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Yeong Chul!
Yeong Chul!
Yeong Chul!
Call for an ambulance!
Yeong Chul!
This is an emergency. We're at Samyeong studio apartment in Gangnam. Hurry!
Yeong Chul! Wake up, Yeong Chul!
Yeong Chul! Yeong Chul!
I'd like you to delete Mr. Na Suk Jin's first testimony about the murder.
He's still a suspect, so we need to keep it until he's sent…
Excuse me.
What do you mean?
How did Kim Yeong Chul get hurt?
Final Episode
The Devil
This is Oh Seung Ha.
This is Kang Dong Hyun.
Are you awake?
You're at the hospital.
Your arm is broken.
Other than that, you are okay.
You have to stay here today.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, Yeong Chul.
I heard that Sun Ki died.
I guess I don't have to follow you guys anymore.
I had to follow you guys around all the time.
I followed you guys, so you couldn't find me.
That way, you wouldn't harass me.
Who killed Sun Ki anyway?
Do you know?
You kept your promise.
You promised me you'd come back for me and you did.
I'm sure you felt wronged.
I'm sure you did.
But human beings have optical illusions.
Depending on the situation they're placed in,
People perceive straight lines as if they're crooked.
And crooked lines seem straight.
What's your point?
I perceived a crooked line to be straight 12-years ago.
I thought I was right.
That was the best I could do as a father.
I'm not trying to make an excuse.
If I'm placed in the same situation again,
I'm going to make the same decision.
That's how parents are.
That's why I cannot forgive you.
You never looked back to consider the pain you caused a mother and a child.
Like you loved your son, you neglected and ruined a mother's life.
A mother who loved her son more than anything in this world.
That's the biggest sin you have committed.
And that is the biggest reason why I cannot forgive you people.
What about you?
If you are the man responsible for everything that has been happening,
You are ruining people's lives for you own purpose as well.
You also believe that a crooked line is straight.
It's too early to be judgmental.
By the way, you don't have the right to judge me.
[1 new message]
[Seo Hae In]
When did you come?
Just now.
Are you okay?
How could I?
Sit down.
What's going to happen to Suk Jin?
Is he no longer a suspect?
Yeah, what's up?
What's wrong?
Do you have something to say?
You have to answer truthfully to my questions.
We requested Kim Yeong Chul's camera to be analyzed.
Jae Min, you go undercover with Detective Nam in front of the bar.
I don't care if it takes a week or two. You live there!
Detective Yi, you redo Na Suk Jin's testimony.
Find anything we can use as evidence from the stuff found at Kim Yeong Chul's house!
All our work will go in vain if we can't prove anything.
When you were in Jeju Island, you didn't leave your room after 6:00 p.m.
And you played golf with the mayor at 9:30 a.m. the next day.
I wasn't feeling good.
I couldn't cancel on the mayor.
It only takes an hour from Jeju to Seoul.
If you had come back to Seoul that night and left the next morning to Jeju,
You still could have had plenty of time to make it to your 9:30 a.m. golf round.
What are you trying to say?
I was wondering how you would have felt had you known about the affair.
I'm sure it would have been hard for you to forgive Suk Jin.
You trusted him more than anyone else.
What's your point?
Other than Suk Jin, the only person who could have easy access to Suk Jin's stuff is you.
Are you thinking that I killed Sun Ki?
I'm hoping not.
I really hope it's not you.
Don't be ridiculous.
Why would I? It's not me.
I found out that Suk Jin deceived me after Sun Ki died.
And it's Sun Ki who died, not Suk Jin.
Why would I kill Sun Ki because of Suk Jin?
It doesn't make sense.
Is it okay if I check the airport security cameras?
Min Ee Beom will eventually get arrested.
What does he have to do with me?
Even if I am caught on camera,
It doesn't prove that I killed Sun Ki.
You should go.
How could you?
How could you?
Why did it have to be so cruel?
Why did you do it?
What are you going to do?
