110202 - Hyper Report

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Hello, this is Scott... And this is the Hyper Report for February
2nd of 2011.
Gold is currently trading at 1342.04 Silver is at 28.48
The Silver to Gold Ratio is 47.13 Oil is at 90.50
and the US Dollar is at 77.03
Egypt-Like Turmoil Could Spread to India, Pakistan, and China
The turmoil in Egypt could spread to other regions of the world and lead to higher consumer
prices. The rising price of food, the trigger for
the riots in North Africa, is being experienced in many countries around the world.
So, things are very likely to get more interesting in the coming days.
Get More Gold, Beijing Told
China will be raising its reserves of gold, platinum and other precious metals, a move
that would speed up the internationalization of the yuan.
In addtiion, mainland banks will be able to engage in currency swaps for corporate clients
starting March 1st which will make the yuan more attractive.
Canada's banks not so much stronger than U.S.'s
Canadian banks have enjoyed a reputation of being far better-capitalized than their global
peers over the past few years; however, Canada’s six largest banks do not necessarily
have stronger balance sheets under new global banking rules than their major U.S. counterparts,
a new report has found.
Nearly 11 Percent of US Houses Empty
Homeownership is falling at an alarming pace, despite the fact that home prices have fallen.
In fact, there were 18.4 million vacant homes in the U.S. while vacancies in apartments
have fallen dramatically. Younger Americans have seen what home ownership
has done to their friends and families, and many want no part of it.
State Of The State: Brown Cites Unrest In Egypt To Make His Case for Budget Vote
It appears that the State of California will continue pardyme of tax and spend like a drunken
teenager with his parents credit card. Governor Brown spoke about how people want
to see their leaders being decisive and acting with a clear purpose.
Well, a good fiscal look at the state of California and it appears that there has been a clear
purpose.... fiscal suicide.
State Revenues Growing, But Outlook "Ominous"
From a preliminary tax revenue data of 41 states, tax revenues continued to rise by
6.9% at the end of 2010; however, this was due to tax increases.
For example, California's change in its motor fuel tax alone brought in an additional $629
The problem with tax increases is that as more people become unemployed,
more of the tax burdon will shift and this will continue an anti-business atmosphere
and industry will continue to leave the states.
International Medical Council on Vaccination Refutes Vaccine Propaganda with Myth-Busting
The International Medical Council on Vaccination has come out with a report detailing the following:
1. Vaccines have NEVER been proven safe or effective.
2. Autism is associated with vaccines. 3. How to opt out of "mandatory" vaccines.
There are other facts; therefore, please download this free report
Finally, Please prepare now for the beginning of the
economic and social unrest. Good Day