there are already  small mosques, which meet in houses regularly;
and there is a small area of many a hamlet which is a Muslim area.  They can be seen
walking down the road to the house-mosque every Friday, including young men with what
would seem to be several sharia-wives; that is at least two women who walk behind them. 
One will be his legal wife in our law but the other will be deemed a dependent of his
by our social security system; and they will be able to claim social security benefits
for the both of them.  They are already begetting children; their wives being only just out
of school.  The Mohammedans can double their population every 20 to 30 years.  It is a
terrifying prospect.  Fifty years ago we would not have dreamed of Leicester becoming
a predominantly foreign city, but we now face that prospect.  And they are becoming truly
ensconced in our professions, including the legal system and parliament and, have you
noticed, the human resources departments of local government, big firms and academic institutions. 
The Human Resources departments control job selection and recruitment, and references. 
It is another example of power being concentrated into the hands of the Muslims, which they
will then use to cow and control the rest of the population, even before they are numerically
predominant.   They have already cowed the police in our northern cities into doing little
or nothing in these horrific and very open child sex abuse cases. 
My object tonight is to ask what can we do in rural and urban Lincolnshire? 
I believe that it is most important and urgent to take up the Mohammedan threat and to do
so as a current issue, not as something that can wait until Mohammedan power is even more
firmly built-up and their numerical strength even more fully established.  And one way
to do that, which will speak to people in the current way that they are thinking, is
to emphasise the issue of Mohammedan, or Muslim, cruelty in the way that they kill animals
for food.  If folk were put off halal food, then they would not frequent and buy from
halal shops or from take-a-ways which serve out halal slain animals.  That will hit the
Mohammedan pocket and surely drive them elsewhere - hopefully back to Mohammedland.  A drop
in their income in any case would mean a drop in their ability to buy properties and dominate
local economies which all have a tendency to weaken our ability to resist them, even
further.  Such a campaign would also have a beneficial impact on our young folk, as
stopping unnecessary cruelty to animals also chimes with current educational themes that
they encounter on the TV and in schools.  We need to campaign now for the crucial issues
which will become more obviously the dominant ones in the years ahead. 
Thank you Reverend West – for adding a new Christian slant on this growing problem.
Shots Fired as Police Swoop 10 Minutes before 100 Followers of Brazilian Doomsday Cult Were
Due to Commit Mass Suicide Over End of the World. Police swooped on a Brazilian doomsday
cult just 10 minutes before more than 100 followers were about to commit mass suicide
by drinking poisoned soup on the 12th October. Self-proclaimed prophet Luis Pereira dos Santos
had barricaded himself in after predicting the world would end at 8pm on the 11th. There
was believed to be an exchange of gunfire between the group and police who used gas
bombs and pepper spray during the assault. No casualties have been reported
Istanbul. Turkey: Western opposition has made it impossible for Muslim states to obtain
a ban on blasphemy, including anti-Islamic videos and cartoons that have touched off
deadly riots, the Islamic world’s top diplomat said. Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, secretary general
of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), said his 57-nation body would not try
again for United Nations support to ban insults to religion, but appealed for states to apply
hate-speech laws concerning Islam. “We could not convince them,” said the Turkish head
of the 57-member organisation which had tried from 1998 until 2011 to get a United Nations-backed
ban on blasphemy. “The European countries don’t vote with us, the United States doesn’t
vote with us.” Western countries see the publication of such images and materials as
a matter of free speech. A WA8 spokesman commented “Finally the west has gotten a little backbone,
freedom of expression is central to western culture and is non-negotiable. Muslims are
offended by everything and anything and so will hopefully soon be ignored
Thought for the Day – Fly with us or does it harm us to care?
I am asking a question here, does it harm our party and even our activists to care about
our country and our people in the eyes of those people and the media? Yes, it seems,
it does. Because we care about the Islamification of our country and the ramifications that
Marxist indoctrination brings to our government and educational system – we are labeled
‘racist’ and ‘fascist’ monsters and classed with members of the Third Reich. Now
whilst I have no quarrel with self identification – if people want to call me names that is
ok with me – I know what I believe in and everyone is entitled to their beliefs, even
I have received many communications from a mixed race person who shall remain nameless.
