NO TE PASES de los 5 minutos que te da Telcel y Movistar

Uploaded by notepasesapp on 13.12.2010

This is Pepe and he is constantly on the phone with his girlfriend, his family or with his boss
This is why he uses a service from his cellphone company in which he can call without cost his most frequent contacts.
However, Pepe has to stay sharp while talking so that he doesn't go over the free 5 minute limit
because when he goes over, he starts to get billed extra.
Pepe generally doesn't realize how much more he spends until the end of the month when he receives a surprise.
This is why Pepe has installed the application No Te Pases on his cellphone. So how does it work?
Just install No Te Pases and select your same frequent contacts you told your cell phone company.
Now Pepe can call his girlfriend without worrying.
No Te Pases will automatically end the call before getting billed extra and will redial automatically until you tell it to stop.
This is why No Te Pases is an excellent choice to stop worrying about the length of your call while you are talking
as you will never pay extra for calling your most frequent contacts.