Hijab Tutorial #36 - Jeweled headscarf

Uploaded by translationgal on 24.01.2013

Peace and blessings everybody
so a few of you have asked me how to wear your jeweled scarves as headscarves
and so this is the look I am going to be showing you
it is a jeweled scarf which I already owned which has jewels on both ends and a jewel in the middle
now if your jeweled scarf does not have the middle part, it's very easy to just add it or even adding it to a normal shawl
so basically, this is just a regular shawl which I have at home - just cotton
and what I've taken is the flower brooch from my DIY tutorial
and just basically I pinned all the fabric under the actual hijab pin
so then you'll have, instead of having this jewel part, here, what you'd have is this part in the middle
and the rest... will look... just wrapped around your head!
so, again, that's hwo to get the middle part if you don't have one that has a middle
but if you do, just stay tuned and I'll be showing you how to do it!
Peace and blessings everybody
So, to get started what you're gonna be needing either a headband -which is what I'm wearing here- or an underscarf
In most video you'll see me wear just the headband, it's super comfortable for that reason
just make sure you do wear something because you'll pinning right onto it
you're also gonna be needing your jeweled scarf
now, you're gonna take your jeweled, the middle section which is jeweled
now if you have any kind of pendant or anything on it, it's going to just add to the look
Just make sure that when you fold it later you do it extra good
but basically, what you want to do is to make sure that it's kind of in the middle
and then just pull one side of the fabric all the way across you head, like this
you're going to pull it over to the other side, basically
and you're gonna take just a simple straight pin
and you're gonna come and pin right onto the underscarf or headband
here you go
now the other thing you're gonna be doing, is just pulling the other side kind of the same way
so onto the side, making sure that the sides are covered, over the top
and now, make sure that there aren't any gaps and that it's all covered
now you want to avoid any clumps of fabric so just make sure that you kind of even out the fabric all over your head
the lines in the fabric don't matter too much it'll acutally just add to the overall turban-y look
so don't be afraid of leaving some wrinkles a little
so you're going to be doing the same thing that you did on the other side: just take your pin and go over and pin it
and try, as well, much as possible to have it even
so there you go, and this is how I wore it, and I wear it usually if I have a turtle neck
so if I have a turtle neck to cover my neck I'll just wear it just as a turban; very nice, very simple
and that's how I wore it in my "year 2012 in review" blooper section as well as my hijab DIY #6
Now, if you're not wearing the appropriate turtle neck and you just want something that covers just a little bit more
provides a little bit more coverage
what you're gonna do is just go right here and pin it, just to make sure that it doesn't go anywhere from that side
pin in the back and then pull the rest of the fabric onto the front: it'll give you that extra coverage in the front
now you want to pin it just behind your ear
now you want to pin it just behind your ear
you can pin it far-uh closer but it'll look odd because you pin it from the back here
so just... pin it here
then again just using straight pins
and to bring the other one, the other layer, kind of closer together
and also to offer a little bit of coverage on this side as well, what you're gonna do is just pull it over
so as you can see this is where it goes -you're just pulling it a little bit over the fabric
just a little bit over the fabric and then pin it as well
here you go
so that now you have this wonderful pinned turban style at the top and just be-jeweled on the side
alright, well let me know how you like it and peace and blessings everybody!