He views himself as worthless and thinks the white race should reign supreme. He is of
course wrong. Caring for your country and the effect of massive immigration does not
make me or the British National Party ‘racist’ or members of the white Aryan supremacist
cults. I do not agree with mixed race marriages simply because I know how difficult they can
be for the children, not in today’s society though because we are encouraged to marry
‘out’ but often for the children themselves when adult. He stated that he knew many black
and Asian men who had trouble with liking themselves or their race. Now from what I
see, most black males think they are quite something as do some of our young white females
and Asian men mostly of the Muslim variety are cock of the walks with their huge families
and money to back them up. Now what happens to the Hindus and Anglo Indians is a different
tale, they do not have the mystique of black blood and have been the butt of nasty behaviour
from us Brits and Indians for many years. They need to enjoy their mixed heritage, it
has the best of both in most cases.
Now my message to them is to join the BNP why? Because we do care about people of colour.
The buzzword of deportation and ‘getting rid’ does not apply to mixed race people
and people who have been living and contributing in this country for many years. We need people
like you. We need people who care about this country and that is the important thing, caring,
it can mean many things and rarely does the media actually state the truth. The media
and I mean press and TV do not want our Party to survive or prosper, it does not want us
to be seen to care! What is does want is for the general public to hate us, to put us in
a large box and simply forget us as a nasty party with nasty people. They are so wrong
and one day will be proved to be so.
This alignment with the Third Reich and its failings rings a bell in the sheeples brains.
They see storm troopers going from house to house bringing out all the mixed race and
coloured people and shipping them off to God knows where. Do they really think we as people
would want that? No we do not. Apart from the fact that it would take lots of money,
people and time our economy would not stand it and a damaged economy affects all people,
whatever colour or creed. Caring does not encompass stupidity. Mixed race people, black
people who have been here years and even well meaning Muslims need never hate or fear us.
Now when it comes to illegal immigrants, greedy white employers, immigrant criminals and people
who hate us and our country that is a different matter. No country needs people like that
and in fact Europe is just waking up to the fact that especially where there are large
Muslim enclaves trouble is brewing, because the sad fact is that many Muslims do not live
alongside other religions with ease and they do have the capacity to outbreed everyone
on the planet. But that is what caring should mean, caring about your country and its people
in the present and future.
We have attacks on whites on the increase in our country, we have youngsters being spat
on in their own home towns, we have the ever growing Muslim grooming problems spiraling
out of control and we have the ignorance and anti white hatred of the local Police and
government whilst they placate the Muslim communities.
In a town in the SE region or Area 41 of the grand EU Caliphate, an Asian family have been
allocated a 2 bed roomed council house, they are not living in it but are using it as a
store house. Meanwhile there is a poor white family in the same area, with one child and
one nearly here who have been on the waiting list for years and who are living in one room
with a double bed and cot in it with a small kitchen and bathroom – and who have not
been allocated anything -whilst this Asian storage house is being wasted. Now because
we and our activists care – this matter is being brought to light locally. So we do
care and where we can we do help or at least give support. It is not racist to want your
own people to come before strangers. It is not racist to want to stop bad behaviour from
immigrants. It is not racist to want to see more of your own tribe in your own country.
It is not racist to want to have your children educated in your own history, culture and
religion. It is not racist to want to stop Foreign aid from going to people to buy guns
and make their own countries unlivable in. It is not racist to care.
That is the last message that the media or press want to broadcast. We are not the monsters
here but they are still hiding in the cupboard!
And Finally – Air Koryo, the North Korean carrier described as “the world’s worst
airline”, has finally moved into the digital age with its first online booking service.
The state-owned airline, which is the only one in the world with just one star according
to the ranking service Skytrax, now sells flights from Pyongyang to Beijing and Shenyang
in China, and Vladivostok in Russia on its website which launched
in August and promised “easier, quicker, reliable booking and ticketing services.”
However according to reports coming in the website is unlikely to help this airline,
as users have already reported slow response speeds, with some searches not offering any
availability for flights, while others result in an error message appearing on the screen.
A W@8 reporter stated ‘It seems that ‘come fly with me’ does not apply here but at
least it is not like Ryanair who charge for using their loos!’
You have been listening to the W@8. I am Lynne Mozar and I wish you all a very good night.