What are you going to do if I am the murderer?
Everything you said is just an assumption.
You have no evidence to prove I'm the murderer.
I have nothing to do with Sun Ki's death.
If Suk Jin didn't kill Sun Ki,
It's the man who sent the tarot cards.
That's all you have to think.
Erase any assumptions you have about me.
And just remember that.
Oh Soo, we're brothers.
I wish you would run far away.
Far far away.
But I know better than anyone else.
People can forget about their past,
But the past will never forget about them.
Yes, sir.
Book two tickets to Paris for me and my wife.
The sooner the better.
Even if there is a layover in Japan, we will take that.
You shouldn't come here.
What if Oh Soo is watching outside?
Is it okay for you to be home already?
I'm okay.
Tae Hyeon's going to watch over us.
What is this?
It's a plane ticket leaving tomorrow night.
Like you said, everything's over. So you should leave.
I told you I didn't want to.
You'll have to stay at a hotel for about 15 days.
I've prepared some money and a house for you to stay afterwards.
Why are you trying to push me away?
I'm not.
Am I bothering you?
I won't reveal who you are.
I promise I won't.
I'm telling you to leave for your own sake.
Please listen to me.
Yeong Chul.
I'm going to the police station tomorrow.
What they found at my place can't prove anything.
I'm going to see Oh Soo struggle.
I told you it's over.
Everything worked out the way we wanted it. It's almost over.
That's all that matters. You can leave.
It's almost over, but not completely.
And you said that you and I will make it through this together.
Excuse me.
It's been a long time.
Are you Tae Seong?
I'm glad you are back.
It was you who wrote to me in Australia.
Remember you once said you'd make it up to my brother one day?
I'll give you a chance.
It's time to put everything in the right place.
Trust me and follow me.
God predetermines a man's destiny, but you can change yours.
This is a present for you.
It was really precious to a friend of mine.
Where did he go?
He died in a car accident.
I want you to have it.
Why are you giving me something so important?
You need to capture important people with this camera.
What is this?
He's crazy.
This guy is totally insane.
It's the Wheel of Fortune.
The Wheel of Fortune?
Yeah. What does the letter say?
When the trumpet sound stops and the new world comes, the Gate of Hell will close its door
Does this card mean that there is going to be another victim?
I don't know. I know that this card means the beginning and the end of destiny.
You mean this is the last card?
It might be.
The beginning and the end?
Look at this.
Isn't this from the crack on the camera lens?
I think it is.
Kim Yeong Chul's camera lens was broken too.
We'll be able to put him in jail once we get the analysis results!
This is for you.
It's a special present, so I can guarantee its quality.
Use it whenever you need me.
I'll be able to hear it from far away.
Aren't you scared of me?
Aren't you afraid of me?
You and Mr. Kang are so alike.
Mr. Kang asked me if I was scared of him.
The two of you hate each other yet feel pity for each other.
The two of you understand each other's pain better than anyone else.
No I don't.
I don't pity him at all.
I will never forgive him.
You already did.
You just don't want to admit it.
Look carefully into your heart.
You'll find it.
No, that's not true.
Today's menu for breakfast was your favorite soup. Let's go.
Have you heard from Jae Min?
He didn't get anything all night.
Don't worry. Your friend will be proved innocent.
We'll catch Min Ee Beom sooner or later.
Where did you buy the tarot cards?
At a tarot cafe.
- Do you recognize his voice? - I don't know.
The owner of the tarot card cafe said she doesn't remember selling you any.
People usually don't remember me.
They can't remember me even when I'm with them.
Is that him?
I think so.
Good work. Thank you.
No problem.
These gloves…
Are these yours?
The witness who sent the delivery said the person asking them for a favor was wearing black gloves.
You were asked by someone else to send the deliveries right?
Your camera found at your house is being analyzed.
It's better for you to tell us the truth.
What about the camera?
The lens had a crack in it.
Oh that.
A friend of mine died in a car accident. That's when the lens broke.
