How have you created a global non-profit brand for Haiti?

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WYCLEF JEAN: How you all doing?
My name is Wyclef Jean.
Some of you all might know me from The Fugees, others from,
"Shakira, Shakira," some from "some live bill, some kill for
the bill." But my true heart and my passion besides my
music has always been my native country of Haiti.
I have a foundation which is called Yele Haiti,
And the idea is to bring back Haiti on the map
with a whole new light.
And that's what we're working towards.
The way that we plan to help Haiti is--
There's a lot of negative press on Haiti.
And the idea is to show that past the danger is
One of the things that made me start Yele Haiti when I
started going back to Haiti was, I wanted to put the kids
in Haiti in a global brand.
Meaning I want the people outside of Haiti to start
paying attention to the kids in Haiti and
what's going on in Haiti.
So for me, it was not just doing another foundation,
another charity and saying, look.
Here's poor kids here.
Please, can you give your money?
But the idea was, how do we provide opportunities?
So having the chance to bring Angelina Jolie to Haiti, thank
you so much.
Matt Damen, thank you so much.
Petra Nemcova, Akon Haiti, what this started doing was it
started focusing on the international community
saying, well if Clef is doing all this for Haiti, maybe we
should look at Haiti and start going back to Haiti.
My plan for Yele Haiti, we are the youngest NGO in Haiti.
There's 9,000 NGOs in Haiti.
We are the youngest NGO.
Where am I seeing in my head?
And before I close my eyes, I have changed the lives of
Hatian kids.
In the future with Yele Haiti, I want to see a Yele center.
I want to see a center which focuses on a sports facility.
The Wyclef Jean School of Music, I want to see that.
I want to see tree planting program, reforestation.
I want to see through Yele Haiti, how can we create jobs
for people?
And of course, this is a 25 year plan.
I never planned to do it in three years.
And so show your support.

Show your support.
Nothing but love.