He was a very close friend, so I kept the camera to remember him.
If you tell us the truth, we will consider it in court.
It would've been nice for you to have told the truth.
But it's too late now.
All we need is the analysis results of the camera.
We can put him in jail if we can prove the photos were taken by his camera.
Min Ee Beom just went in the bar.
We've asked for backup.
We're going in now.
Was it Jae Min?
[Hee Soo]
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, Hyung.
Hae In stopped by during the lunch break.
A lot of people are waiting for you.
Try to walk forward and not look back.
It only takes a few steps to reach the people who are waiting for you.
You asked me yesterday if I was afraid of you.
I will never be afraid of you no matter what kind of person you are.
Would anyone be afraid of the person one wants to share so much with?
There are so many things I want to share with you.
I want to walk with you in a park on a sunny day.
I want to have a drink with you at a street bar on a rainy day.
I want to visit your brother's farm with you and dig potatoes with Sora and Han Eul.
We can make potato cakes.
I want to share ice cream with you at a nice cafe.
I want to share the Christmas mass with you on Christmas.
And next spring,
I want us to see the daffodils I planted at your brother's farm bloom.
Will all that be possible?
Do I deserve that?
We are going to begin. Are you going to join us?
What are you talking about?
Your GPS navigation is being analyzed by the Scientific Investigation Lab.
They'll be able to trace all your location inputs.
I just did someone a favor.
But I didn't kill anyone.
Who hired you?
I asked who hired you!
Kang Hee Soo.
The president of the Grand Palace Hotel, Kang Hee Soo.
You want to leave now.
Yeah, we have to leave now if we want to catch our flight. Hurry up.
Hee Soo.
You can buy the stuff you need in Japan.
Or even in Paris.
What's all the rush?
We already planned this. Just do as I say.
I don't want to go.
Go, even if you don't want to go.
You gave me up, my father, and your parents for Suk Jin!
You can't even do this for me?
Isn't this the least you can do for me?
I was going to forgive you and start over if you came back to me.
I blame myself for making you lonely.
I tried to understand you.
But you let me down in the end.
You betrayed me.
I'll wait in the car.
Don't take too long.
Kang Hee Soo, you are being arrested.
What are you talking about?
You are under arrest for the suspicion of Kim Sun Ki's murder.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.
You have a right to speak to an attorney.
You are no longer under the suspicion of murder.
Did the police find other evidence?
The murderer suspect has been arrested.
Who is it?
It is Kang Hee Soo.
You will be transferred to the prosecutors due to a suspicion of violence.
It's really Hee Soo?
Hee Soo... really killed Sun Ki?
Is the announcement true?
Was your wife's affair the motive of the crime?
How do you feel right now?
Any last comments?
Did you poison him yourself? Did you instigate the murder?
Do you have anything to say?
Last words please!
Executive Secretary Na, accused of murder for the Gapyeong warehouse case, turns out to be innocent
The President of the Grand Palace Hotel Kang Hee Soo was arrested today as a strong suspect of the murder.
Kang, the third richest hotelier, is the eldest son of Congressman Kang Dong Hyun.
Know as a person with a gentle nature,
People working in the financial industry and his hotel employees are shocked to hear this news.
The police have been questioning Kang with cell phone records and
Airport security tapes that have caught him on the day of the incident and the following morning
However police report that Kang has been strongly in denial,
Is Kang Hee Soo related to Mr. Kang?
He's Detective Kang's brother.
Where's Oh Soo?
I don't know.
We got the analysis on Kim Yeong Chul's camera.
What does it say?
He's suspicious, but the analysis can't prove that he is guilty.
It can't be true.
Your brother is a person who has a lot of affection for others.
He can't even walk away from a stray puppy.
Hee Soo is a lot like your mother.
He gets hurt from the smallest things.
Your mother would've been in shock had she heard of this.
Oh Soo.
Forgive me.
I never believed people could be happy.
I believed one person's sacrifice underlay another's happiness.
I thought that was how the world worked.
I believed only the strong survived.
That's why I thought only the strong could be happy.
I believed that was the only way to protect my son's happiness.
It is pathetic for me to have taken so long to realize that I was wrong.
I couldn't protect Hee Soo.
I'm sorry.
No, it's not your fault.
You had no other choice.
I'll take care of Hee Soo. You should stay somewhere else for awhile.
I can't do that.
I'll be giving up on your brother if I do that.
I won't do that.
I know it's going to be tough, but try to eat something.
What happened?
Why did my father faint?
Is he okay? Is he alright?
What are you doing?
We tried our best.
No do something.
Do whatever you can!
Doctor please. Don't let my father die.
Please don't let my father die.
I'm sorry.
I never told him I was sorry.
I never did…
Mr. Kang Hee Soo.
Your father passed away just now.
Mr. Kang.
I'm just stopping by.
I see. Have a seat.
No it's okay.
Will you give this to Hae In?
Why don't you give it to her yourself?
No, I'd appreciate it if you could do it for me.
Okay, then.
Thank you.
Sure. You look really tired.
I should get going.
How is Oh Soo?
I saw him this morning and haven't seen him since.
He won't answer his phone.
We've got trouble. Kang Sunbae took a pistol from the gun storage.
Soo Gon, it's me.
How have you been?
Great. The vegetables are growing as fast as Han Eul and Sora.
I think I'm going to be rich soon.
I have a lot to deliver tonight.
That's great.
I'm sure you will be rich soon.
Have you been well?
Yeah, I'm doing well.
That's good. Come visit us with Hae In over the weekend.
Sora misses you and Hae In a lot.
Soo Gon.
I just wanted to call your name.
You're silly.
I'm out of battery.
My phone is about to die.
Take care, Soo Gon.
[Kang Oh Soo]
This is Oh Seung Ha.
Your call has been forwarded to an automatic voice message system…
Have you heard from Oh Soo?
Yeah, he took a pistol.
His calling records said that Oh Seung Ha was the last person he called.
Mr. Oh?
Do you have any idea where he went?
Will you call me if you think of anything?
He might have gone there.
I'll give you what you want.
You need me to kill you to complete your plan.
This is a great place to end things.
It's just you and me here.
Is the next bullet real?
What are you waiting for?
It's just the two of us here.
You are suffering as much as I am.
You are in hell just like me.
You are in more pain than me.
Stop hesitating and shoot me.
Then it will all be over.
What are you waiting for?
I made you like this.
I brought you to hell.
I hated you so much, I wanted to kill you.
But when I look at you, it hurts.
Like you said before,
It doesn't matter if I killed Tae Hyeon on purpose or not.
What matters is that I didn't do anything to tell the truth.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Why are you doing this?
You have to end this.
You have to.
Shoot me. You can do it.
I made all your friends die.
I made your brother a murderer.
I made your father die.
Shoot me now.
No matter how life can be a living hell,
Try your hardest to step out of the dark tunnel, Tae Seong.
Give me that gun.
I need to put an end to this.
Give it to me.
I need to end it now.
I can't forgive myself.
It's not you I can't forgive anymore.
It's me.
I can't forgive myself.
What are you doing? Get a grip!
I have to put an end to this.
I have to put an end to this!
Don't do this.
Get up!
Kang Oh Soo, get up!
Don't you die!
Don't die Kang Oh Soo!
Don't die.
Give your life all you've got…
Tae Seong, forgive me…
Forgive me and you...
Get up, Kang Oh Soo.
Get up.
Get up Kang Oh Soo!
I wanted to live.
I knew I was messed up, but I wanted to live my life again.
I thought of Tae Hyeon day and night, with every breath I took.
Life was a living hell!
But even then, I wanted to live.
Don't die Kang Oh Soo.
Please don't die…
Don't die, Kang Oh Soo…
Don't die…
Forgive me…
And you…